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It's About Having Sex with Buffy

by Gooser

R *shrugs*

Notes: *cringes* Failed attempt at pwp
Authors Notes 2: This fic was written for "Buffy's Love Fest", a PWP fic event held on the Faithful Chickie's list
Authors Notes 3: **SQUINTS** Fuck, David, I think I'm blind!
Summary: It's about having sex with buffy *shrugs*

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I did it. I fucking did it. I slept with Buffy fucking Summers. I wonder if I look different now. Will her mom know when we go downstairs for breakfast? I wonder if she could hear us last night? Poor Joyce. I really hope she didn't hear us. And if she did, she probably couldn't imagine half of the things that I was doing to B, or what B was doing to me.

Then again, maybe she could. I've caught Joyce staring at me on more than one occasion. Sometimes it's my breasts, or I'll turn around 'cause I feel someone staring at me, and she'll shift her gaze. Creepy stuff there.

But yeah, we had sex. And apparently I'm a begger, and a screamer. Well, it was more of a high pitched throaty sound. I don't think I had enough oxygen in my lungs to scream. She looks so sweet sleeping. She feels so good, and warm with her tiny body curled against mine. Its four AM now, and I cant sleep. It was Valentine's yesterday. We were just gonna chill with the guys, Bronze it up, and end with a sweep before I walked B home and collected my goodnight kisses. We've been going out since Christmas.

Buffy had invited me over and we had gone for a walk in the snow. I told B that it reminded me of Boston, only it was better because I was with her. I felt like a fucking idiot, and was blushing like one too. B just smiled, took my arm and kept walking. When we got back to her house she stopped in the doorway; she still hadn't let go of my arm. She looked up and so did I. I was kinda freaked at her being so quiet. I was gonna ask her what was up when I caught sight of some mistletoe. My mouth instinctively snapped shut. Hmmm. I looked at her with my brow furrowed; she smirked. She lowered her gaze while shaking her head. When she raised her eyes again I was even more confused. She snickered, cupped the back of my neck and pulled me down to her. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked before she kissed me. It was sweet and warm. Nothing rushed, just innocent and beautiful.

We told her friends on New Year's Eve. B thought it was best to tell them rather than let them get an eyeful come midnight. They were cool, so were Joyce and Rupert... he hates when I call him that. My new watcher, Wes, was kinda... I don't think there's a word for it, and if there is, I sure as fuck don't know it. I'm only a sophomore. Yeah, yeah, B made me go back to school. She was shocked to find out that I'm only sixteen. "You know you think it's hot B." "Actually, yeah I do Faith." She fucking thinks I'm boss, dude.

So, back to Wes... he's not such a bad guy. He got the council to get me a choice studio apartment with a killer entertainment system. I also get paid now. It rocks having the council or Wes, or whatever as my legal guardian. We kinda didn't get along at first, but he was great when B's mom went all psycho and tried to kill us. She tried to burn us at the stake 'cause of some real ugly kids. So, I think I had a point somewhere... oh yeah...

We had already exchanged gifts at school yesterday morning. I gave B a silver thumb ring that had Faith etched all around it in Japanese Kanji. She gave me a small silver crucifix pendant on a silver chain. I like staring at the corpus... I told her that once after Willow had rambled on about Menorahs or something. She also gave me a Bible, and told me to read up, and pray to God that I didn't go to hell. "You really should read up Faith. And while you're at it, honey, you can pray to God that you don't go to hell too." It took me ten minutes to realize she was joking, and that the 'Bible' she had given me was some stupid book she borrowed from Giles. I'll get her back. Maybe not... last night more than made up for it.

Last Night

I'm pretty happy when we get back to B's house. I'm totally expecting my kisses. I love playing with B.

"Got somethin' for me?"


"Can I have it?" She scrunches up her face and pretends to think real hard.

"Yes." I lean in, but she holds out her hand to stop me. I squint at her.

"It's inside. And stop doing that, or you'll get oogy wrinkles." She scrunches up her pretty face in distaste. I love this girl.

"Yeah, okay."

We head up to her bedroom. When we get inside B motions me to sit on the bed. I do. She turns to lock the door then dims the lights by tossing a scarf over her bedside lamp. She stands in front of me, between my legs. I'm staring up at her. She looks kinda shy.


"Yeah B?"

"I want..." She trails off.

"I want us to..." What? Oh my fucking god... it's gonna happen!

"I want us to sleep together." Yes! Wait. NO! She said sleep...what does she mean sleep? We can't sleep... I want to have sex! We should have sex. Why couldn't she have just said, "I want to have sex with you," not sleep!!! Shit, she's looking at me funny now.


"Yeah baby?"

"Do you not want to?"

"No, no, of course I want to... I just... never mind." I sigh and move to take off my shoes. She sits next to me and pulls her shoes off too. She turns around to face me kinda quick.

"Listen Faith, if you don't want to make love...why don't we just..."

Wait, what? Fucking? There's going to be fucking? Fuck me! I love this girl.

"What?!" She's kinda shaky now and I'm grinning like a fucker.

"I... I... I love you."

She's looking kind of confused, so I kiss her. It isn't soft, or gentle, it's totally hot and open, and it lets her know how much I want her. She kisses me back and draws my tongue into her mouth. She tangles her fingers in my hair and pulls me into her. She stole my Wild Berry Lifesavers... I know that should be the last thing on my mind, but I can taste them. So that's what she tastes when I kiss her? I break away from her to breathe.

"You stole my candy."

"You're such a dork Faith." She shakes her head.

"Um, no?"

"Um yeah. Make love to me?"

I nod like a retard... I'm so fucking happy.

I stand up and tear my clothes off, and sit back down in my panties. Buffy smiles at me, stands up and begins to take off her clothes. She lets them fall onto her floor in a neat little pile. The sight of her makes me shiver slightly. I blink a few times. She takes my hand and pulls me up. She kisses me softly and goes to turn down the bed. She climbs in and scoots so that I can climb in bed with her. I let out a shaky breath and lie down with her. Her hands are a little cold on my face. She kisses me once. It takes me a few seconds to open my eyes.

I push the sheets down to her waist and look at her body. I'm resting my weight on my right arm. I move my quivering left hand over her belly. She shivers. I look at her face and she smiles. It makes me feel perfect. I take another shaky breath and ease my hand up her body, over her ribs, into the valley between her breasts. Her body is warm. Her eyes are shut tightly. Her nipples tickle my fingertips, and yet it feels so erotic. I run the back of my fingers over her throat, and caress her face with the palm of my hand. Her eyes meet mine.

I want to know what she feels like underneath me. I shift and pull my panties off. I sit up and ease my hands to her waist. I can't seem to steady them as I pull her underwear off. I lie on top of her and my senses seem to sharpen. I gulp for breath and try to swallow. My eyes flutter open. She feels so good. I can feel *her* on me. It's sickly sweet.

I pull the sheets over us, but only up to my waist. I kiss her and my body relaxes. Her hands are still a little cold on my lower back. She runs them up and down, and groans a little into my mouth. My hands are underneath her shoulder blades. I press into her a little and she whimpers. I can't breathe. She raises her knees around my hips and I can feel *all* of her. I think I'm gonna fucking cream myself. She feels so fucking good... I bury my face in her neck and gasp for air. I want to be inside of her so badly. "Just relax." She urges, but I can't. "I can't..." "Everything will be okay; you feel so good Faith." "Show me what you need... what feels good?"

I climb off of her and lie on my side. I'm raised slightly on my left arm. I kiss her flat tummy, and up her torso. Her eyes go wide as I take her left nipple into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it slowly. I smile and do the same to the right. I kiss her throat and then her lips. I rest my right hand on her hip. She pulls it up to her mouth and kisses my palm and fingertips. She runs my hand over and between her breasts. My body is quivering and my palms are clammy. She runs my hand down the thin line between her abdominal muscles and stops when I'm between her legs. She's soaked.

I feel like I'm underwater with things rushing through, but not going fast enough. I can hear her speaking. My hand still hasn't moved from where she left it. It's like I'm standing still, waiting for her. I'm feeling too much. "Just one and then two" I nod. My eyes widen as I watch myself enter her. Her hips raise and she whimpers. Her body adjusts to accommodate me. She's so velvety warm and soft, but I'm nervous. She's so beautiful. I want to be good. I look at her so longingly. Waiting for her to tell me what she wants and needs. I don't want to hurt her. So I go slow. I want her to feel good. She shows me how to move inside of her. My stomach muscles tighten. "Feels good?" "Gggodd yess," she whimpers.

She fixes my hair and draws my lips to her. She's perfect. She licks my bottom lip and kisses me again. I can hardly remember to breathe. The warm fluid coating my hand makes me grin. She groans and I adjust to meet her pleasure. I watch her delicate features as I stroke her. There's a tightening and she yelps my name as she comes. "Faith!"

As I wonder how I'm still breathing, I can feel B holding onto me. I'm starting to panic. I don't think I can possibly control myself. Touching her got me so fucking excited...I'm about ready to explode. I'm surprised I managed to suppress my lust long enough to show Buffy how much I love her. I could die happy at this moment. I'm hers. I'm pathetic. To say that B returned the favor would be the fucking understatement of the year. She made me feel so good that I don't think I could describe it.So that brings us back to me not being able to sleep. My girl stirs in my arm. Her big green eyes focus on mine. She smiles at me. "Find that extra toothbrush and towels?" I asked her for some stuff before bed... oral hygiene is a good thing, but I didn't use the towels. I didn't want to wash her off of me quite yet. Maybe we can even share a shower in the morning, if Joyce isn't around. "Yes." "Good." She closes her eyes and snuggles into me. She moves away and looks at my face. I flash her the pearly whites. "Faith?" "Yeah B?" "Go to sleep now." "Yeah all right." She kisses me and we curl back into each other. The tickle of her warm breath lulls me to sleep this time.

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