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Can't Eat When I'm With You

by Gooser


Buffy / Willow and a mystery guest
up to Choices I guess.

Notes: This started out as a joke in chat w/ a few of me buddies...I was asked to write b/w cause I usually only do b/f...*snickers* I was bribed with pics of hilary duff to finish it...hope you don't hate it...
Summary: Buffy enjoys getting head.

"Come on Buffy, let me lick your pussy. It's my duty as your best friend."

"Willow, what are you talking about? I'm with...um, Angel. Besides, I'm not gay, and neither are you."

"But, Buffy, I really wanna eat you."

"Willow, no."

"Come on, Buff, just a quick taste..."

"Will, why are you unbuttoning my top? No, no don't fondle my breasts."

Willow ran her hands over Buffy's taut stomach and over the material of her bra. She cupped the Slayers small breasts, gave them a gentle squeeze, and then released. "Ughn, no we can't." The redhead brought her silky fingertips down to Buffy's waist and slowly unbuttoned her pants. Each pop of a button sent a chill down the blonde's spine and a myriad of butterflies into a wave of panic in her stomach.

"Shhh...it'll be ok." The redhead whispered in the most reassuring tone she could muster.

"Sto...stop, we...we can't." Willow paid her no attention and slipped her chilly hands into Buffy's pants. She caressed Buffy's tender pussy over the material of her cotton panties.

"Pl...please..." Buffy whimpered, dripping with need.

Willow luxuriated in the warmth of the young Slayer. She slipped her hand inside Buffy's panties and dipped into her dewy cavity. She pulled out her long, glistening fingers, coated in Buffy's sickeningly sweet essence, and licked off every drop as Buffy stared on in fascination.

"Sorry. I can't help myself; your pussy smells so tasty."

The blonde Slayer allowed her best friend to remover her pants, followed by her soaking panties. Willow pulled Buffy to the edge of the bed and kneeled between her spread thighs. She ran her soft tongue over her pussy and flicked her swollen clitoris. "Mmmmm...you taste so good." Buffy wove her hands into red locks and jerked her best friend's head closer to her. She ground her hips and pressed her pussy into her friend's eager mouth. Willow began to lap fervently at the blonde's juices. She was tonguing her so hard Buffy felt herself beginning to come.

The redhead grinned and worked the small Slayer's clitoris faster, but before she could finish her task, she was dust. Willow had been turned while being held captive by the Mayor.

"Hey baby, want me to finish that for ya?"

"Fuck, Faith." The small Slayer whined.

"That's what I was hoping for. Are you not happy to see me?" The dark beauty questioned.

"I was about to come...that's all."

"Don't worry B, I'll get you off."

"Good. Come here, baby." The little blonde extended her arms to her beautiful lover.

"Love you, B."

"I love you, Faith." They shared a delicious kiss and got to fucking.

End on this. Forgot to mention Faith never defected 'cause she never killed nobody!


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