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Mad Skillz: Why Buffy Wore a Scarf to Breakfast

by Flame of Illumination



Summary: Set just after season 7. Faith teaches Buffy a new trick.



"Okay this is just silly."

Faith looked around the apartment, and shrugged. "I don't know. I liked this place."

"How come we never get to go to my special place in these dreams?" Buffy asked petulantly, flopping down on the bed.

"Maybe I'm just better at this than you." Faith smirked down at her. "Y'know that was my bed you've got your dirty dream feet on."

Buffy kicked her shoes off.

"Good start. Now take off your shirt. It's dirty too."

Buffy blushed red and Faith laughed.

"Faith! Is your mind ever not in the gutter?"

"Rarely when there's a hot blonde chick lying on my bed."

Determined to ignore the other Slayer's lewdness, Buffy kept looking around.

"What'cha waiting for? Someone to spring out of a cupboard?"

"No." Buffy said slowly. "But I was half expecting a load of spectators- I mean there are a couple a hundred of us now."

Faith shook her head. "Yeah, see that was what I thought too. But I talked it over with Giles and he did some reading."

"You told Giles about this?!"

Faith laughed. "Just that we share dreams. Not what they're about or what we do. Idiot. Didn't fancy him having a heart attack and dying right in front of me."

Buffy felt silly, and motioned for Faith to continue.

"Seems these dreams we have, well they're pretty unique."

"Duh." Buffy interjected. "Two Slayers at one time? Never happened before me and Kendra, and we didn't really dream of each other."

Faith flushed slightly, to Buffy's surprise, and answered her quickly, "Yeah I know, I mean, like, maybe, Giles said that uh, you and Kendra wouldn't have dreamt like this," a sweep of her arm encompassed the room they were standing in, "'Cause neither of you have the mad skills I do." Faith finished, smirk back in place after an uncharacteristic bout of nervous babbling.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Why do I think Giles put that somewhat differently? If I thought "mad skills" was in his vocabulary I'd start thinking about medication. Or possibly possession."

"Chill B. you're just along for the ride."
Buffy smiled. "Well…lucky you're a good ride then."

There was a pause, and whilst Faith just grinned appreciatively, Buffy instantly turned tomato red at what she'd just said. "You're a bad influence on me." she groaned.

Faith waved away her words impatiently.

"Y'know, I hadn't planned a lot of conversation for this night."

"What were your plans?" Buffy asked softly.

"They involved you, me, and all of our Slayer stamina."

Faith approached the bed, and as Buffy tried to sit up, pushed her gently back down again. Swiftly, she straddled the other girl's waist.

"Isn't it time we woke up? The Potentials were driving Willow mad when we went to sleep." Buffy protested weakly.

Faith grinned, and placed a hand over Buffy's mouth.

"Trust me B. When I'm done, you'll never want to leave."

Slowly, lingeringly, Faith began to move around on top of the other Slayer. Before thirty seconds had passed, Buffy lunged upwards, capturing ruby red lips with her own.

The only bad thing about it, Buffy reflected, waking up in her own bed a couple of hours later, was that the bruises didn't stay in the dream.

Buffy wore a scarf to breakfast that morning.

Faith didn't bother.

Dawn stared at her, but refrained from asking.

Sometimes the Slayer bond is something no-one could, or would want to, understand.




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