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In Short

by Imkindaoffbalance


Summary: Snapshots of Faith's relationships. Faith/Everyone.
A/N: Basically, it's Faith's relationships with pretty much everyone I could think of, in 25 words or less. Some are AU, some are romantic, some not so much. And now onto the story.


She hopes they're as good at loving each other as they are at hurting each other. Turns out, they are.

He surprises her. She surprises him, too.

She always kisses the scar like she's forgiving you. She gets it.

The first time around, she promised to steer him around the curves. Years later, it's his turn to do the same for her.

She needs the monster in him to match the one living in her.

"Don't stop." "I'm tryin' to decide if this is worth dyin' for." Buffy is gonna kill me.

She finally breaks in that alley. He catches her. Crying, she's surprised her fingers don't find feathers on his back.

Faith/The Mayor
Call it an Electra complex, daddy issues, whatever. He's the only one who ever cared.

"Don't try to seduce me to the dark side with your impressive physique, pouty lips, and devil-may-care attitude." "Uh, okay."

"We should start a club." "And call it what, love?" "Buffy's Dirty Little Secrets."

"Do you hear it, pet?" The gag prevents your response. "Whispering winds... Oh, kitty, you've been naughty. Bad Slayer cat. Mummy will teach you better."

He showed her real love in that bed. (Not for her, not really.) She almost feels bad for what she did. Almost.

On Christmas, you accidentally called her mom. You couldn't stand that look of pity after.

"Together, we could be two lone, fallen warriors, fighting the forces of darkness to redeem our souls." "We're not 'lone' if we're together."

"We're born loners. Chosen One. Too many now. After Buffy, we're just footnotes. We don't matter." Glasses clink in agreement. "Story of my life, kid."

She's a pathetic excuse for a vampire. But when she shuts up, you lose yourself in blonde hair. It feels familiar. She better not bite.

You're both stuck in Limbo. The teacher/student kink isn't one you've tried yet. Well, you've got time (forever). Death's not so bad.

She doesn't trust you, yet. She still stutters, "F-Faith." But the other Scoobs, they don't try. Not like her. One day the stutter'll be gone.

"...I'm sorry I hit you in the face." "I'm sorry you thought that's a cute outfit. 1999 called, they want their pants back." Redemption's rough.

"So? How'd I do, G?" "Bloody brilliant, Faith." You smirk. Nonchalantly twirl your sword. But the pride in his voice makes your eyes water. Finally.

It's not healthy. Fucking someone you've tortured. But he knows you in ways no else does. It's as close to intimacy as you'll get.




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