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The Game

by Eden Lee Raven



Notes: So my muse hit me up again. I think to make up for the angsty twoshot (The Fire & The Flame) lol.



The club was dark but for the strobe lights, piercing the darkness in flashes of brilliant light. And through those moments of brilliant light you see her. A woman on the dance floor, weaving to the beat, her hips a hypnotic pulse.

She has long brown hair that trails to half way down her back, wearing a black sleeveless top and fitted pants. You flick your eyes around the club and see that it wasn't just you who's attention was grabbed by the brunette on the dance floor.

You pull your eyes away as you turn back to the bar, draining your beer before putting it down with a sofa click and looking around for the bartender. And that's when you feel it.

A body pressing against your back that was so burningly hot it turned your blood to molten.

An arm came around you and a finger pressed to your lips in the age old gesture of 'shhh'. And without turning you to look at her, she pulled you from the bar and guided you to the alley out back. All without taking her body away from yours.

She pushes you up to the wall, placing your hands against it, before shifting your hair and laying a hot, open mouthed kiss against your neck. The touch makes an involuntary shiver worm through you, but when you try to turn around her grip on you is gentle but firm. Unbreakable.

Before you have time to open your mouth and protest this, her hand trails down your stomach, halting only to slowly pop the buttons of your jeans open. The cool night air tingles the newly exposed skin of your lower stomach for only a few seconds, before she slides that hand into your pants.

The feel of her fingers sliding through your wetness makes your head bow backwards as a moan tears from low inside you.

She softly swirls her fingers around your throbbing clit, pressing down whenever your breath gets caught in the back of your throat. Within minutes you're mindless, a ball of pleasure burning deep inside you, as those fingers take you so expertly.

With a final swirl your world snaps like a rubber band and your knees become weaker. But she doesn't give you time to recover yourself, she pushes her fingers further between your legs, and slides deeply inside your still pulsing center.

She thrusts into you in short, sharp jabs, her lips still playing on the back of your neck. It's when you feel her teeth bite down softly, a tinge of curling pain mixing with the pleasure perfectly, that your world blurs again. You rise up on your toes, your eyes slamming closed as your head drops back against her shoulder.

After a few moments you lift your head, your breathing still a little ragged, as she slowly slides out of you. Her fingertips trails over your arms and up to your hands, threading her fingers through yours and giving them a gentle squeeze. Dimly you can feel your own arousal making your fingers slip against hers, but you don't care. An atom bomb could go off next to you right now and you wouldn't care.

When your breathing's returned to normal she brings her lips to your ear to whisper to you; "Say my name."

It's only then she lets you turn around and you find yourself locked in a crystal clear, ocean green gaze.

"Buffy." The name comes from your mouth so quietly you barely heard it yourself. A smirk curls the corners of her lips a second before she spins you both around, so it's her against the wall and your body holding her there. It's your turn to touch her. To see her throw her head back, to hear her call out to the star filled sky above you.

You love this game.



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