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Driving Home for Xmas

by Faith Boreanaz



Dedicated: To Kim.
Notes: Merry Christmas (eve) everyone!
Summary: Christmassy PWP

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Buffy walked into her living room, inside which her friends and family were gathered.
"Turkey'll be here in about an hour," she told them, sitting down on the couch next to Xander.

"Thank God," Anya replied. "If I'd have had to eat your burnt version, I don't know what I would have done." When met with glares from the others, she defended, "What? We were all thinking it. That's what you said, Xander."

Xander let out an uncomfortable giggle. He pointed nervously at the television screen.
"The movie's started," he announced, glad when it took the attention from him.

Buffy joined the others in watching as the movie started. Sat comfortably and ready to enjoy it, she was forced to look to the hallway when the phone rang. When the lack of motion from the others left the answering to her, she sighed and got up, walking into the hallway and picking up the phone.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hey babe," she heard.

"Faith, where are you? Everything's almost ready."

"Bad news, babe. There was an accident on the road, so it looks like I'm stuck out here."

The blonde slayer's expression mirrored her disappointment. "When will you be back?" she asked.

"I dunno," Faith replied her, bringing her car to a halt on the darkened motorway. She peered out into the mass of cars ahead of her, guessing, "I'm thinking I should find a place to crash out here, so probably sometime tomorrow morning."

"But you'll miss Christmas," Buffy reminded her. "And this was going to be our first one together."

"I know, baby. I'm sorry."

Reminding herself that the situation was not the younger slayer's fault, Buffy calmed. "Ok," she sighed. "I guess I'll just have to give you your present when you get back."

"What was the thing you gave me this morning?"

Buffy smiled. "That was just a teaser."

Faith looked around her car; trying to recall where she had put the box Buffy had given her that morning. Locating it, she replaced the 'hands-free' in her ear and unwrapped the gift. The brunette opened the box that the gift-wrap had concealed and found a Polaroid inside it.

"Holy fuck," Faith exclaimed, holding the picture of her girlfriend poised on their bed, dressed in sexy red lingerie complete with stockings and red heels.

"Did you open it?"

"Hence the 'holy fuck'," Faith replied, thumbing the photo. "I'm *really* sorry I couldn't make it."

"Me too."

"Shit, B. This pic's got me real turned on."

"Yeah?" Buffy asked, grinning from ear to ear. "Hold on, let me grab the other line."

She placed the receiver on the phone table and made her way upstairs to her bedroom, locking the door behind her. The slayer lay on her bed and made herself comfortable before picking up the phone on her bedside table. Placing the receiver to her ear, she heard sounds that she had become all too familiar with, during her relationship with the other slayer.

"Shame on you for starting without me, Faith," she lightly reprimanded.

"I'm... sorry B. I'm just...so...horny," Faith replied, sat with her legs as far apart as the car seat would allow; her hand in her open jeans.

Buffy bit her lip and listened to her girlfriend's moans. She felt her clit throbbing and with her free arm, reached down her body to provide it release.

Unsurprised to find herself soaking, the slayer rubbed the sensitive nub, letting a low moan escape.

Hearing this, Faith stilled her movements. Panting, she merely asked, "B?"

"Don't stop," Buffy pleaded, her finger slick with her arousal and gliding in and out of her pussy. "Faith, I'm so... wet."

"Fuck. B, I'm so close," Faith told the older slayer, picking up the pace and bringing herself closer to climax. She moaned. "Keep talkin', baby."

Buffy attempted to think of subject topics, whilst fingering herself to orgasm, grateful when Faith suggested. "Tell me... what ... uh .... you're doing."

"Oh God," Buffy moaned. "Faith, I'm..."

"Are you fucking yourself, baby?"

Buffy moaned. Panting, she replied, "yeah. I'm almost there."

Faith shuddered as she came. Lying back in her seat, she listened to Buffy's ragged breaths.

"Fuck, B, if I was there I'd have made you cum by now. Tonguing your sexy little pussy and having you cum in my mouth."

Buffy held from crying out as her girlfriend uttered profanities in her ear.

"Oh God, Faith.....I'm gonna..."

"That's it, baby," Faith coaxed. She sultrily ordered, "Cum for me."

"Oh! Faith!" Buffy screamed as she came, the inside of her pussy convulsing around her fingers. She lay back on her bed, satiated.

"You still there, babe?" she heard. To which she replied, "Uh-huh."

"Babe, my battery's about to give, so I gotta go. I love you."

"I love you too," Buffy returned.

"Later, sexy."

Buffy smiled. "Bye," she replied, as she dropped the phone. Lying still for a moment, she decided to have a quick shower, return downstairs and make the most of what was left of Christmas.

"Has the movie finished?" Buffy asked, returning to the sitting room.

"Yeah, but they're showing it again in ten minutes," Dawn informed her. "Seeing as you missed most of it the first time."

"Yes," Anya observed, nodding. "Where were you all this time?"

"I was- We-I was getting ready," Buffy replied, thankful that she had changed her clothes. "To.. Open the presents," she added much to the delight of those in the room.

"I thought we were going to wait for Faith," Willow reminded the slayer.

"She can't make it," Buffy told her friend. "She called earlier."

"Oh. I'm sorry Buffy."

"It's ok," the blonde slayer replied, seating herself by the Christmas tree. "Let's just open the presents. One each 'cause dinner'll be ready soon."

"Me first!" Xander exclaimed, grabbing a gift from under the tree. "This one's to me," he read, quickly opening it.

"I know how much you like action figures," Dawn told him, as the construction worker unwrapped the toy.

His eyes widened. "A Nemo!" he announced, before looking around the room to find that for the second time that evening, all eyes were quizzically on him.

"Oh, thanks, Dawn," he replied, feigning sarcasm. When he felt the glares cease, he mouthed another sincere 'thank you,' to the brunette causing her to smile.

Willow reached for another gift from beneath the tree and handed it to Buffy.

"This one's from me," she told her. "It's a protection potion I've been working on. It'll either make you invincible or just give you minty fresh breath - I haven't really had time to test it out yet."

Buffy opened the present to find her friend's description accurate. "Thanks, Will," she stated, gratefully.

"My turn!" Dawn exclaimed as she grabbed a gift that she had been eyeing for most of the evening. She quickly unwrapped a box to find a brand new leather jacket inside. "You got it!" she cried, hugging her sister.

Buffy smiled as the teenager embraced and kissed her repeating, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou."

Excitedly, Dawn wore the garment.

"Does it fit?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah," the younger of the Summers girls replied, stroking the material. "It's perfect."

"Aw thanks, Xander," Willow told the brunette having opened the gift he had given her.

About to reply, the construction worker received a swat on his forearm.

"You got her the same gift as you got me?" Anya asked, angrily.

"Aun," Xander tried to explain to no avail, as the vengeance demon interrupted.

"I'm your girlfriend and you gave me the same thing you gave Willow?"

"Hey," Willow interjected. "I'm one of his best friends, missy."

"Guys, the movie's started again," Dawn interrupted, shushing the arguing threesome. She turned to the TV set, trying to ignore the commotion.

Not wanting to get involved, Buffy took the chance to leave when the doorbell rang.

"Turkey's here!" Dawn announced, in another effort to lighten the mood. Finding the effort in vain, she continued to watch TV as Buffy stood to answer the door. Reaching it, the slayer opened it to see a smiling Faith in the doorway.

Buffy beamed, throwing her arms around the brunette. "You made it," she stated, kissing her.

"Wild dogs couldn't keep me away after that photo, babe," Faith confessed. Entering the house, she heard the racket coming from the living room. "What's all the noise?"

"It doesn't matter." Buffy smiled. "C'mon," she told the younger slayer, taking her by the hand and leading her upstairs.

The slayer led Faith into their room, stopping at their bed and motioning for her to sit down. She kissed the brunette and with a smile, told her to,
"Wait here," before locating and taking a bag, leaving the room with it.

Faith grinned, quickly removing her jacket, shirt, shoes and pants. She climbed into the bed and sat waiting for her lover.
Her curiosity peaked, she moaned as Buffy appeared in the doorway dressed as she had been in the photo she had been given.

Buffy walked over to the brunette.
Straddling Faith and wearing a sexy smile, she told her, "Merry xmas," crossing her arms behind the brunette.

Unable to find words to express her feelings, Faith replied by placing her hands either side of Buffy's midriff and placing kisses down her lover's exposed stomach. Admiring Buffy's lace bra, she reached behind her and unhooked it.

Buffy gasped, suddenly feeling cool air on her newly bare bosom.

Understanding, Faith latched her mouth onto one of the slayer's breasts, sliding her right hand up and using it to caress the other one. Licking the hardening nipple, she shifted her attention between each breast, stimulated by her lover's moans.

Buffy cried out Faith's name into the darkened room, placing her hand on and gripping the slayer's shoulder, further spurring her on. She felt as Faith slipped a hand into the waistband of her thong and pulled the garment down.

Kissing the flesh she had just exposed, Faith could smell the older slayer's arousal, wanting desperately to taste it.

On her knees, with her fingers tangled in Faith's brunette locks, Buffy moaned as she anticipated Faith's mouth on her clean-shaven sex. She further spread her legs to allow the younger slayer better access, desperately craving friction.

Uncomfortable in her position, Faith grabbed hold of Buffy's torso and flipped the blonde onto her back on the other side of the bed.

Buffy gasped as Faith predatorily slid atop her, kissing her lips and penetrating her mouth with her tongue; the brunette massaging her tongue with her own.
Faith suddenly stopped, pulling back. She worked her hand back down to the older slayer's dripping entrance, returning her fingers into inside of Buffy's pussy.

Buffy rose to resume contact with the brunette's soft lips, kissing them upon contact. She continued to do so as Faith stroked the inside of her cunt, enjoying the woman's attention. Thrusting in attempt to create more friction between herself and Faith's hand, she broke the kiss to plead,
"Faith... please... go down on me."

Obliging, Faith repositioned her head at Buffy's cunt, beginning the oral onset by licking up and around the slayer's slit. Spreading the slayer's lips apart with her fingers, Faith allowed herself further access into the blonde's pussy and tongued it.

"Oh God, Faith," Buffy mumbled, clutching in her lover's hair with one hand and at the bed-sheet with the other. "Oh F-! Baby, deeper."

Unable to ignore her own arousal any longer, Faith slipped her hand down and into her own sex. Finding little resistance due to her natural lubrication, she effortlessly slid two fingers inside herself, masturbating whilst trying to obey the commands she was being given.

"That feels...so good.." Buffy coaxed, riding her lover's face. She screamed. Tightening her grip on Faith and repeating her lover's name, she writhed beneath her. Feeling Faith's fingers penetrate her again, Buffy could no longer hold on. She bucked a final time as she came, releasing her body's sweet juices into Faith's eager mouth.

Faith lapped at the blonde slayer's pussy, drinking her cum and continuing to fuck herself to climax.

Panting, Buffy sat up and placed her hand on Faith's arm, stilling it, removing it and replacing it with her mouth. She allowed Faith to lay on the bed before, slicking the slayer's clitoris with her cum and licking it off.

Faith arched off the bed, cursing as Buffy increased the pressure on her clit by lightly biting the sensitive collection of nerves. Unable to hold on any longer, the slayer came, harder than she had done earlier that evening. Satisfied, the brunette lay back, resting on the bed.

Buffy took position aside the brunette, who wrapped her arms around her naked girlfriend. She lay still, her hand placed on Faith's chest. Enjoying the feeling of being in Faith's arms again, she felt as the slayer's heart rate slowed to normal. She enjoyed the moment, ready to close her eyes and drift to sleep before the smell of roasted turkey filled her senses.
"Oooh, the turkey's here," Buffy told her, raising her head to look at her lover. "You hungry?"

"Starving," Faith replied.

"We should go down before there isn't any left."

The slayers dressed up and went downstairs. They found that everyone had gathered in the dining room and entered.

"Faith, we didn't know you were back," Willow told them putting on her best 'surprised' expression.

"But we heard their sounds of sexual pleasure," Anya reminded them. She turned to the wicca. "And you said 'Oh, Faith's back.'"

Willow smiled nervously under Anya's interrogation. She felt grateful when Xander cleared his throat.
"Buffy, Faith. Please, sit. Eat," he told them.

Faith took a seat next to the older slayer and watched as the food was passed around. Rubbing her hands together, she awaited her turn as the plates were distributed. Looking around at the table stocked with plenty of food and with five other hungry faces around it, she smiled.

The end.

FaithB: "Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year :) "
Tiny Tim: "God bless us everyone."




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