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The F Factor

by Elaine M

Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Not mine. I do however own a brand spanking new Prada dress which shall, from this day forth be my pride and joy. It's looking at me now saying 'Wear me....' I think it's love.
Feedback: PULEEEEAZE. I've already promised my first born to someone else, but shold multiple births occur, you may have one of those. Also, for anyone who's interested, my arsehole soon to be ex-boyfriend will soon be on the market. Particularly favourable applicants are those who relish inflicting pain :) 'Nuff said :)
Author's Note: Apologies, but this is the first fic I've written since before Crimbo. Since then, I have depleted my brain cells by about 99% through EXTREME abuse of alcohol (BUT THEY MADE ME DO IT!!) If you actually want to read a good B/F fic, check out anything by SwaySlayer or Star. There are dozens of other great fic writers for this particular ship, but these two are the only ones springing to mind at the mo. Ok, read and review my pretties :)
Summary: Faith's got a crush. Is Buffy interested??

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"Shit!!! Dammit!!! Fucking OWWW!"

"B, wots up? Big bad in the changing room with you?"

"Christ!!....Faith, could you help me out here please."

Faith pulled the curtain aside to find Buffy whose head was stuck in the sleeve of a sweater, grappling furiously with the offending garment.

"Jesus B, how did you manage that one?!" Faith's laughter caught the attention of several shoppers, who peered curiously in their direction.

"OW! My damn earring's caught... Faith, shut up and help me."

"Now, now B - Mrs S didn't raise you to use such foul language."

"Faith! I swear to fucking God....." Faith continued to laugh as she tugged on the jumper. Buffy, whose shouts had attracted quite a crowd, struggled beneath the material, attempting to aid Faith in her ministrations.

"Stand still B..."

"Will you just get this...damn, poxy thing off my fucking...." Buffy flew backwards as the top was torn from her, landing ungracefully on her arse outside the changing rooms. Her bra was missing in action, and she sat, oblivious and red faced, amongst a crowd of wided jawed Saturday shoppers. Faith bit her lip and looked away, willing the impending tears not to fall.

"Faith, what's so funny?....OH MY GOD!!!!"


Freshly showered, Faith slung her hair into a loose ponytail and crawled into bed. Slaying action had been lacking of late, so she had fallen into old habits and spent much of the night in 'Eddies Tavern' a shithole pub three blocks from her motel.

Although her head was spinning, she was far from tired. She had almost hooked up with a breasty blonde. The blonde had been well up for it, but Faith wasn't interested. She had someone else on her mind. Constantly. She allowed her hands to travel south, the familiar ministrations of her fingers creating a rise in the pit of her stomach. As her breathing deepened, she imagined Buffy as she had been earlier. Red faced and topless... In this scenario however, Buffy was gazing imploringly at Faith, waiting for her...wanting her. Faith came with a jolt, a low feral moan eminating from her open mouth. She tossed her sheets aside as her breathing subsided. Jesus, what would Buffy think if she knew Faith was masturbating over her? Straight laced Buffy Summers who would probably have a coronary if she knew Faith was that way inclined... No, Faith decided, This was definitely a no-tell situation. She couldn't face rejection, not from B.


"What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on that wall," Xander murmured wistfully.

"Xander!" Cordelia swiped at her boyfriend who hesitated momentarily before flinching.

"OW! You're surprisingly strong!" Xander scowled and clutched his arm.

"No, you're just a wuss."

"Ah, but too the contrary. You see, I'm so manly that such a comment cannot even begin to penetrate my masculine ..."

"Guys, priorities here. I flashed half of Sunnydale AND their children. This is beyond humiliating." As though on cue, several footballers wolf whistled in Buffy's direction.

"Hey Summers, we missed the show yesterday, how 'bout a private viewing later." Steve Anderson, Sunnydale high quarter back received several high fives for the comment. Buffy merely blushed.

Willow grasped her friends hand in sympathy. "Buffy, you know what these things are like, it'll all blow over. Tomorrow, Harmony will be talk of the campus for giving it to the entire basketball team...or, or Susan Laumplugh will get another botched nose job, or...."

"Thanks Will, you're right. Thank God that Faith was with me, at least I had someone there to accompany me on the walk of shame out of the shop."

"Faith was there?" Cordelia arched her eyebrows.

"Yeah, after a hell of a lot of protesting on her part I managed to drag her into the Gap. Shocker, I know."

"No, I mean she saw everything?"

"Well, yeah. As I said, she was there with me."

"Bet SHE wasn't complaining." Cordelia asserted knowingly, before sipping from her soft drink.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Buffy implored.

"Oh COME ON..." Cordelia gazed around the table at her friends who stared at her with confusion. "You have GOT to be kidding me... Did no one else notice?"

"Notice what, she of the suspense?" Cordelia took another sip of her diet coke, before sticking her tongue out at her boyfriend. She continued:

"Notice that Faith has a MAJOR case of the 'I wants' for Buffy."

"What?!!" Three voices simultaneously.

"It's SO obvious. Faith's hot for you Buffy."

Willow and Xander shared a shocked silence while Buffy shook her head in disbelief. "Cordelia, where'd you get that idea? In case you haven't noticed, Faith's a huge fan of driving stick. And I'm quoting her."

"Don't believe me then," Cordelia stood and retrieved a mirror from her purse, "but when you've been dating as long as I have, you become perceptive in these matters. I know what I'm talking about." Cordelia surveyed her appearance, checked her teeth and popped the mirror back in her bag. "Anyway, I have to go. The cheerleaders are choosing who's going to top the tier, and I'll be damned if I have to support Harmony's fat ass."

"Well....I have to go too. Extreme case of mind candy overload." Xander stood awkwardly, a book strategically placed as he hobbled from the lunchroom.

"Wow Buffy, do you think it's true?"

"Class!" Buffy interjected, leaving Willow staring after her.



"Man, this is beyond repulsive... I mean, I kick the crap out of all sorts of ugly slimies on a daily basis, but this is just taking the piss... What did Freddy ever do to anyone?" Buffy grimaced and handed the knife to Willow. The red head chuckled and took over the task of dissecting the remnants of Freddy the frog, removing what appeared to be a section of his intestines. Buffy retched and looked away.

"Really Buffy, you'd think you would have a knack for this sort of thing."

"Gee thanks Will, I'll remember to stick that one on the CV: Buffy Summers, punctual, diligent... oh, and great at slicing and dicing living things - She has a knack for it."

"And how are my two lovely ladies this morning? Treating you well, are they Freddy?" Xander prodded the frog lightly before swinging his arms around the shoulder of both girls.

"Buffy is opposed to the dissection of Freddy here," Willow informed Xander.

"It's barbaric," Buffy pouted.

"Much slayage last night, Buffster?"

"Oh yeah, a few beheadings here, some fatal stabbings there. A run of the mill Tuesday I guess." Xander and Willow exchanged smirks.

"Hey!!" Buffy exclaimed catching the exchange, "it's so NOT the same thing. Poor Freddy was defenceless, at no point did he EVER try to smother me in between his crotch or strangle me with his tentacles. Freddy was a good froggy."

"And Faith..." Willow prodded, "was she there?"

"Yeah, for about half an hour, then she took off."

"And... did you get to talk to her?"

Buffy hesitated. "Look, I really don't think that Faith likes me in THAT way. She was all hyped about some guy she was meeting later on. Anyway, what was I supposed to say; 'Thanks Faith for dusting the vamp that was just straddling me. By the way, Cordelia thinks you're into me, so are you?'"

Willow's reply was interrupted by Mr Barnstien, the science teacher, calling for silence.



Faith assessed herself in the mirror. Tight leather trousers? Check. Mucho cleavage? Check. She hadn't arranged a slaying duet with Buffy for the evening, but she assumed she would find her in one of the dozen Sunnydale cemeteries. She double checked her image, chastising herself as she did. She was dressing to impress B. She was patrolling on her night off. Giles had suggested that the slayers alternate nights, given that the Hellmouth seemed to be on spring break; but Faith felt compelled to see Buffy, a strange and new sensation. Hell, she had been attracted to people before, but she had never sought them out before. No, Faith never did the running. Until now it seemed.


Buffy slung the vamp over her shoulder before delivering a roundhouse kick to the creature fast approaching her. 'So much for quiet on the hellmouth,' she thought, grabbing her knife from the ground. The 'creature', an incredibly large and slimy character grunted in pain as Buffy delivered a series of punches to its oozing torso. "Anyone ever tell you you're an ugly bastard?" The creature growled and produced half a dozen tentacles, all of which curled around her neck.

Buffy could feel the air being expressed from her lungs as she was hoisted into the air. Behind her, she could hear the vamp recovering from the blow it had been dealt. 'Oh shit,' she muttered, grappling with the knife in her hand. With all the strength she could muster, she swung at the creature and was rewarded when it shrilled and fell limply to the ground. The tentacles around her neck loosened, and she fell to the ground with a thump. No sooner had she drawn a quick breath was the vamp upon her, circa 1985; she-vamp was all 'like-a-virgined out', safety pins dangling from a torn wedding dress.

"Madonna called," Buffy quipped as she wrestled with the vampire, "she wants that era of her career wiped from human memory. Luckily, me and Mr Pointy can be off help to her." Buffy searched for her stake with a free arm, the other one currently supporting the weight of her, Madge-vamp and at least 100lbs worth of safety pins.

"Awww, poor slayer. Can't find your stake?" The vamp hissed through fanged teeth. Buffy struggled beneath her, trying to quell the rising panic. She watched in horror as blood stained fangs descended towards her, nearing her neck.... And then Madge-vamp was gone, and in her place was Faith.

"Sorry B, did I interrupt something special there?" Faith grinned at Buffy and lowered her stake, making no attempt to move. "I've got to admit, it is comfy here girlfriend...mind if I squirm a little?" Buffy paled and stiffened. Definitely not the reaction Faith was expecting. They always engaged in this post slayage innuendo, at least Faith did and Buffy generally laughed or rolled her eyes good naturedly...Now B looked almost...scared?

Faith stood quickly and laughed to ease the tension. "Hey B, I'm not gonna jump your bones. You're cute and all, but just not my type. I generally like them more externally endowned in the southern region. I'm off for a roll with a hot boy toy right now." Faith made towards the exit, scooping Mr Pointy from the ground and tossing him towards Buffy as she did. She broke into a sprint and vaulted over a headstone. She continued to run, not stopping until she reached 'Eddies Tavern.'



"SHIT!" Cordelia swore, swerving her jeep slightly and causing Buffy to wake from her reverie.

"Jesus Cordelia, What?!!"

Cordelia pouted and held out her finger for Buffy to inspect. "I've chipped my polish. Don't you just hate when that happens!" Buffy stifled a grin. Cordelia's idea of chipping her nail varnish was a barely visible scrape.

"Oh yeah," Buffy replied dryly, "The bloodshed and constant bruising I can just about stand, but chipping my nail polish is on a completely different level altogether."

Cordelia, not amused by Buffy's sarcasm, pulled to an abrupt halt outside the Summers' house on Revello Drive. "Are you coming bronzing tonight?"

Buffy sighed and shrugged, "Depends on what Giles has planned slayage wise: but, if any dusty tomes are passed in my direction, I'm there."

"Well, me and he of no fashion sense will be there about 8." Cordelia turned the key in the ignition and made to pull away.

"Cordelia, hang on....I have to ask you something." Buffy hesitated as though trying to choose the right words.

"Any day now Buffy, I have a wardrobe to survey." Cordelia tapped her watch impatiently with the chipped fingernail.

"What exactly made you think that Faith has a...thing for me?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "CHRIST, you people really are without perception. Try the constant staring and the 'how long can I stare at Buffy's rack for' eyes, coupled with the incessant Buffy talk - Get the picture?"

"I asked her about it last night, and she denied it."

"Well she would, wouldn't she," Cordelia replied re-starting the jeep. "She knows that she's lacking three Buffy essentials: 1: Male genetalia, 2: the lifelong need to survive solely on a diet of pigs blood and 3: the quality every girl most desires, turning all evil after a night of hide the salami." With that, Cordelia waved and sped away, leaving Buffy staring after her.


When Faith opened her eyes, she was quickly forced to shut them again. Lying beside her was a vision more repellent then all of the fungi demons she had ever fought, combined.

"Mornin' gorgeous."

Faith was forced to open her eyes. Propped on her elbows, beneath roles of naked fat, was what could very conceivably be the Queen of the land of Butch. A disturbing cross between Harry Enfields 'Perry' and Elvis, the latter years. Butch raked a hand through shorn red hair and grinned, displaying crooked, cigarette stained teeth.

Faith was at a loss for words. A quick glance around the room confirmed a night of supreme intoxication. Various bottles of liquor lay empty amidst an array of clothing. Double take. Was that a goddamn MUMU?!!

Faith pulled the sheets around her naked form, eliciting a moan of annoyance from Butch.

"What did you do that for, Babe? I was enjoying the view."

Faith shuddered. "We didn't...y'know?"

Butch leered and licked her lips. "Unfortunately not. You passed out just before I made my move... But, better late than never I say." Butch edged her considerable bulk towards Faith, displaying numerous tattoos. Faith watched in horror as 5 fat digits descended towards her breasts.

"Listen, I'm busy. Shit to do, y'know." Faith leapt from the bed, dragging the sheets with her.

"I don't think so, Babe. You owe me."

"I OWE you?!!"

"I gave you that free tat. And that Buffy chick will never know, my lips are sealed."

Faith froze. "Free tat? What the fuck are you talking about? And what's Buffy got to do with anything?"

Butch chucked huskily. "Shit babe, you don't remember nothin', do you? Check out your back and then come back to me for some lovin'."

On receiving a wink from Butch, Faith fled to the motel bathroom. Ensuring that the door was locked behind her, she dropped the sheet and inspected her back in the mirror.

Sweet mother of FUCK! Above her shoulder blade was a tattoo. A large red heart bearing Buffy's name in black lettering. Faith rubbed at the inscription vigorously. Fuck! Permanent. Large. Highly goddamn visible.

Faith swung the bathroom door open. Butch lay on the bed, legs spread, dragging from a cigarette.

"Take it fucking off!!!" Faith demanded.

Butch scowled. "Hey! That was a freebie. It would have set you back at least $80, and you still owe me babe."

Faith fell against the wall and slunk to the floor, her mind reeling. Mid summer, Sunnydale. 102 degrees in the shade. Highly visible fucking TATTOO. And then Butch was on her. Literally. Roughly 300lbs of naked flesh writhing against her. Faith shoved her off, sending her sprawling across the room.

"Get the fuck out!"

Butch, deciding not to argue, grabbed her clothing from the floor allowing Faith to verify the presence of a mumu, albeit one depicting various scenes of carnage.

"Crazy Bitch!" Butch slammed the door behind her.

Faith remained where she was for several hours, until a knock at the door shook her from her daze.

"Faith, you there? Big bad a brewing..."

Sod's fucking law.



Giles was surrounded by cardboard boxes loaded with books when Buffy arrived in the library. The summer vacation clearout.

"What's up?" She inquired, causing Giles to look up in alarm.

"OH, it's only you." Giles looked visibly relieved.

"Geez Giles, I wasn't expecting a parade or anything, but a little more enthusiasm wouldn't go astray."

"What?...Yes." Giles was distracted. He removed his glasses and polished them. "Buffy, you'll need to locate Faith. It appears that vampires are descending upon Sunnydale in their dozens. Myself and Willow have pinpointed their location to the sewers, although the exact proximity of their nest is unclear... I suggest that yourself and Faith patrol the area while the rest of us research."

"Oh great, a night of sewerage fun and I don't even have a new outfit."

"Buffy, we have reason to believe that attempts are being made to raise the master...time is of absolute essence."

Buffy froze. "But we killed him...we smashed his bones - How can this be?"

"It seems the orb of Hasiba has been unearthed - believed for centuries to have been destroyed. The orb allows for the resurrection of the deceased...regardless of the condition of the corpse. Essentially, the master will be re-animated."

"NO!" Buffy stared blankly at her watcher. "He...He can't."

Giles embraced his slayer. "Buffy, we must find the orb and destroy it."

"Then I'm on it. I'll find Faith." Buffy ran from the library, not stopping when Giles shouted after her.


Buffy ran through Sunnydale, unaware of the stares she was receiving. She continued at full speed until she reached Faith's motel room. The early afternoon sun blazed, and Buffy was sweating as she knocked on the door.

"Faith, you there? Big bad a brewing."

Nothing. Impatiently, she knocked again. Finally, Faith swung the door open. She was wrapped, to her neck, in a sheet.

"Oh, hey B." Faith avoided eye contact, choosing to stare over Buffy's shoulder.

"You ok Faith?" Buffy enquired. Odd behaviour. What was with the sheet?

"Yeah...too much under-ageing last night."

Buffy noted the assortment of liqour bottles strewn throughout the motel room. "Damn! I can see that."

"What's the big evil then?" Faith enquired hastily, as though changing the subject. Buffy offered a condensed version of events.

"Alright, I'll, um, just get changed and we can check out the sitch. Hang on a sec." Faith closed the door, leaving a bewildered Buffy alone on the doorstep. Minutes later, she emerged, clad in denim cutoffs and a....poloneck? Quite apart from being shocked that Faith actually OWNED a poloneck, Buffy was positive that she wasn't alone in feeling the 100 degree heat. The tank top SHE was wearing did little to cool her down - She had even considered wearing a bikini top.

"Notice the weather, Faith?"

"All my other stuff's in the wash."

"Well don't come crying to me when you melt." Faith smiled weakly. What the..?

"Faith, you sure you're ok?"

Faith merely nodded in reply.


The sewers actually offered relief from the stifling heat. Faith walked ahead of Buffy, directing them through various tunnels. Both slayers knew Sunnydale's underground intimately, so Buffy was happy to follow her. Conversation, however, was stilted. Buffy gave up talking after a while and they walked in silence.

As they embarked further into the sewers, the water level rose considerably. Soon they were wading through foul smelling liquid up to their knees. Conversation still lacked, and Faith gave no warning when she stopped suddenly, causing Buffy to walk straight into her. As such, Buffy bounced off Faith and fell backwards, immersing herself completely in the combination of human and demon waste. When she managed to clamber out of the water, Faith was unable to stifle her laughter. Buffy, drenched from head to toe and smelling of dead fish was not amused.

"B, I heard something." Faith informed when she had eventually stopped laughing. She pointed in the direction of a parallel tunnel. Buffy listened. She could here the faint sound of chanting. Grabbing Faith's hand, she pulled her in the direction of the noise.

Faith shivered. The feeling of Buffy's skin against her own, however slight, sent tremors through her. Buffy led them deeper into the tunnel, her hand still clasped tightly in Faith's. Despite the situation, and the fact that Buffy had excrement smeared down her face, Faith was attracted. Fuck, B could shave her head, dye it puke green and roll around in shit so that it constantly encased her body, and Faith would still be attracted... Ok, mind on the fucking situation!


Buffy and Faith watched from a vantage point in the tunnel. Eight or nine vamps stood in a circle, from which a bright red light emanated.

"The orb," Buffy whispered, nodding towards the light.

"Well, lets get it then." Faith made to move towards the vamps, but Buffy pulled back.

"Are you crazy?!!"

"So I've been told," Faith replied, recalling Butch's final words.

"We can't just attack that many vamps! There's only two of us."

"Fine," Faith replied, "we'll just wait for the master to rise. Looks like they're starting to wrap up. Once he comes along, it'll all be plain sailing and we can go home and play a relaxing game of Ludo."

Buffy scowled. She started to speak, when a blinding light filled the cavern. The ground beneath them rumbled and Buffy fell atop Faith. The master was back.


For once, Faith didn't enjoy having Buffy on top of her. The master had spotted them. He and his cronies, several hillbillies and President Nixon - Jesus Christ, Nixon was a vamp?!! - were heading towards them. Buffy lay frozen, and Faith understood. B had spoken little of her dealings with the master, but Faith knew that this was her Kakistos.

Pushing Buffy aside, Faith grabbed her stake. The master smiled slowly. "What do we have here then? The slayer and her successor? How very unorthodox."

"Twice the slayer, twice the staking," Faith retorted, "We're a two for one special."

Instead of attacking her, as Faith had expected, The master lunged for Buffy, grabbing the paralysed slayer by the neck. Impulsively, Buffy writhed and kicked, but her eyes betrayed her fear. Almost simultaneously, Nixon made for Faith. He proved to be as good a vamp as he had been a president, and Faith staked him within seconds. The master had carried Buffy to the makeshift nest, which was flanked by candles. Faith watched as he lowered her into the water, submerging her head...

"BUFFY!" Faith cried, wading furiously towards the blonde. Vamps on either side of her lunged, but Faith knocked them aside. She seemed to possess a strength she never knew existed.

Buffy was flailing in the water, her efforts weakening by the second. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!" Faith was unaware of the tears streaming down her face. Buffy was drowning...he was killing her and Faith could do nothing to stop him... A vamp attacked Faith from behind, causing her to stumble. It was useless, they were both going to die....

And then Faith spotted the orb.


Faith was being dragged backwards, further and further from the faint illumination of the orb...the master's life giver. She had no time...Buffy was dying...she could be dead. With as much accuracy as she could muster, Faith flung her stake at the glass orb. It shattered, spraying glass everywhere. Time stood still: one by one, vamps began to dust until finally, with a blood curdling cry, the master crumbled. His bones snapped audibly, before turning to a fine dust...

Faith waded frantically towards Buffy, who was floating face down in the water. Faith pulled her upright. Buffy's face was ghostly pale, her lips a violent shade of blue. "Come on B..." Faith administered mouth to mouth, her body wracking with sobs. "Buffy, please... please Buffy, please don't die Buffy, please..." Lungful after lungful to no response... "No, come on, please B, I love you, please...."

Faith fell against the wall, embracing Buffy's lifeless body. Her chest heaved and she fought to take a breath as her tears fell in a current. Her voice, strained and maniacal called Buffy's name as she rocked back and forth, clutching the slayer's body...

And then Buffy coughed. The most beautiful sound Faith had ever heard. Water spilled down Buffy's face and onto her chest, and she opened her eyes slowly.

"How many times does that bastard have to drown me?" She was smiling. She was OK.

Looking back, Faith didn't know what made her do it. Maybe it was the fact that she was crying. Faith never cried, not even when her mother passed. Maybe it was because Buffy had almost died... She had almost lost her. Maybe it was because Buffy was lying in her arms gazing up at her: or maybe, maybe it was because, for the first time in her life, she loved someone other than herself. But Faith kissed her. She brushed her lips gently against Buffy's, coaxing them to warm up. Her tongue found the other girl's, and she massaged it... slowly, so as not to alarm... And Buffy responded. She kissed her back - and there they lay, two slayers, drenched in crap created by the population of Sunnydale, but lost in the moment.


"My lord Buffy, are you alright?" Giles looked at his slayer with concern.

"Yeah, fought the baddies, drowned, was resuscitated, showered and it's not even 8 o'clock." Buffy forced a grin. "Now I think sleep is in order." Buffy stood up and made to leave the library.

"Buffy...I could walk you home...maybe we could talk..." Willow started after her friend, her concern matching that of Giles.

"Look," Buffy snapped, "I'm alright, I slay every day of my life. I've done all this before and I'll do it again. Right now I just want to go home and sleep."

"Buffy, we're just..." but Buffy was gone, and Willow's words were lost to her "we're just trying to help."


Cordelia slowed her jeep and lowered the window. "Hey Buffy, jump in, I'll give you a lift."

Buffy continued walking, not glancing at Cordelia. "I'm fine."

"Buffy, stop acting like a spoiled brat and get in." Buffy hesitated, caught between shouting at Cordelia and accepting her offer. She decided on the latter.

"So what's with the all the weirdness, Buffy?" Cordelia asked when Buffy had fastened her belt. "So you died again: granted, I'm sure that's never pleasant and I plan on dying just the once, but GET OVER IT! You're still alive."

Buffy scowled. "Jesus Cordelia, good to know that I can always count on you for support."

Cordelia sighed. "In case you hadn't noticed, all your nerdy little friends and my fashion-less boyfriend were trying to do just that, and you completely blanked them."

"Look Cordelia, I don't need a lecture - I spent most of the day wading through shit, I was drowned for the second time by something I had ALREADY killed, and I was kissed by a..." Buffy stopped mid sentence and blushed.

Cordelia swerved and pulled to an abrupt halt on the kerb. "Kissed by a what Buffy?" Buffy reddened further, and Cordelia's jaw dropped. "It was Faith wasn't it?! Oh my God! She brought you back to life and then she kissed you! I'm right, aren't I?!!" Buffy's rapidly reddening face provided confirmation.

"I...she just..."

"And you liked it, didn't you!"

Buffy swung around to face Cordelia, snapping the seatbelt in her fury. "NO! I'm not like her... I don't like other...girls."

"Ok, firstly, you just killed my seatbelt and secondly, contrary to popular belief, I'm not completely self-centred. I can read people, it's one of my many gifts. I'm also not as shallow as everybody thinks - and may I use Xander as a shining example of this. You might think I march in the homo-NO! parade, but I don't, Buffy. If you feel anything for Faith that she feels for you, give it a chance."

"Cordelia - I feel NOTHING for Faith. She kissed me against my will."

Cordelia ignored Buffy and continued, starting the car as she did. "If it's any consolation, people already think you're weird, what with all that secretive slayer skulking you do."

"I'll say it again Cordelia, I DON'T LIKE FAITH...And who thinks I'm weird?"

Cordelia pulled into the Summers' driveway and signalled for Buffy to get out.

"Cordelia, you're wrong - You haven't got a clue."

Cordelia smirked knowingly and reversed onto the street. Buffy's shouts of protest were silenced by the gunning of Cordelia's engine as she sped down the road.


Faith wrapped a towel around herself as she stepped from the shower. The Buffy tattoo was visible, despite the fogged up mirror, and Faith pulled the towel over her shoulders to cover it.

'Such a fucking idiot' she berated herself for the thousandth time. Maybe she had imagined Buffy responding to her kiss; the feel of their tongues duelling softly. Maybe she had also imagined the kiss lasting all that time; enough time so that Faith had caressed every inch of the blonde's face, memorising each contour... But Buffy had freaked, pushed Faith away from her and ran. Faith dressed hastily, and threw her remaining possessions into a bag. Time to get the fuck out of dodge. She surveyed the motel room for a final time before slamming the door behind her. Fuck that, she was out of here. Fuck Sunnydale, fuck slaying and most of all, fuck Buffy Summers.

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