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Scooby Chicks

by Gooser


Buffy / Faith, Faith/Daphne
Notes: Scooby movie cross over
Notes 2: Drunk chicks are cool
Summary: Faith fucks hot chicks that look an awful lot like SMG

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Faith's P.O.V.

"What the fuck?"


"No really, what the fuck is it with Hellmouths and Scoobies? If it isn't Buffy's 'Scoobs,' then it's these twisted kids in an ugly neon, van wearing fucked up seventies clothes, talking to some smelly dog, prancing around like they can actually... Fuck!"

Earlier that day:

I'm sitting in a coffee shop, minding my own business, when this shitty neon van drives by the joint for like the third time. It's a fifties diner, but then again what isn't reminiscent of the fifties in this town? Anyhow, I look up from my comic, yeah I know, I know, enough with the comics, but it's a good one, and there it is driving by again. "Mystery Machine my ass," I say before I become far too engrossed in my meal that has just been brought over by my lovely waitress, Bertha, to give a damn.

The name reminds me of my prison stay, but this girl is hardly anything like those chicks, she's really somethin'. Heh. No, really.

I look up a while later and see these teens pour out of the neon van that's now parked across the street from the coffee shop. I can't help but cringe when I notice that those same teenage kids are dressed up like a bad Hannah Barbara cartoon. This town sucks.

I pay the bill and head to Willow and Kennedy's apartment.

I knock on the large, solid oak, enchanted door and after a few moments I'm greeted by Kennedy.

"Hey Ken," I say.

"Hey Faith."

We walk into the living room where I say hi to Willow and take a seat. Kennedy offers me a drink. I say "sure," and she goes of to get it.

"So, Red..."

"Yeah Faith?" Willow asks looking up from her laptop.

"Any new Big Bads a brewin?"

"Nope, just the same old vamps and demons."

"Thanks," I say as Ken hands me a drink.

"So what's up?" She asks.

"Not much, I saw these kids dressed up like the Scoobies prancing around town."

"Huh?" Ken says with her eyebrows raised.

"I'm serious, it was pretty," I pause trying to think of the right word "sad really."

After some inane chatter, I decide to head off. As I'm just out the door, Kennedy comes out to ask what time we're going to patrol. I tell her we should head out just after sundown.

"Cool so I'll pick you up then. Later, Faith"

"Yeah bye," I say as I walk off.

I can't help but think of B as I walk home, and how amazingly perfect she fit in my arms just before she went to Europe for some down time. I also can't stop the ridiculous grin that forms on my face when I think about her kissing me just before she left too. Well, if you call B cramming her tongue down my throat kissing me. Who'd a thought she had it in her to do that at the airport, or ever for that matter? She said she always pictured us ending up together, "eventually." And, that she wanted to see where things are heading between us now that we aren't the chosen two anymore. But then she said we both needed to clear our heads a little, so she was going to Europe, and that she wanted to explore "us" when she got back, if that was okay with me. Of course I said, "What the hell makes you think I wanna be with a dwarfish necrophiliac anyway?"

Obviously the wrong thing to say. Who'd a thought she'd take me seriously? I kinda figured my sense of humor was a bit much for her when her jaw hit the ground and her eyes welled up with tears. Immediately, I ran over and hugged her tightly to me.

"Of course I'd love to be with you B, I was just kidding." Who wouldn't want to fuck her? She obviously didn't believe me and tried to pull away. I, in turn, did the only thing I could think of and shoved my tongue down her throat...okay not really. I kissed her gently. Just my lips over hers before I parted my own lips and kissed her a little harder. After a few minutes she sighed and said, "Okay, I really have to go Faith, be here when I get back?" "Of course B."

She kissed me softly again and then took off. That was two weeks ago. She's called me a couple of times since then.

I finally get to my door and decide to play some video games before patrol.

Later That Evening: "What the fuck?"


"No really, what the fuck is it with Hellmouths and Scoobies? If it isn't Buffy's 'Scoobs' then it's these twisted kids in an ugly neon van, wearing fucked up seventies clothes, talking to some smelly dog, prancing around like they can actually...Fuck!" I say and run toward a group of vamps that are already high tailing it out of the cemetery.

"Like they can actually fuck?" says Ken as she runs up behind me.


"Now I'm just really confused Faith." She says.

Ken and I had already found that little orange chick with the glasses sucked dry at the first cemetery we stopped by tonight. Now we find this stoner dressed in seventies clothes too. I know I'm chosen to protect the innocent and all, but this shit is way too funny. I start laughing uncontrollably as I look behind a tombstone, and so does Kennedy, but she's still standing by 'Shaggy'.

"You weren't kidding about those Scooby kids were you?" she asks attempting to stifle a giggle and failing miserably. Shit, she hasn't even seen what I just found.

"They" laugh "ate" laugh "the" "dawhahahaha..."

"What?" she asks.

"The dawhahaha..."


"The dog" I say pointing behind the tombstone "The fucking dog...they ate the fucking dog too."

Scooby 2

After leaving the Scooby corpses Ken and I decided to hit one last cemetery before hitting up Red. We're wandering aimlessly when I get that down low tickle, and no, not the good one. We head toward a mausoleum and only pick up the pace when we hear some struggling.

'Now that's a down low tickle.' "Huh?" Ken mumbles. "Uh...nothing come on."

I can't believe I said that out loud. But that little red headed chick is fucking hot...she's so tiny. Ok, I know I should be used to this by now...hello, slayer...but that little chick is human, and she is karate choppin' the shit out of that vamps undead ass.

A moan tears me from my daze, and I quickly rush to stake the vamp that knocked her down. Ken stakes the other vamp that was on top of this queer, bleached blond kid in a polyester get up complete with bell bottoms and scarf. I can't stop myself from staring. I wonder if it's a wig? Unfortunately, my pondering gets me kicked in the gut by a vamp that popped out of a near by bush. Ken dusts his ass and the little hot chick rushes over to help me up.

"Are you okay?" she asks.

"Five by five," she quirks an eyebrow at me.

"You're a pilot?"

"No, why would you think that I'm a pil..."

"DAPHNE!" My body stiffens and I suppress the urge to pummel whoever made that noise...god, the way his voice breaks makes me wanna punch him in the face...really, really hard.

"You're supposed to be helping me!"

She walks over to him and takes a look.

"You don't look hurt Freddy," she says.

He doesn't. Aside from a few scrapes and bruises, and a hell of a lot of dirt all over him, I'd say he's okay. He stands up and dusts himself off. She walks back over to me to help brush dust off of me. My pulse quickens and I feel flushed as she brushes dust off my chest.

"DAPHNE?!" he screeches jerking her towards him.

I just can't stop myself, and neither can Kennedy as I swiftly knock the shit outta him. He lands on the ground a few feet away.

OOOH, hey Freddy's face, welcome to my fist, enjoy the view? Both girls look strangely at me and Ken starts to laugh.

"I really have to stop saying shit out loud" I mumble under my breath as I start to walk toward Freddy's unconscious body.

"That you do my friend," Ken says putting an arm around my shoulders.

We pick Freddy up and dump him in his hotel room.

After a few awkward introductions, I ask the girls if they are hungry

"Yeah, but I promised Willow we'd eat together."

"I bet you did," I say grinning at Ken.

"Yeah, see you later Faith. It was nice to have met you Daphne."

"Nice to meet you too," she says as Ken heads off.

We're in Daphne's hotel room. The balcony door is open and I can hear the flutter of the wind hitting the drapes. It's actually a pretty nice room.

"So, you hungry?" I ask.

"Starved." I can't stop the corners of my mouth from turning up a little.

"Great, you wanna head out and get something?"

"Actually, I thought that we could order some room service," she says.


"Great, I'm just gonna call Velma." My heart jumps and my breath hitches in my throat.

God, how am I gonna tell her that her friends and dog are vamp chow? I don't think "hey your friends and dog are dead, wanna get some ribs?" will go down too well.

"Uh, Daphne, she isn't in," I manage to get out while shaking my head.

"How would you know that, did you even meet her?"

"Not exactly."

"O-kay," She draws out the word and looks at me curiously. "Then how would you know where she is?"

"We'll, I kinda ran into her...and your other hippie friend, Shaggy...and the dog too," I say cringing.

"But I thought you..."

"We found the bodies, earlier tonight."

"Oh." She says stoically. Then she heads off to pick up a room service menu.

That's it? That's all she's gonna say? She must be in shock or something 'cause the only other noise she made was a slightly high pitched "Hmm."

"Are you okay? I mean..."

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" She's looking at me like any other thought would be completely idiotic.

"Well, for starters your friends are dead."

"I never really liked them anyway." She says handing me the menu and walking over to the mini bar for a drink. She offers me one too. I nod and take it.

"So how do you feel about getting some ribs?" Daphne asks.

Huh? Okay, and to that I'd have to say a big WOW!

"Love 'em."


I can't help but grin. This girl is something else.

Scooby 3

Faith's POV:

So, we've ordered our food and have had a few drinks to tide us over. Well, it's more like we had a lot of drinks. But, hey, who's counting anyway? Daphne slipped on some dark purple satin pj's at some point and is leaning against her headboard.

"Make me another drink?" She asks.

"Sure, what're you having?"

"Same," she says tilting her head slightly as she looks over at me. The look she gives me warms me up better than all the liquor we've ingested. My hands are a little shaky as I mix her drink.

"Calm down, Faith. Buffy. Buffy. Breathe." God. Who the fuck am I kidding? This shit isn't helping. I pad back over to her bed in my bare feet. When did I take off my boots?

"Here you go," I squeak out. God, tell me that wasn't my voice.

Daphne's warm fingers brush delicately over mine as I hand her the cocktail. I shut my eyes tightly, willing myself to overlook the involuntary tightening of my muscles. I can hear the blood pounding in my ears. And suddenly, it rushes somewhere I really don't need it to be. Come on down there; you don't need that, what are you gonna do with all that there? Fuck. Fine. Keep it. I don't need it. Just don't come crying to me when I don't help *you* out later.

My body is screaming at me to make a move on her. I know she wants me to, but BUFFY

"Sit down" she says, and I do.

"Not on the floor, Faith."

"Oh, uh ok." I get up and join her on her soft mattress. The fluffy sheets on her bed are dark; her skin is beautifully pale against them... not like Buffy's gorgeous tan... but she still looks great. When in the hell did I become such a pussy?

Daphne puts here drink down on the night stand and turns to face me.

"Faith, if you don't come a little closer, you're going to fall off," she says giggling slightly.

"Uh, sorry."

I know I'm blushing. I move closer and she leans into me. My jaw clenches. Her petal soft, delicate fingers move over my jaw. Feels like B... even with all the slaying and splinters her hands are always so soft..."It's all about the right moisturizer Faith," she said to me once. I laugh a little at that.

Daphne cups my cheek and her eyes flick down to my mouth. My eyes go wide...she's gonna kiss me? She dips her head down to bring her lips to mine and all I can think is that I really want to kiss her back...so I do. Her lips are soft, warm, sweet from all the cheerleader drinks she had, and move perfectly with mine. She breaks the kiss and straddles my lap. She pushes me back against her pillows and I let her. She leans down to kiss my neck...soft, sweet butterfly kisses. A slight grin spreads across my lips. She moves up to kiss me again, when we hear a knock on the door.

"Leave it outside!" she shouts.

"Uh, you have to sign for it ma'am."

"Small towns," she grumbles while getting off of my lap.

"Fuck! What the hell is wrong with me?" I groan getting up from her bed to put my boots back on.

"What are you doing?" she asks wheeling a cart in.

"I have to go" I rasp.

"Why? I thought we were having a nice time?"

"Uh, I have to...yunno...uh DEMONS?!" I rush out a little too loudly.

"Oh," she whispers looking at me strangely.

"I'm sorry."

"No, don't be...duty calls."


"Can I see you tomorrow?"

"Uh, I dunno, I'd like to see you but I..."

"Oh!" she says wide-eyed, like she just figured something out. Fuck Me!

"Uh, NO! No, no, no," I say taking her small hands in mine. "I really like you."

"I really like you too," she says looking up at me. "So, let me give you my cell phone number, that way you can call me if we can see each other tomorrow. Okay?"

"Yeah, great" I whisper.

She gives me a small peck on the cheek and I head to the door to leave.

I'm still slightly confused as to the reason why I'm not still in Daphne's room as I head home.

"This fucking sucks."

Scooby 4

Faith's POV:

Whoever said that people who pass out due to drunkeness don't dream doesn't know me. I keep having this dream where I'm kissing Buffy. We're on her bed back in Sunny D, and right when I start to ease my hand into her PJ's, her mom and Giles pop in the door with Red, Xander, and some dude with cheese...then I wake up. I had it again last night.

Ugh... it's only 9AM.

"Fuck." I roll out of bed, pop some painkillers and massive quantities of water. I take a shower and do some Tai Chi. After the morning routine, I head to that fifties coffee shop. Bertha is there and chipper as always.


"Hey Faith. What are you having today?"

"I'll have that one, that one, and that one, and some CC." She writes down my order, a Belgian waffle, French toast, some breakfast meats, fresh fruit, and a bowl of Crunch Berries of course."

"Coming right up!" She grins at me and heads off with my order.

The first time I came in here, I was with B. The waitress looked at us like we were crazy for ordering so much food...then she saw us put it all away. I really like that girl; she only charges me for about a half of what I order.

After breakfast I meet Ken at my place for some training; it's pretty spacious. Soul Boy set it all up, complete with my "oh so lovely freedom," 'cause being a fugitive? Not fun.

"So what happened after I left last night, tell her about her dead buddies?" Kennedy asks me.


"How'd she take it? uuggghhnnnn, that muscle's a little achy," Ken says stretching.

"Good." I say.


"She didn't care too much, we had some drinks, we kissed."

"Wow, looks like I wasn't the only one to get some red head. So, 'Good'?" She asks standing up and tilting her head as she peers over at me.

"I wouldn't know," I sigh.

"Ppshuuuhhh, whatever..."

"I didn't sleep with her; I couldn't do it" I deadpan. Kennedy ceases all movement before spinning around to look at me.

"Wait, you," she says pointing at me, "couldn't 'do it' or she wouldn't let you do it, or you..." she trails off and stares at me. I stare back.

"What was the last thing you were gonna ask?"

"I was gonna ask if you didn't want to do it, but that would just be a stupid question. I'm still in shock about the 'I couldn't do it' comment. So what happened?"

"I don't know." Fuck, I'm a whiner now? "B," I whisper.

"What?" Ken asks.

"I said Buffy happened"

"Buffy showed up? How? God Faith your life is really fucked up. First you have that fucked up fugitive thing going, now you can't get laid 'cause..." She stops mid sentence from the look that I give her.

"She didn't show up Ken" I sigh. "She, I...we're supposed to figure stuff out between us when she gets back...like us being together stuff."

"Oh," she says and then cracks up.


"Nothing. Nothing." She says.

"Tell me."

"Just the idea of Buffy, giving you head; she won't even have to kneel."

Well shit, she's got me there, and since I can't argue with that, I fucking picture it and laugh too.


"So you guys are together?"

"Not yet, I guess."

"Oh." We're both quiet for a minute. "Then why didn't you fuck her?"


"It's not like Buffy's your girlfriend yet, right?"


"So, then get in all you can before you can't fuck anyone else."

"What the fuck are you talking about Ken?"

"Come on Faith, you go slaying, you need it. I'm sure she won't ask if you fucked anyone while she was gone."

That just shows how little she knows B... but would she ask how many people I fucked or if I fucked anyone at all? And when she asks I'll be all like, "B, it was only one person." I just won't tell her how many times. If she didn't want me to fuck anyone while she's away she should have told me not to.

"And, Faith"


"Red heads, they're fun."

I grin and walk over to my phone to call Daphne.



Scooby 5

All I'm saying is, if Buffy didn't want me to fuck anyone while she was away, she should have made it fucking clear...by fucking me herself! Daphne's between my legs. I called her during training and she said to come over after my patrol with Kennedy. She's licking the inside of my thighs, but it feels like she has razors on her tongue. Dude. I can't do this now? I let out a deep sigh.

Fucking Bitch. I may be pretty stupid, but I sure as shit ain't that fucking stupid. I gotta get outta here...

"Um, Daphne...uh ughn, sto...um GOD!" No, no, not razors, just soft, soft warm, petal soft, licking my, oh GAWD! AHHH!

Where the fuck did this girl learn to do what she's doing to my...FUCK! Sweet and innocent? Fuck That! She's got mad skills, dude!

Ughn... Fuck...gotta think of sumthin' else or I'm gonna...too quick...

Thinking of little fish in a tank...

Fucking dog boy! No, not that blonde bitch, Fred, I mean Oz. We once had a convo about what he did to not come so fast when he was fucking Devon. He said he thought about little fish in a tank. He was pretty decent. We didn't fuck; we just talked. I don't like small boys. This shit isn't helping!

Fuck this.

I look down at my kneeling girl. Might as well have some fun... Just for the hell of it. I grab hold of her hair and pull her head closer to me. It feels so god damned good to be licked between my legs.

"Uh, uh, uh...where are you going?" I grab a firmer hold of her and move her to exactly where I want to be licked...well I kind of want her to suckle it, but I'll wait a few just to see if she does it on her own. All reason floats away as she does. Ken was right. I really fucking needed this.

Daphne languidly runs her tongue over my pussy. Pain? Any semblance of pain is fucking gone. Hahaha.

"Ughn, Faith, I'm so wet," Daphne whispers.

I open my eyes and my jaw drops at the sight of my tiny girl. She's started rubbing herself?

"Oh Fuck!" I scream as she makes me come into her mouth. And me, being the indefatigable slayer that I am, am ready to go again in an instant. I yank her up by the hair and toss her onto the bed. Buffy, I think for a second, but manage to wave that discrepancy away, as Daphne begins to tear at her remaining clothing.

The very sight of her fingering her glistening, tight little pussy sent me into fucking frenzy. I proceed to ravish, only ceasing when a breathless Daphne pleads for release. I lick, suck, and drink her in.

I don't know what to say... I don't think there's anything I can do. I can't take it anymore and decide to leave. Mystified, I pull on my clothes and manage to give her a goodbye kiss...

Scooby 6


I've been leaning against this fucking CRATE since I left Daphne. This is too fucking funny.

"What the hell is fucking wrong with me?" I croak.

I want to pretend that it didn't happen, but I can't go around ignoring Daphne 'cause my "girlfriend," who just happens to be MIA, might not appreciate the fact that I'm fucking another girl.


I don't understand what's going on in my life anymore. After a few minutes, I finally get up to walk away.

"Fuck, I can fucking pretend it didn't happen if I fucking want to!"

Mother fucker! Why couldn't I keep it in my pants?

"I told you you'd fucking get us into trouble, you god damned beautiful little nub you!"


I shouldda fucking known better. Wait. "I should have known better?" Whatever! My so-called girlfriend is probably diddling some frog! "Fucking bitch." This is fucking bullshit, dude!

Now I'm just really pissed off.

I head to the diner and wait for my big, hairy, ape woman whore to bring me my chow. Bitch better not charge me today 'cause I don't got any money! After way too much free food, I head home.

On my walk home, I run into this foreign chick. She's fucking hot... "Hey...he you girl!"

"What?" The fuck does she want?

"You want to fuck me?"


"You want I leek yor pussy?"

"The hell are you talking about lady?"

"You come weet me..."

I shrug.


She leads me to this shit hole and tells a couple of other hot chicks to beat it.

"You wont me to suck yor pussy?"

"Yeah, sure, whateva."

"You geev me monee."

"What? I don't got any money."

"No, don't lie...you geev it to me now..."

I grin at her. Yeah I'd like to give it to you now.

"No lady, I don't have any..."

She points to a room in the back.

"You see boy...you get like boy."

"Well fuck me. If it ain't that little cock sucker!" And he's fucking a beefy looking chick. That's fucked. It's a dude wearing a pink leather dress, pumps and fishnets. Wish I had a camera.

Wig boy, Freddy, getting it on with that fucked up queen! That kicks ass!

"Listen, thanks lady, but I really don't got nuthin'. Later."

And I'm gone.

Fuck me! Oh god. What is she doing here? Her pretty tits, uh, I mean eyes, yeah eyes beam as she catches sight of me. I'm all juiced. Again. Got lucky on the way home. Stupid vamps...

Damn, I really wanna fuck her.

I'm already locked in defeat when it comes to B. What's a little more fucking regret to add there? Yep, regret due to me fucking a hot ass red head!

I take her by the hand and lead her inside my house.

If this is the way she wants it, then who am I to say no? She's so sweet. I know there's something wrong about the way I reason, but my pussy is wet and I really need someone to lick it for me!

We stumble into my bedroom and hit the soft sheets. It's all the same to me. It really makes no difference who I'm fucking...until I think of B...then I start to come.


I'm sorry B. It doesn't matter now though...'cause I don't care.

I want to fuck Daphne over and over again. I love rubbing her insides and touching and licking her tits and sucking her off until she's quivering and close to tears.

I sit back and watch as her lips move passed me...I love it when she sucks my pussy and she won't stop 'till I'm coming all over her. She's such a little whore.

"Mmmm my whore..." She looks up at me for a sec. I shove her face back between my thighs.

"Fuck that feels good!"

I don't care about nuthin' else 'cause alls I knows now is that I'm getting some...and it's pretty fucking good!

Scooby 7

Faith's POV

It's too bright in here...

I'm hung over and lying in my bed alone now. It seems I'm drunk more often than not lately. I know its not too good for me, but it's just enough. I am such an asshole!

I love Buffy, I know I do, but I'm runnin' on empty here. It was one kiss...the novelty is wearing. And Daphne? Oh god. She's such a nice girl...and I'm...I'm so filthy. We've been sleeping together for the past few days.


"What?" "Oh, that's really sweet baby." "Hey B" "Miss me?" Silence. "Faith?" "Yes?" "Are you okay?" "Can I ask you something B?" "Shoot." "You...um...I mean...you love me right?" "Of course silly." "Well...then why does it feel like you ran away?" Silence. "What's this about, Faith?" "Are you fucking anyone, Buffy?" "WHAT!?" "It's just a question B. Answer it." "ARE YOU FAITH?" Silence "Yes."



Gotta get ready for training.

I finish getting dressed and hear some rustling in the training room.

"Hey Ken."

"Get laid?" She asks.




"Fat chick that gives you free shit?"


"Oh well... ughn... can't say I'm disappointed about that."

"Maybe next time." I say.

"Good stuff?"



We both stretch our muscles.

"Rocks. Told you they were fun in the sack." Ken says and grins at me.

"Only thing, it keeps getting easier for me to stay the whole night, every night. I really like her."

"That's fucked." She says.


"But I'm sure they'll get over it..."



"Things sounded so simple, I used to get some and get the fuck gone all the time."

"It's just sex, Faithy." She smirks.

"Yeah, well B won't think so, and I know by now that nothing's that easy to get away with."

"What's the worst that this girl could want? More sex?"

I sprint to my phone the second it rings.

"Yeah." "When did it happen? Oh god...do I even want to know?" It's Buffy. "Why does it even matter? You aren't here anyway!" "Faith, just tell me, okay?" "No, I won't." "Why not? Oh God..." "I don't have to answer to you, B." "What?" "I'm not some little toy of yours, Buffy." "Why are you being this way?" "I'm just being honest. I'm not gonna run around like everything's all right while my girlfriends is in...oh yeah, that's another thing, are you even my girlfriend Buffy, 'cause is it sure as fuck don't feel that way." "Why are you yelling? I'm the one that should be pissed off here! And I'm not full of all the answers Faith!" "Well you should be fucking able to tell me if you're my girlfriend or not. And if you're not, then I ain't doing nothing wrong then am I, B?" I can hear her sigh heavily. "If I am, will you stop sleeping with other people?" "Possibly." "What exactly does that mean, Faith?" "It means that I don't know if I want someone who ain't around... got enough of that as a kid, ya know?" "And screwing around is a better option?" "It is right now..." "Why are you such a god damn asshole Faith?" Silence.


"Why does she keep hanging up on me?"

"Dunno...hey she got any cool tricks? The red head I mean." Kennedy is grinning at me. I just stare at her for a minute...

"All right, forget I asked..."

"Yeah...hey I saw that little bitch Freddy fucking some drag queen..."


"Yeah, was super rad!"

Scooby 8

Jesus Christ.

Couldn't keep it in your pants could you? It's been what a month and a half? And you couldn't wait? What about all the "I love you B's" and the "I never knew I could love somebody this way Buffy's?" Is it even possible to love someone that much and still run off to sleep with someone else?!

"What was I even thinking?"

I should have known better.

I never should have told her that I love her. I know she loves me too. That's no big secret, but she's so soft inside. She doesn't know how to deal with people intimately. She's never had a stable relationship... Well, hello, neither have I, but at least I know what to expect. Okay, maybe not 'cause I've never had a relationship with a girl before. And for that matter, I don't think I would ever want to have a relationship with any other girl.

I bury my face in my hands and sigh.

"God, why does this have to be so complicated, Faith?"

"What's that honey?" An annoyingly gentle voice asks.

I sit up straight and look to my left. There's a little old lady smiling at me.

"Just thinking out loud." I respond.

"Oh...well yes I often do that..." She starts, but I get up and walk away before the little old lady even finishes her sentence. I can't deal with anyone today.

"I really have to stop thinking out loud." I grumble.

{{{now boarding flight 2180 Destination Cleveland, Ohio, at Gate 15}}}


I rush to the terminal gate and hand my boarding pass to the flight attendant.

"Eager to get home are we?" The stewardess asks me.

"You have no idea." I sigh.

I'm the first person to board the plane and take my seat.

"Don't worry baby, I'll be home soon."

I'll make everything better for the both of us. Then I'll kick your ass.

Faith's POV

I can't help myself...I find comfort in her.

Could it ever feel the same as being with buffy? So far I don't know. I don't even know what it's like to be with B, not really. That thought alone makes me want to vomit.

The worst part is that I really like Daphne. She says things to me that really make me smile. Like "I like your face when you do that," or she'll say she likes when I look confused. She's different from anyone I've ever known.

Buffy. I bury my head in my hands. Buffy asked me to stop sleeping around. I'd do anything for B, but she's not here. She's so far away... God. I'm so sick of watching things move past me, of watching her move past me. Would she have run out on Angel?

I smile a self-deprecating smile.

Scooby 9

Faith's POV

I pop two pieces of gum in my mouth and turn the page of my comic. I look up and see Daphne come back into the room.

"Hey we gotta pick up Fred; he called and said the van broke down..."

I really like Daphne. She's so pretty. She reminds me of B.


I wonder if B would have been like this if she wouldn't have been called? Light about everything. Yeah. She'd probably still be helping people too, like Daphne.


"Huh?" I turn to look at her.

"Did you hear what I said?"

"Yeah, sure."

We're in Kennedy's car. Daphne has been rambling for hours. I haven't heard a word she's said, but I really like her voice.

We're gonna go out for a quick patrol, then dinner, after we dump Blondie...oops, I mean Fred.

I didn't know how this whole thing was gonna go down with Red, but Willow agrees with Ken. She said, "Ken's right Faith. I love Buffy, but if she expects you to be her...well...you know. She was blushing pretty badly. "Sorry. Still having a hard time picturing you and Buffy." Her eyes went wide as soon as I grinned at her. "Not that I've been trying to picture you two together! I mean well yeah, but no, so yeah...I mean she needs to get her butt back here if she wants you, gosh darn it!" I looked at Ken after Red's little ramble. She had an "I dunno what the fuck she's talking about either" look on her face. Was great.

A stupid smile pops itself onto my face. Daphne is still talking.

"I mean it's not the first time that piece of shit has broken down, but...oh hey look there it is..." Daphne points to a familiar street. Fuck.

"Wonder what he was doing here...it's so, so ratty looking and dirty," she says while scrunching up her nose.

Oh I know what he was doing here all right...maybe I should tell her...

"Hey Daphne, I saw Freddy having sex with a dirty Asian hooker here the other night."

"Oh..." She rolls her eyes. "Freddy has sex with boys all the time Fai." Her eyes go wide...

Woah. That was so cool.

"Um, I mean hookers, yeah, hookers." Ken and Willow are trying desperately not to laugh. "Hey! What were you doing here?"


"Me? Um... I uh... followed some vamps here. What else would I be doing here?"

Ken and Willow are smiling at me. I shoot them a look and they both start cracking up.

God. Tonight was so strange...

We watched as the little neon van went down in flames outside of the ratty whorehouse. How it happened, none of us are sure. None of us saw the group of vamps with a flame-thrower until it was too late. We were too busy fighting off a group of demons. Wonder how they got that cool army gear anyway? And vamps teaming up with demons? Do they grow 'em smarter here in Cleveland? I wish I had a flame-thrower. Where's Xander when you need him?

Anyhow, a little figure barely escaped the wreckage...

"He just won't die will he?" I grumbled.

His little arms were flailing everywhere like an octopus that had been stabbed repeatedly, but was still alive to flail its tentacles at you.

"Fuck, polyester sure does burn up real nice..." Ken said as she watched him run and struggle.


"His hair! Oh my God! It's on Fire!" Willow screamed.

Freddy ran down the street screaming like a mad woman then. We found him passed out a few blocks away and had him picked up by an ambulance. Daphne stayed at the hospital with him. She asked me to stay, but I couldn't.

I'm back a t my place now. I head into my bedroom and begin to strip...

"I'm so fucking tired"

"Not too tired I hope"

I jerk my head toward the bathroom.


Scooby 10

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh god! What is she doing here?


She smiles at me and I smile back.

"What, what are you doing here? I thought, um, I thought you were doing that whole finding yourself thing."

"I was, but after we talked, I figured maybe we should find ourselves, together. Okay, that just sounded totally cheesy, but I want us to be together, Faith."


"I said I want us to be together, Faith."

"Yeah I heard you, but..."

"Hush, Faith. No buts..."

Buffy pushes me backward while still kissing me. When my knees hit the edge, I collapse onto the bed with Buffy still devouring my mouth. Her kisses are so warm and soft. She tastes like no one else. Nothing could ever replace this.

There's an ache in my belly and my body is calling me a dumb ass for trying to replace this... the sensation of Buffy's body, with some cheap imitation. Not that Daphne is cheap, she's amazing, but she isn't B.

There's no soft flutter with anyone else. How could there be? We were meant to be together. Two girls in all the world? We were the chosen, we still are. She defied death, twice. I like to think it's because she was meant to be with me. But whatever...

Her soft, tiny fingers have started to push the hem of my shirt up. She pulls it over my head and lets her small hands roam across my exposed skin. She's so beautiful. It looks like she's concentrating really hard when she pushes me back so that I'm lying on the bed. She straddles my waist and leans in for another kiss, but I stop her.



"We can't do this."

"What? Why? It's ok, I want to."

"No, it's not that...I"

"You what? You don't want to? That's silly, Faith, I know you want to." She rolls her hips and I groan. "See, I can feel it on your skin, I can smell it. So why don't you just lie back, and let me take care of you?"

I stop her again.

"No B. I...I have to...I have a girlfriend."

She stops immediately.

"You WHAT?!"

She hops off and stares daggers at me. Fuck, if looks could kill...

"What do you mean you have a girlfriend." Wow. I gotta give her points for keeping her voice steady and not kicking my ass.

"I thought, I thought, you... I don't...I don't know what to say. I thought you..." And she walks out. I hear her door slam a few seconds later.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have done that, cause I don't have a girlfriend. But, I needed a shower. I want to be fresh when me and B get down and dirty. Plus, getting B all riled up was just a bonus.

I walk into my bathroom and shut the door.

When I emerge from the bathroom, all I can think is that it's time to get some Buffy.

I walk to her room and knock softly.


I knock again. She's probably still pissed at me.

"B!" I say a little louder. Still no answer, she must be really pissed off. I try the knob, and it isn't locked. I look around her room. Her bags are here. Her stuff is everywhere, but no B.

I roam around the house calling her name, but she isn't here. Probably went out for a slay. I try her phone, but she doesn't pick up. The answering machine message light is on, so I hit the play button.

{{{You have one new message sent today at 10:55pm. Faith, it's Ken. Just wanted to let you know that Willow and I took care of those demons, so there's nothing to worry about. Night buddy.

End of messages. First message sent today at 10:48pm.

Faith, baby, it's Daphne. Just wanted to see if you're all right. I know we talked before you left the hospital, but if you can't sleep I'd like to see you. We're still in room 421. Okay, bye. Next message, sent today at 10:55pm...}}}

I turn the stupid thing off.

Who listened to the... OH FUCK!

When I get to the hospital Buffy and Daphne are all over each other, and breathing kind of hard. Daphne is holding up pretty well, but that's only because B isn't really letting her have it.

I know I totally shouldn't be thinking this now, but they look really hot. They're both flushed. Their chests are heaving, their mouths are slightly open. But Buffy is...wow...her skin is all tanned and glowy. She is so beautiful.


She is straddling Daphne and is about to pummel her, but she doesn't. She gets up and walks over to me, punches me in the jaw, and then punches my lights out.

Scooby 11

When I come to, I'm in my own bed. I sit up but feel really fucking dizzy. Shit, she really let me have it. My lip is swollen and my eye fucking hurts.

I hear the door open and see Buffy with an ice pack. She looks kinda tired, and angry, but at least she's here. I try to smile at her, but it hurts too much with my lip busted. She just stands and looks at me for a minute. I squint to get a better look, but that hurts too.

"I'd say you look great B, but I can barely see you, 'cause I have no eye!"

"You deserved it, and you know it," she says. "Besides, it's just a little swollen."

I stare at her. I know I must look stupid 'cause I'm all squinty, but I do it anyway.

"Why did you lie to me?"

"I wanted to shower before we, you know." I'm blushing. I hate when I blush. Buffy sits down next to me and kisses my eye.

"I'm sorry I hit you," she says.

"It's okay, remind me not to try to make you jealous ever again. What'd you do to Daphne?"

"Nothing. We talked. She told me that you broke it off with her, for me. She also said that you told her that you love me, and that you were going to Europe to be with me."

"Oh yeah?"


I try to smile again, but end up wincing in pain when my lip starts to bleed. Buffy wipes the blood away for me with her thumb.

"I really am sorry I hit you." She says and kisses my lip.

I pull her down on top of me and we kiss a little deeper. I bury my fingers in her hair and sigh into the kiss. Buffy sucks on my bottom lip and I twitch in pain. She pulls back and gives me a sympathetic smile.

"I'm sorry baby."

"I know."

"Love me?"



"I love you, Faith," she says and nestles into my arms.

I let sleep take over.

When I wake up, Buffy is gone. I begin to think it was a dream, but I can smell her on the sheets. I walk out of my room and find her making breakfast. I'm scared for a minute. Buffy plus cooking equals badness. My fear subsides when I realize she's only toasting bagels. I give her a quick hug and head to the bathroom for a shower.

When I walk back into the kitchen, Willow and Kennedy are here. I'm kind of disappointed, but at least we have a real breakfast, 'cause Willow actually knows how to cook. I wanted to finish what B and I had started last night, but I guess I can wait.

When breakfast is over, I notice Buffy's acting kind of weird.

"So what do you want to do today Buffy?" Willow asks. She's definitely excited that B's back.

"Um, well, I kinda already promised Faith we'd spend some quality time together. We have to get a few things settled," Buffys says with a smile. Quality time? With me? Sweet.

"That sounds promising," Ken says.

"Oh yeah," B says.

Ken stands up grinning and pats me on the back. Willow hugs Buffy goodbye and makes her way to the door.

Before they go Ken rushes back and hands Buffy a Redbull.

"What's this for?" B asks.

"We've been working on Faith's stamina while you were away," Ken says with a wink and a stupid grin. I snicker as I wrap my arms around Buffy.

When they're gone Buffy turns around in my arms and kisses me.

"Why don't you show me some of that stamina?" She asks while leading me toward my bedroom.

Scooby 12

"Ughn! Faith, harder baby, deeper. Yeah, right there baby. That feels good."

"Fuck, if I didn't know better, I'd say we were fucking 'cause that made me so wet."

"Faith, don't stop." She whines. I'm giving Buffy a massage.

"Come on B, are you sure you want me rubbing your back? I could be rubbing other more pleasurable parts of you, if you'd like."

"Oh yeah?"


I get off of Buffy and she turns around. I groan when I see her hard, pink nipples. She is only wearing panties and she is visibly wet. She is so beautiful. I lie down on top of her and our naked breasts rub together. My nipples brush over hers, setting my body ablaze. I'm am so painfully turned on, I don't want to play. I run my hand up Buffy's leg and caress the inside of her thigh. I run my index finger over the crotch of her dampened panties and feel her twitch slightly into my hand. I run my finger back and forth over her pussy lips while still outside of her panties. "Faith" she sighs.

I drag my blunt teeth over her erect nipples and nip a little before licking around one hardened bud, then the other. She sighs and runs her hands through my hair. I suckle on Buffy's left breast, then the right. I haven't stopped running a single finger over her pussy. "Oh god." she moans when I circle her pubic bone, adding just a little bit of pressure to her throbbing clit that lies beneath.

I've had enough teases. I push Buffy against the soft pillows and lie down on my belly, my face between her drawn up knees. I pull off her panties and toss them on the floor.

I lick her pussy lips really slowly and feel her shiver. I lick her like this again and again until she begs me to fuck her. I slide my tongue between her glistening pussy lips and flick her engorged clitoris ever so slightly. "Oh god, Faith please. Just fuck me." I want to please her so badly, so I do. I bury my tongue in her pussy and fuck her as deeply as I can with it.

"Ughn, oh god," she groans and bucks into me. I run my tongue along her tender folds and savor the taste of her sopping wetness. Her pussy is so hot and tight. I love the feel of being inside her. Her fingers are buried in my hair and pressing me harder into her pussy, urging me to eat her.

I pull back a little for air then move my attention to Buffy's clitoris. I separate her pussy lips with my fingers and lick slowly around the engorged bundle of nerves. "Fuck, Faith, yes..."

I smile and flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her hips buck into me. I take her nub into my mouth and begin to suck her off gently. I begin to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue while I try to keep sucking at steady pace. Buffy presses me into her harder and begins to ride my mouth faster. She's close, so I add more pressure. I slip two fingers into her soaking pussy and begin to fuck her. I easily push my fingers deeper in side of her. "Faster," She says. I thrust my fingers in and out of her a little faster and begin to flick her clit back and forth. "I...I'm so close," She groans. "Don't stop." She says as I feel her pussy clench before she begins to come into my mouth.

When her breathing evens out, Buffy rolls us over and buries two fingers deep inside of my pussy. I'm so fucking wet and ready. She fucks me deep and fast. That's what I need right now. I need to come. Touching her got me so fucking close to coming. She begins to circle my clit and I fuck her hand trying to get her fingers deeper inside of me.

Within minutes, I'm coming hard around her fingers.

Scooby 13


"Fuck," I groan. It's still dark out. Who the hell is calling? I really don't want to move. The phone rings again and I feel Buffy stir in my arms.

"Mmmm, Faith."


"Get the phone," she mumbles.

Fuck. I roll over and reach for the phone on my nightstand. "WHAT?" {"Faith?"} "Daphne?" I feel Buffy sit up next to me. I'm about the ask Daphne what's wrong, but before I can manage to get anything out, Buffy snatches the phone out of my hand. She looks kinda pissed.

"Hello," she says. I decide to make a run for it before B gets any ideas and I end up getting my ass kicked again. I get out of bed and head for the bathroom. When I come back into my bedroom, B is up and the lights are on. It looks like she's getting dressed too. Oh shit. What the fuck did Daphne say to her?

"Going somewhere?" I ask.


"B? Baby, why?" I ask gently.


"Huh? Wha...um, what did she say?"

"Are you OK, Faith?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just, why are you leaving?"

"Daphne said that some vamps broke into Fred's room while she had gone to her to grab some of her stuff. When she got back to Fred's, he was being dragged away by a group of vamps."

"Oh." I say.

"Yeah, get dressed. Hey, didn't you say that Ken and Wills took care of those demons with the flame throwers that were after Fred?"

"Yeah. Maybe there were more," I say.

"Yeah, maybe. Why are you smiling?"

"No reason."


"I'm just, you aren't leaving."

"Actually, yes I am Faith. And so are you, remember? We're gonna go help Daphne," she says.

"Yeah." I laugh. " That's not what I meant. Never mind."

"You thought I was leaving 'cause of something Daphne said?"


"I'm not leaving, Faith. I love you."

"Good. Let's go help Daphne and wig boy then."

Willow and Kennedy pick us up fifteen minutes after we call them. We drive to the hotel to pick up Daphne, then head over to the whore house. We hop out of the car and take a look around. It's guarded like a fortress. "Anyone have a plan?" Buffy asks.

"We could kill all the vamps and demons, then go in there and get laid." Ken says. I gotta laugh. Ken's being glared at by Red, B, and Daph. "Or we could beat up the whores too and save the fag...I mean Fred." Ken clears her throat and blushes.

"Good plan," I say. We stand behind a tree and scope out the scene some more.

I turn around to ask B if she wants to take the left half of the house that seems to have larger demons, and notice that Kennedy keeps looking from Buffy to Daphne and then back again. I swat her arm and ask her what the hell she's doing.

"You know, if Buffy got a red wig..." Ken starts. I immediately nod in agreement before she can finish.

"That would be so cool," she says.

"Yeah," I say. "If I wanted to get my ass kicked, again!"

"All I'm saying is you really got a specific type of girl, don't you?"

"Shut up, Ken."

She starts laughing and shrugs.

Fuck me. It was a bitch getting past all of those demons, but we did it. We're in the house now. It's really dark in here, but we can see all right. Well, most of us can. Gotta love that slayer vision.

After close to an hour of running around this shit hole, we find solid oak double doors that are guarded by some really hot vamps. We dust them in a matter of minutes and go inside.

Never, in my wildest nightmares did I ever expect to see what was behind those doors. Fred, in a leather diaper type thing, wearing a leash, and being whipped by a creepy ass dude covered in black leather. Scary, scary stuff there.

Ken starts laughing so hard she actually falls on the floor. Buffy looks disgusted and Willow is in shock. Remarkably, Daphne appears to be unfazed by this, which is just very, very sad.

"THIS? This is why we just risked our LIVES???" I yell. "He's fucking enjoying it!"

"No." I hear from behind me.

I turn around and see a little old couple staring at me. "That is not why you risked your lives. Actually, I don't know why you would want to help that little bastard there." The old man says.

"But you see," his wife continues, "that little faggot threatened to expose our billion dollar empire." Before any of us can react, a trap door opens and Fred falls through. We hear a shriek and a chomp. We look inside and see an alligator type demony thing chomping on Fred.

"Fuck!" we all say in unison.

That was pretty fucked up shit.


In the blink of an eye we're surrounded by vamps, but hey we're three slayers here! We dust em all and manage to grab the old couple before the scamper off. They're pretty strong and give us a bit of a struggle. I burst out laughing when Ken grabs them by their gray hair, until their faces rip off!

Oh shit!

I think I just creamed myself!!!

As their faces rip off their clothes fall off too, and underneath are the Olsen twins in bikinis!

"Fuck!" They scream.

"Why are you two here?" I squeak.

"Why the fuck do you think?" Mary-Kate asks.

"We run fucking whore houses all around the country. That's where all our money comes from. You didn't actually think we made money from those shitty videos did you?" Ashley says.

I'm fucking speechless.

"Shit, we wouldda gotten away with it too." Ashley says.

"If it wasn't for that god damned little fag with a blonde wig and the neckerchief!" Mary-Kate shouts.

"Why didn't you guys just kill him that night he was here? Why'd you let him go if you wanted him dead?" I ask.

"We didn't. Mongo, our resident drag queen, decided he, um she, was in love with Fred and let him escape before our vamp boys could eat him."

"Oh." I nod.

"Um, so what are we gonna do?" B asks.

We're all quiet for a minute. Red and Ken are just gawking at the twins in their bikinis.

"Wait," Daphne says. "You guys aren't really hurting anyone."

"Actually we just killed all your friends." Ashley cuts in.

"Yeah. Fred found out about our operation and was gonna try to blackmail us, so we had him kidnapped and your other friends killed. We couldn't have him spoiling our image now could we?" adds Mary-Kate.

"Um, aside from that," Daphne pauses. "I don't mind. And, I mean, I won't say anything. I really, really like you girls," she says with a smile as she wraps her arms around their waists and lowers her hands to squeeze their asses. The twins giggle in unison and wrap their arms around Daphne.

Willow, Ken, B, and I shrug. We're too tired to care. We say our goodnights and head home.

On our way home, B turns to me and asks me how the hell I knew Fred was at the whore house that first night.

"What were you doing there, Faith?"

"I followed some vamps there. Jeez."The rest of the quick ride home is quiet. When we get inside, B drags me into the shower. What? We're all dusty.
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