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by Gooser


This fic was written for "Buffy's Love Fest", a PWPfic event held on the Faithful Chickie's list
Authors Notes 2: took stuff from innocence... and thanks D
Summary: Buffy and Faith enjoy fucking each other

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Feb 14 *grins*

Faith's POV

"Fucking stake him already, B. I'm hungry!" "Ughn" Punch. "When." Kick. "Are you." Stake. Dust. Sigh. "Not?" I grin at her. "What can I say? It happens when I... FUCK!" I'm knocked onto my belly by a vamp that managed to sneak up on me while I was ogling B. I roll onto my back, kick him into a tombstone, and stand up. "It happens when you fuck, Faith?" "Well that too." I brush dust off my pants and stroll over to the vamp. He's a big fella. "What?" she asks. "Just saying you're right is all. It does happen when I fuck." I turn to leer at B "And when you fuck Faith." I grin at her and she grins back. The fucker takes the opening to punch me in the jaw. I can taste blood in my mouth and feel my bottom lip begin to swell.

"Owe, that hurt you fuck face!" No more games. I stake him, but before he dusts he gets in a good right hook. I'm not expecting it, so the force of the punch knocks me directly onto B. We fall with a thud. Buffy is on her back. I raise myself off of her slightly, but I do it very slowly. She's just staring at me. I hear a drip, drip, drip, and my eyes drop to her mouth. Three droplets, of the sticky blood that was beginning to pool around my own mouth, have made their way onto hers, just under her bottom lip and chin. They haven't gone into her mouth. I press my hips into hers. Her breath catches. What? Like I was gonna waste this?

"Fuck, I'm sorry." I hold myself up on one arm, run my fingertips over her collarbone, neck, jaw line, and reach out to wipe away the blood. She pushes my hand out of the way and instead reaches to cup the back of my neck. She pulls my head toward her while straining her own neck upward. My eyes flutter shut. It takes me a second, but I begin to kiss back. Her mouth and tongue are hot, wet, and oh so soft, just like other parts of her... I hope. She tastes like strawberry lip gloss and something sugary... yoghurt?

I pull away when I start to feel dizzy from lack of oxygen. She makes a small whimpering noise and I raise an eyebrow. She's flushed and breathing heavily. I smile and kiss her again.

Buffy's POV

Mmmm... her mouth... soft lips and tongue. I want her. Ever since she woke up, things have been different between us. I had planned on telling her about my feelings for her after our post slayage binge. I just...I don't think that there's anyone I've ever wanted more. I've been feeling like this for weeks, and figured tonight would be as good a time as any to tell her. Neither of us is seeing anyone, well dating anyone. Faith sees lots of people, but never for more than one night. And, she's hardly been up to that. Oh! Plus, neither of us had dates tonight, so Faith was like, "you can be my date, if you want, B, but I still think Valentine's is way overrated."

I pull away from her. "Faith" I gasp. "Hmmm?" She's licking my neck now. "Wait, stop." I whisper. Her body tenses. She jerks herself away from me and jumps to her feet. She looks so... scared? Nope... painfully aroused is more like it. I get up and move toward her, but she steps away from me.

"Faith?" "I... I... Buffy I'm." I don't think I've ever seen her look so cute. Her brow is furrowed and her kiss swollen lips are slightly puckered. "Faith... Faith!" "Huh?" She looks up at me. "We need to get out of here" I reach out for her hand and she looks at me curiously. "But..." I silence her with a warm kiss. "I don't wanna get interrupted." She blinks a few times and then grins at me.

Faith's POV

We're back at my apartment. The one the Mayor gave me. We were quiet on the walk over here, but we held hands the whole way, well sort of. Buffy grabbed a hold of me as we were leaving Restfield. She wrapped both of her arms around my left arm. "I'm cold," she said. I just smiled at her.

I slide my key into the lock and hear it click. We walk inside. She sits down and I offer her a drink. "Sure." "Whaddya want? Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, juice, water...milk?" "Um, juice would be good." I wait for it. "Do you have paradise blend?" "Uh, yeah, I think so, lemme check." Of course I have some! My fridge is full of individually packaged Dole bottles...she likes to shake it up before every sip. What? I like this girl... a lot! In fact, if she asked me to get on my knees and lick her pussy right now, just for the fuck of it, I would.

I hand her a bottle. She shakes it up, twists the plastic cap open, and takes a long swig. "Mmm, I love this stuff." "I know."

The first time she tried it was when she stole a bottle I had already taken a sip from.

^^"Can I have some?" she opened it and took a long drink. I just stared at her. "What Faith? I don't have coodies." "Well... uh, nevermind." "What?" "Nuthin'." "Faith, just hurry up and tell me!" "Nothing. I don't think you can spread oral herpes through sharing drinks, can you?" Silence. "B?" Silence. "Hey, B, you ok?" I couldn't take it anymore. I started laughing so hard my eyes began to water. "I was only kidding, honest B."^^

I sit down next to her.

Feb 15th

Buffy's POV

"What are you saying?" "Come on B, let's not make an issue out of this okay? In fact, why don't we just not talk about it at all. It just... happened."

I am so humiliated.

"I don't understand." I can feel my eyes well with tears. "Was it... me? Was I not good?" My voice is shaky. She starts to chuckle and I can feel the warmth of my tears as they begin to trickle down my face. "You were great. Honest B. I thought you were a real pro." "How can you say this to me?" "We had a good time; it doesn't mean we gotta make a big deal." "It is a big deal!" "What do you want? A fucking marriage proposal? Come on B, it's not like I've never been there before; you know that."

She reaches out to touch me, but I pull away. "Don't touch me." She pulls her hand back, and I think I saw a flash of pain in her eyes, but I'm not sure of anything anymore... at least not where Faith is concerned. "It was just post slayage B." She walks toward the door. "Faith!" She turns to look at me. "I love you," I whisper through my tears. "Huh... right." And she's gone.

What just happened?

Faith's POV

I walk out the door and head towards the elevator. I need a good slay.

The damp cemetery air whips around me, making my skin prickle. It's cold out here. I can feel the moist grass and earth crush beneath me as my heavy boots thud across it. I can still smell her all over me... so soft and sweet... Shit. Everything about her floods through my head over and over again. I can't stop it. It was...perfect... she was perfect. But, I don't...I can't... I really don't want to love her! "What the fuck is my problem?"

When I get back, B's still at my place. Why is she still here?

"Why are you still here?" "We need to talk." "About?" "About what happened between us, Faith" "We fucked. And it ain't like you didn't want it. You've wanted to have sex with me since we met B. We both know that. In fact, you should consider yourself lucky that I even bothered...'cause it sure as fuck wasn't much. Not worth losing my soul over."


I never saw it fucking coming. She fucking bitch slapped me! "You bitmmm" God. Her lips are crushed against mine. Our mouths open together and my mouth is immediately flooded with her tongue and warm saliva.

More fucking? Yes?

Fuck I love her.

I can't stop myself from ripping her clothes off her body. I run my hands over her small breasts savoring their weight in my hands. Feels so good. Her gentle fingers are running over my skin and muscles. She places moist kisses over my breasts, throat, and stomach as she tugs at my pants. She makes me so fucking wet.

I tear the rest of my clothes off and we stumble naked onto my bed. Her wetness spreads over my stomach as she straddles my waist. Buffy leans down to kiss me, running her soft tongue along mine. She begins to rock slowly against my stomach filling my navel with her sticky arousal. She's dripping all over me. She sits back up and begins to thrust against me harder and faster. I sit up and lick her beautiful breasts, just swirling my tongue over her hard pink nipples. Her fingers dig into my back as I guide my hand down her torso.

Fuck... this is taking too long.

I flip her onto her back and bury my fingers deeply into her pussy. She's so fucking wet and ready that they slide in easily. She fucking wants it. "Ughn... Faith," she groans. Her hips jerk up and aid me in rubbing her pulsing insides.

Do I really feel like licking her?

Actually yeah, I am that horny. I slide my body down Buffy's. I begin to suck her off and can feel her muscles tighten around my digits. She's so fucking warm and sweet and salty. I suck and tongue up her pretty, little, engorged clitoris until she fucking comes. "Faith," she sighs. She gives me a dreamy smile. No! No hazy eyes. I shove her down and bury her face between my legs and hope to get off as hard as last night.

God she's so fucking good. Her tongue plunges inside of me rubbing all the right places with the perfect rhythm and pressure. She's so soft and sweet. She strokes and strokes and strokes until I'm coming. She's so good that I come and I come and I come and she takes it all in with her beautiful mouth.


Buffy's POV

I'm lying in bed, Faith's bed. I'm waiting so I can cuddle up to her when she climbs in. But what if she doesn't like it? Is that why she's taking so long? I decide not to smother her when she climbs in bed with me. "Night B." she says. "Night."I can't sleep, and apparently neither can Faith because she's rustling under the covers. She lets out a small sigh and taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to face her; she's resting her head on her elbow. She looks at me for a minute. "Faith?" I ask. She smiles a little and lies down pulling me close to her, resting my head on her shoulder and draping my arm across her waist. "Love you, that's all," she says and falls asleep. I can't help but smirk. I fucking knew it.

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