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The Slayers Stand

by Forchunfvrsthbrave




Faith lay awake in her bed, unable to sleep. She tossed a little bit and turned a little bit but no sleep. Not because her arm itched like crazy and not because The Council guys were due to arrive tomorrow.

Faith went to bed every night aching. Her arm still ached, she ached to go slaying, her clit ached, and her heart ached for Buffy. God! If I could just hold her ‘till I go to sleep. No sex or nothin'. Just hold her in my arms. Or arm, anyway. And when did I get to be such a sap?

She moaned with frustration. She had one little taste of Buffy eight days ago. It felt like eight years. Oh sure, she'd stopped by to see how her arm was doing and maybe given her a little peck on the mouth. There were a few cuddly moments on the couch but this only whetted her appetite.

She stared at the ceiling. She sighed. She closed her eyes but not to sleep. Instead she looked for the pinpoint of light behind her eyelids. When she found it, she let herself drift towards it.


No answer, but Faith could feel her. Is she slaying? Oh God. She is slaying and it feels so good.

Faith? Are you spying on me?

Just a little.

Faith felt Buffy chuckle at her wheedling tone.

You wanna join me?

Please yes. God yes!

Ok, but I can't come over tonight. I hafta check on Willow.

The fight with the two vampires distracted from the need to whine. Oh, it was lovely! The feel of their fist breaking a nose, a foot crunching into ribs, the sound of undead pain trickling into the night air. And, at last, the feel of the wooden stake as it punched through dead flesh and bone to pierce an undead heart. Followed by the completely unique whisper of a vampire crumbling to dust. Buffy/Faith stood on damp grass and breathed deep the night air.

You sure you can't stop by tonight?

Buffy could feel the promise in that question. She sighed a sigh of deep regret. I have to be with Willow. She's been so upset about Oz. I'm kinda worried about her. I'm dragging her to a party tomorrow night at some frat house.

Faith sighed her own sigh. I liked Oz. He was a pretty cool guy. But right now, I'd happily take him to the vet to be neutered.

Buffy chuckled again. You're just upset ‘cause you want some nookie.

Hell yes, I want some nookie! I haven't had any since that morning in the woods! That was eight whole days ago, Buffy!

Heh heh. You said nookie.

Nookie, the nasty, the wet bump and grind, whatever! As long as I get some and soon! Faith got serious. Plus, I miss you. I haven't got the chance to really even hold you. You've turned me into a cuddle-craver and I haven't even gotten any real cuddles!

I'm sorry, Baby. I'll make it up to you and soon. I promise. Just hang in there. Ok?

Yeah, ok. Faith pulled herself back and lay staring at the ceiling. She sighed and resigned herself to another sleepless, achy night.



Buffy sighed at the pang of Faith's separation. She trudged back home to console her distraught friend.

Willow was diligently bent over her computer when Buffy walked in the door. "How did the slaying go?" she asked without looking up.

"Fine. Did you know that vampires turn to dust when you stab them in the heart with a wooden stake?"

"Hmm. Maybe you should tell Giles about that. Sounds like important information." The two friends smiled at each other, enjoying their joke. "About that party tomorrow," started Willow.

"Don't tell me you can't go," protested Buffy. "You have to go! I can't go by myself. I'll look like some lonely freak who doesn't have any friends."

"I just don't know if I'm up to a party."

"You don't have to stay long," whined Buffy. "Just long enough to become completely undepressed. Then we'll go home. I promise."

Willow smiled wanly and sighed, "Ok, fine. I'll go."


"But," she added, "I reserve the right to be a moping wet blanket."

"Absolutely," agreed Buffy. "A moping, party pooping, wet blanket. Check."


Graham squirmed under the glare of Agent Riley Finn.

"Let me get this straight, soldier," he said, his voice even and tightly controlled. "According to your report, not only did you fail to capture the one HST you encountered that night, your entire team was beaten up by two naked women."

"One, sir," Graham said, cringing.


"I shot one of the naked women before she laid a hand on us. The other one came and...and," he hung his head.

A pause. "I see." Agent Finn took a deep breath. "Is there a possibility that these women weren't human?"

Graham cleared his throat. "I don't know, sir. They sure looked human. Down to the last detail." Agent Finn looked at him with his best unblinking stare. "They were really fast though. A-and the smaller one was super-strong. She threw us around like we were toys."

"Hmm." Finn took another deep breath. "Alright. I'll submit this report to Dr. Walsh. She isn't gonna like this. She isn't gonna like this at all."


Giles woke up early, as usual. As he passed by Faith's room, he peeked in. She was curled up and sleeping soundly, completely cocooned in the blankets. This was how she slept every night. Giles found it endearing. He watched her sleep for a while and then sighed and went into the kitchen.

The Council was due to arrive today and he was expected to be at the airport to greet them. He and Faith had both decided that he should meet them while she stayed at the flat, with Buffy as company.

"You mean chaperone," she said bitterly.

Giles smiled at her petulant tone. "Yes, in a way. I want her to keep you company. I fully expect this whole ordeal to be very stressful; for you, for me, and for Buffy. I think Buffy would be more comfortable here with you. I think you would feel better if she stayed with you. And I know I would feel better if you two had each other for company."

Faith said nothing. He was right. The thought of being at the crowded airport with a broken arm, surrounded by mysterious watchers and being judged, was kind of horrifying.

Giles moved about the kitchen, preparing breakfast, trying to control his jangling nerves. Strangely, he wasn't nervous for himself. He'd gotten quite used to being no longer affiliated with The Council. It had taken a while, though Wesley's incompetence eased the sting.

However, the absolute bungling of the whole Faith situation never sat well with him. He felt responsible for Faith's downward spiral. Even though he'd been sacked, he was still the one with more experience. And the fact that she'd responded so totally to a "benign" father-figure filled him with shame and regret that he hadn't made enough of an effort to connect with the younger, less confident, slayer.

And Faith was the one who paid the price for his ineptitude and neglect. He was determined to make it up to her.

Logic dictated that if a thoroughly evil man could gain the trust of the troubled girl, then surely Giles, who genuinely cared for Faith, could find a way to make a connection and maybe, just maybe, help her heal.

Last year, Wesley and The Council royally screwed up everything they touched, in every way possible. Giles truly believed that Buffy was right to wash her hands of them.

Plus, Quentin Travers' recent foray into "the darker side" added to Giles' list of reasons why The Council needed a serious "spring cleaning." The quick response to Travers' misconduct gave the former watcher a feeling of optimism. He hoped that the new head of The Council would be willing to make some major changes in an effort to regain the trust of the two slayers. Buffy's stubbornness just might work to their advantage in this case.

Giles smiled to himself as he poured hot water into the teapot. He was looking forward to the confrontation between The Council and the upstart girl he'd become so fond of.

He'd certainly gotten a great deal of pleasure watching her confound Wesley. After working with Buffy, Giles was used to the rhythm of her fluctuating emotions and exasperating speech patterns. Her unpredictability was her strength and the reason she was probably the most successful slayer to-date. And if Faith was willing to "come back to the fold," so to speak, the Chosen Two would be a sight to behold.

Giles put the finishing touches to the breakfast he was preparing and went to wake Faith.

It was certainly going to be an interesting day.


Buffy hung up the phone and turned to Willow. "That was Giles. He's leaving in an hour for the airport. I gotta grab some lunch at the caf."

"Do you want me to go with you? I can keep you and Faith company."

"No thanks," she said, feeling her face flush hot. "Faith's been wanting some alone-time to snuggle."

"Only Faith, huh?" Willow said slyly, looking sidelong at her blushing friend.

"Ok, yeah. Me too," she admitted. "It's been over a week since we've been alone together," she said defensively. "I doubt we'll do much more than snuggle. We'll be too nervous."

"Oh, I don't know," said Willow, sagely. "Sex can be very relaxing."

"Willow!" squeaked Buffy, turning even redder, "I will not be having sex with Faith in Giles's house! That's just too creepy for words."

Willow chuckled at her friend's discomfiture. "Well, go see your girlfriend. Don't let me keep you."

Buffy grabbed her purse and rushed to the door. "We're still going to that party tonight," she warned in passing.

Willow groaned and flopped face down on her bed and dreamed fondly of giant snakes and long, boring commencement speeches.


Graham joined Forrest and Riley at their table in the cafeteria. They seemed to be deep in discussion.

"...Peculiar," Riley was saying.

"Peculiar?" exclaimed Forrest incredulously. He glanced at Graham as he maneuvered his tray onto the table and sat down. "Hi. Hey, Graham, what do you think of the blonde chick? Mattressable, n'est pas? Riley's not down. Doesn't like her."

"I don't dislike her," he protested.

Graham looked at the girl in question as Riley continued his assessment. She was struggling with the frozen yogurt machine without much success. Graham frowned. "That blonde chick looks familiar," he said to his friends.

"She's in Professor Walsh's freshman psych class," offered Riley. Graham nodded with recognition. Riley finished his thought. "There's definitely something off about her."

"Maybe she's Canadian," said Graham. Buffy furtively fled the machine, leaving it to dump frozen yogurt at an alarming rate.

"Didn't she go out with Parker Abrams for about 30 seconds?" asked Forrest.

"Abrams? Yeah, there's a sign of good taste," Riley said, sarcastically.

"Yeah. But ya gotta admit, she's a major league hottie," said Forrest admiringly.

"Well, I'm not denying, she's easy on the eyes..." Riley and Forrest continued their debate while Graham watched Buffy, a frown furrowing his brow.


Buffy walked into Giles' apartment without knocking. "Sorry I'm late," she said breathlessly. "I accidentally slayed the frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria." Faith was lounging on the couch flipping through a magazine. Her heart sped up at the sight of the blond.

"Well, Buffy," said Giles, "I'm glad to see you. Help yourself to anything in the fridge. Don't let her have any sugar or caffeine. And if she gives you any trouble, have her sit in the time-out chair." He smirked and winked at Faith as she glared at him.

"Very funny, G-Man," she grumbled. Buffy laughed and flopped down on the couch next to Faith.

"Don't worry, Giles. I'll take good care of her," quipped Buffy with a cheeky smile.

"I hate you both," said a sulky Faith. She crossed her arms with a pout.

"Well," said Giles with a long suffering sigh, "I'm off to meet and greet the berks who sacked me. Wish me luck."

"Good luck," parroted Buffy.

"Give ‘em hell," Faith chimed in.

"Win one for the Gipper."

"Keep a stiff upper lip."

Giles rolled his eyes and closed the door on the giggling girls.

As the door closed with a click, the two slayers looked into each other's eyes. They were silent as they processed the fact that they were alone for the first time since the woods. Faith lifted her right hand and brushed Buffy's hair away from her forehead, her touch feather-light. Buffy sighed and closed her eyes, her breath already shallow with anticipation. Faith leaned in close and pressed her lips against Buffy's cheek, a hairsbreadth from the corner of her mouth.

Buffy gave a little gasp at the feel of the brunette's hot mouth on her skin. She turned her head to press her lips against Faith's. Faith let Buffy take the lead, pursing her lips only slightly. Buffy tilted her head and opened her mouth to fasten her teeth gently on Faith's lower lip. Faith's shiver sent a little thrill through her.

Faith slid her tongue along Buffy's upper lip and sucked gently. Buffy sighed softly and pulled back to kiss Faith fully and properly. Their mouths open and wanting, tongues urgent.

After a few minutes, Buffy had to come up for air. She leaned her forehead against Faith's as she panted.

"Hi," said Faith with a shy smile.

"Hi," gasped Buffy.

"I missed you," said Faith wistfully.

Buffy answered her with a soft kiss. "Missed you too," she murmured against Faith's mouth.

"So, uh...whatta ya wanna do now?" asked Faith with feigned casualness.

"Well," said Buffy cheerily. "I've got all this homework to do. Wanna help?"

Faith pounced with a growl and kissed her hard, pushing her down to a laying position. Buffy made a squeak of surprise that turned into a groan. She eagerly opened her mouth to Faith's assault and was swept away in a haze of desire. Heat started in the pit of her belly and radiated outward. Her hands traveled up Faith's arms, skittering over the cast and up to her neck where they rested briefly. Faith seemed lost in Buffy's mouth. She nibbled gently, then she sucked and licked. Then she plunged and took until Buffy was gasping.

Buffy's hands glided over the soft, silky skin of Faith's neck and nape as Faith kissed her senseless. "I really missed you," said Faith, her voice husky with desire.

"I'm starting to get that," gasped Buffy. Faith's wandering hand settled on Buffy's breast.

Then she stopped. "This isn't working."

"What?!" asked Buffy, confused.

"This position isn't gonna work. I can't really rest on my bad arm yet."

"Oh," Buffy paused as she realized Faith's predicament. Then, "Ohhhh!" She smiled at the scowling brunette. "You can't be on top, can you? Poor Faith, can't be on top this time."

Faith's eyes narrowed. "Believe me, Blondie, I'll manage somehow."

"Nope," said Buffy resignedly. "You're gonna have to be on your back and I'll have to be on top."

Faith suddenly brightened. "It's a deal!" she said quickly, grabbing the startled blond by the wrist and dragging her off the couch and down the hall to her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Faith wrapped Buffy in an ardent embrace. "I haven't been on the bottom in a long time," she said against Buffy's lips. "You'll be gentle won't you?"

"Hell no!" said Buffy. "No time for gentle. Take off your clothes."

Faith's stomach jumped at the sight of Buffy as she stepped back and began frantically stripping. "Now hold up a minute, B. Where's the fire?" She reached to grab the blonde's wrist, stilling her actions. Although her mouth was watering at the sight of Buffy's bare breasts, nipples hard and pointing right at her.

When Buffy's face softened with a slow, sexy smile, Faith felt her cheeks flush with arousal. Her nostrils flared as Buffy stepped close and slid her arms around Faith's waist, enveloping her with her scent. She pressed a slow, gentle kiss upon the full lips of the brunette and then said against her mouth, "You don't understand, Faith." Another kiss then more talk. "Nine days ago? In the woods?" Another soft, slow, sexy kiss. "That was the best sex I've ever had."

"Really?" she asked, her voice tentative and pleased.

"Uh huh. Really." She planted another solid, brief kiss upon those full lips before saying, "Before you, I've had sex twice. Once with Angel and once with Parker."

Something feral and possessive hunched in Faith's heart. "Who's Parker?" She put her hands on the back of Buffy's neck and pulled her close for another kiss.

"Mmmmm," she hummed, "can't remember."

Faith gave a low, satisfied chuckle. "C'mon, B," she pressed, "who is this guy and what does he look like? So I can kick his ass."

"Been there, done that." She took hold of the hem of Faith's shirt and started to tug it over the brunette's head. Faith obediently raised her arms as the garment was removed.

"You mean you already kicked his ass?" she asked incredulously. "What'd he do to you?"

Buffy stopped the amorous play and leaned back a bit. "This is turning into kind of a mood killer, y'know," she said petulantly.

Faith smiled. "Not for me! It's a total turn-on thinking of you kicking this guy's ass. C'mon, tell me what he did," she wheedled.

The blond rolled her eyes. "Oh, alright," she capitulated. "He sorta...talked me into sleeping with him. Y'know. Like, seduced me and then didn't call." Her voice got smaller as she wove her sordid tale. "And then I felt like a total skank. A gullible, freshman skank."

Faith's eyes narrowed. "You sure you don't want me to kick his ass?"

Buffy smiled at her indignant girlfriend. "I told you. I already took care of that."

Faith gave a throaty hum and began to nuzzle Buffy's soft neck. "What exactly did you do?"

"Hmmm," she hummed in response to the foreplay. "I hit him over the head with a big stick. Twice."

Faith's chuckle tickled her neck. "Oh yeah?"

"I was Cave-Buffy at the time."

"Mmmm. Oh yeah. Definitely turned-on here." She had her hands on Buffy's breasts, kneading and massaging. Buffy placed open mouth kisses along Faith's collarbone. Faith's hands started to shake with eagerness. "Ok. We need to move this show to the bed."

"Pants first, then bed."

Faith immediately thumbed her pants down and stepped out of them when they fell to the floor. As Buffy was working the buttons of her jeans, Faith pulled the bedding back and sprawled on her back to watch, right hand tucked behind her head.

Buffy glanced at the languishing brunette and suddenly felt self-conscious. She blushed and looked away shyly.

"Gettin' bashful on me, B?" she asked, amused.

"Yeah, a little, I guess," she answered in a small voice.

Faith's expression grew serious. "Don't do anything you're not comfortable with," she murmured.

With a small smile she shucked her jeans and panties down. "I'll just have to get comfortable. You look comfortable."

"Yeah, well...I'll be a lot more comfortable as soon as you get your tasty little ass over here."

Buffy obediently crawled onto the bed, hovering over the supine slayer. Faith's eyes got darker as they dilated with desire. Buffy leaned down and kissed her gently. They hummed together and Buffy lay on top of her lover, pressing bare flesh to bare flesh.

Faith's hips rolled and thrust against Buffy and Buffy answered with matching movement.

"God!" murmured Faith. "I'm already wet."

Buffy moaned into Faith's open, gasping mouth. "Me too." They kissed some more, lips and tongues serious and intense. Foreplay, not playtime. Buffy felt her skin break out with a thin sheen of sweat. Arousal and nervousness warred for dominance in her brain. She knew what she wanted to do but was starting to feel a little terrified.

Faith could feel her trepidation. "You ok, B?"

Buffy answered with another kiss, licking into her, deep and sensuous. "Just a little nervous. I'll be fine." She nuzzled into her soft, fragrant neck, enjoying her position on top and enjoying Faith's little aroused noises. She levered herself up on her elbows and shifted down to Faith's breasts.

She stared at them for a little bit until Faith said, "Take a picture, it'll last longer," with a cheeky, indulgent smile.

"You're just so pretty. I'm not sure what to do."

"Just do what you wanna do, babe. I'm sure I'll like it."

Tentatively, she wrapped her lips around an already pert nipple. Faith gasped at the heat of her mouth. "Oh yeah, definitely likin' that." Her voice had gotten huskier and Buffy felt her belly tremble in response. She found herself entranced by the texture and taste of Faith's skin, so she took her time and explored.

It was driving Faith nuts. B was taking her damn time kissing, sometimes lightly, sometimes with her teeth. But it was a constant, titillating torture. After a few minutes of this, Faith was breathing hard and her heart was pounding and thudding like it never had before. And when Buffy's tormenting mouth traveled further down, Faith gasped and whimpered. "B... I-I think... my heart's... gonna explode!"

Buffy grinned against Faith soft, fragrant belly. "Am I going too slow for you?" she asked mischievously as her hand crept between Faith's legs.

"You little, fucking tease!"

"Mm hmm. I see why you like to be on top." She brought her mouth further down, her heart pounding with nervousness. She paused, however when her hand reached its destination. "Y-you shaved!" she exclaimed.

Faith gulped at the feel of Buffy's hand exploring her bare sex. "I got bored," she said a little defensively, breathlessly. She gasped when a questing finger slipped between her lips.

"You're so soft and smooth," murmured Buffy, savoring the novelty of Faith's bald pussy.

"I got really bored. My right hand still works, yunno."

"I like it." She gave Faith a cheeky look. "I should probably take a closer look."

"You do that, B."

Steeling her resolve, Buffy moved her hand and slid her body further down until she was laying between Faith's legs and staring at her glistening sex. She studied it before running her hand over it, making Faith jump a little in reaction.

"You sure you wanna do this, B?" Faith asked.

Buffy looked up to see Faith up on her elbow watching concernedly. "I've been fantasizing about this for days now," she confessed quietly.

"Yeah?" Faith's voice was humble and girly.

Buffy nodded. "I'm not trying to be a tease. I'm just... not sure what to do exactly."

Faith spread her legs, giving Buffy full access. "Just have fun, Buffy," she said gently, "don't worry so much." She watched, mesmerized, as Buffy's face moved closer to her anxious, yearning pussy.

She felt Buffy's warm, soft mouth kissing her swollen flesh. Just soft gentle kisses that made her shiver and let out a choking, groaning sound as she fell back. She gripped the sheets, partly in reaction, partly to avoid grabbing her tormentor by the hair and jamming her face into her pussy.

Buffy was enjoying herself. The real thing was far better than any of her fantasies. She felt like she was floating on an ocean the way Faith was undulating and surging beneath her. And the noises she was making! She's really enjoying this! I'm making her feel this way!

She wrapped her arms under Faith's hips and around her thighs and ventured a soft lick between her folds. Faith's hips jerked in response.

"O fuck!"

Emboldened, she burrowed deep and had to grip her lover fiercely to keep from being bucked off the bed. She worked her tongue furiously, feeling around until she felt Faith's hard little clit.

"Yeah, yeah!" gasped Faith. "There... right there! Ohhh FUCK!" She panted and squirmed as Buffy held her firmly and worked her clit. When she felt Faith quiver and shudder and heard her choked yelp, she opened her mouth and sucked on that special part of her.

Faith could no longer speak. Or form thoughts or feel gravity. Buffy had taken all the badness away and left Faith floating on warm currents of satisfaction.

Sensing Faith's changed demeanor, Buffy looked up from her task and saw Faith laying flat on her back, panting and dazed. The blond grinned and wiped a hand across her mouth. Then she got to her hands and knees and crawled up the sated slayer. Her grin faded when she saw the expression in Faith's eyes, or rather, tearful eyes.

"You're gonna give me a complex if you cry every time we have sex," Buffy said softly with a gentle smile, smoothing a tendril of hair away from her face.

"I can't help it," her answer hitched tearfully. "You're the best I've ever had, too."

"Yeah?" she said shyly.

Faith nodded, her breath still hitching and trembling. She then hooked her good arm around Buffy and pulled her close for a hug. Buffy tucked her face into Faith's neck and they lay there for a few minutes.

Buffy chuckled suddenly into Faith's neck. "You're gonna give me a complex now," murmured Faith. "What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking about earlier when I told Willow that, under no circumstances, would I be having sex with you in Giles's house."

Faith added a chuckle of her own as they lay wrapped in each other's arms.

Then Faith said decisively, "Alright, it's my turn now," and rolled on top of Buffy, pinning her to the mattress.

"Are you gonna be okay up there?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

"I already told ya, I'll manage somehow." She wriggled into position between Buffy's thighs, propping herself up on her good elbow. "Spread your legs nice and wide and bend your knees," she said to the flushed blond. When Buffy complied, Faith rolled her hips, bumping Buffy's pussy. Buffy gasped and braced herself for Faith's thrusts. But Faith waited. Waited until Buffy's desperate eyes focused back on her.

"Reach down and touch your pussy," Faith rasped to her. Buffy hesitated and Faith added, "I wanna taste you again." Her voice was rough and reverent. Lost in those dark, burning eyes, she pushed her hand between their bodies down to where their pussies were pressed together. She gasped at the heat they were generating and rubbed her fingers over her swollen clit. She felt Faith's wet heat on her knuckles and watched Faith's eyes close as she enjoyed the little bit of friction. They started a slow gentle cadence, rubbing their clits on Buffy's hand. Then Faith's eyes flew open as she remembered her goal. "Bring your back hand up."

Buffy's fingers were glistening and Faith captured them in her mouth, sucking and savoring the flavor of the two of them.

Buffy felt a new rush of desire at the feel of Faith's tongue upon her fingers as she suckled. And when Faith pressed her hips firmly into her, Buffy answered with a little thrust of her own. Soon they were so close, they could feel the pulsing thrum and throb of each other's arousal.

They began to fuck in earnest. Hot, wet, melting thrusts that emptied them out only to refill them again. Their eyes were locked, lost and in the moment and anchored to each other.

Their mouths opened as they grunted and gasped. Buffy felt her eyes well up at the intense, burning pleasure.

Seeing Buffy's tears, Faith managed to gasp out, "You okay, B? Do you need me to stop?"

"Don't... don't you dare stop! Don't you ever stop!"

Their grunts turned into long, loud aahhh's. Their hips sped up, banging and slapping together. As their climaxes drew near, their aahhh's turned into yells, then screams. Eyes stayed locked together as bodies quaked and jerked before settling into shivery tremors.

And as Faith collapsed upon Buffy, the door suddenly burst open and the room was filled with strangers wearing too much tweed.

Faith grabbed the a sheet and yanked it up while yelling, "Holy fucking hell!!"...

At the same time Buffy yelled, "Oh my god!!"

The visiting Council members stood aghast staring at the mortified, naked, sweaty slayers.


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