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Breaking Faith

by dartnxi


Rating: Firmly NC-17
Summary: This is an outtake from a fanfic that I am writing and have not posted yet. I realized that I want that fanfic to go a different way, but damnit, I was happy with what I had written. All you need to know is that Buffy got turned by Angelus after he lost his soul, and now Faith is the Slayer. She bites off more than she can chew when she goes after Buffy, who is much stronger and faster than your average vampire. They never explained in the canonical Buffyverse what would happen if a Slayer got turned, so I am blatently making it up.
Warnings: Someday I will write consensual fluff with no bondage, no underage characters and no angst. This is not that day.
Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS. Trust me, it's better that way.

Last Warning: This is a story about Buffy as a sadistic evil vampire.



"What do we have here?" asked a voice that could best be described as perky and sweet.

"The Vampire Slayer," answered one of the vampires currently holding on to Faith's arm.
"That was a rhetorical question, dimwit," the perky vampire scolded. "I could feel she was The Slayer from miles away. We have a connection."
The voice leaned in close to Faith, and whispered breathlessly into her ear, "Do you feel it, Slayer? We are sisters."
Faith could feel it. She'd never noticed it before, but she supposed it had been masked by all the other vampires in the area. The feeling she got from the owner of the perky voice was as different from the usual vampire as night and day. The feeling she got from most vampires caused her stomach to clench and roll unpleasantly. The feeling this girl gave off was almost pleasurable, although still tinged with vampiric corruption.
Blindfolded as she was, it was kind of intense to be so near the source of that feeling. Cold fingers reached up and slid the blindfold off her face

"You're shorter than I expected," was the first thing Faith told Buffy.
The vampire rolled her eyes. "Why do they always say that?" Before one of her lackeys could say anything, she held up a hand. "Don't answer that," she said, "it was also a rhetorical question. I have really got to pillage some taller boots."
Faith exaggerated a yawn. Buffy gestured the vampires who were gripping Faith's elbows away, then walked around her, looking her up and down with a critical eye. As she felt Buffy's eyes on her, Faith frantically tried to figure out some way out of this mess. Her arms were tied together behind her back, but her legs were untied and she had a good kick. She could also run really fast. This wasn't much use unless she got out of this room, which had at least 15 vampires in it. She had a knife in her boot, but the vampires had taken her stakes. All an all, her prospects for living beyond the next few minutes were looking grim.
She was completely surprised when Buffy back handed her with the strength of a football player three times her size. She stumbled, barely managing to keep her feet.
"I asked you a question, Slayer. Did Giles finally let you out to play?"
"Yes, he sent me to kill you," Faith lied, and worked her jaw. The vampire had a strong right hand.
This time, when Buffy slapped her, she wasn't able to keep her feet and she landed painfully on her side, momentarily finding it hard to breath. She struggled to her knees, blinking back tears
"I don't like to be lied to, Slayer. Make a note of that. You're out past your curfew, and you just got in trouble with the law."
Faith said nothing, neither denying or agreeing with Buffy's statement. Inside she seethed with a combination of anger and humiliation. How dare this vampire, this failed slayer, push her around?

What Faith hadn't quite realized was that she had just made the worst mistake of her young life, and she was about to pay for it dearly.
Buffy pointed at a vampire. "You, untie her. And somebody get her a stake. A good one, nice and sharp."
Dumbfounded, Faith found herself standing in the center of a circle of vampires, stake in hand. Instantly, she felt herself moving into a ready position. Most of them had moved far out of her reach, which was a smart move considering. She was pretty sure she could slay at least two of them, perhaps more, if it came to a fight before they killed her.
Buffy stretched her arms behind her back, a gleeful expression on her pale lips. "You came here to kill me. It would be a waste if you didn't get at least one try."
"Buffy, I don't think this is a good idea," one of male vampires said.
"Angelus, let me have my fun," said Buffy, and Faith was amazed to see one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful vampire in the world pout like a little girl.
Angelus caved.
"I want this to be fair," Buffy instructed the surrounding vampires. She winked at Faith. "Well, as fair as it can be. I don't want anybody to help me. If you do, you'll be eating stake, and I don't mean for dinner. That goes for you too, Angel."
The threat was real. It seemed that she would stake her own sire if he got in the way of her little game.
Faith tightened her grip on the stake, pleased to note that it was both very pointy and well balanced. Buffy shed her trench coat (required uniform for upper echelon vampires) and stepped out of the circle to faced the Slayer. Under the coat, she was wearing red leather pants and a beige silk blouse with a dangerously low v cut. The outfit was simultaneously functional, luxurious and sexy, and Faith rather approved, especially of the leather pants. On her feet were black boots with thick two inch heels. They gave her added height and would hurt like a bitch if she landed a kick.
Buffy watched and waited as Faith evaluated her, a faint smile on her lips. Faith resisted the urge to flex her muscles, well displayed as they were by the blood red tank top she wore. She too wore leather pants, brown this time, because they could put up with a lot of wear. Her steel toed motorcycle boots would cause a lot of pain if she landed a blow.

Conventional wisdom held that you should never attack first. Faith was anything but conventional.


Some time later...

Faith hit the ground hard, but rolling. Would have been nice if she hadn't rolled straight into a wall though. She got to her feet unsteadily, wishing the room would stop spinning so much. The watching crowd of vampires had lost its fear of her, and she didn't blame them. She was a mass of bruises and strained muscles and her ribs had that familiar ache that meant they hadn't appreciated that last flurry of punches and kicks. Simply put, she wasn't having much fun.

"You know, you've lasted longer than the other slayer did," Buffy said, her eyes wide and looking impressed. It sucked that the vampire who was kicking her butt all over the place looked the ditsiest blond ever. "Don't let that get to your head. I had to kill her more quickly because she was actually a threat." She paused, quirking in her lips. "Well, not really, but almost."
Faith tried to stay focused, tried not to let the pain of her fractured ribs distract her. She had to attack. She knew that if she didn't attack, Buffy would kill her. Not because she was actually defending herself when she attacked, but because when she stopped fighting Buffy would get bored with her. Then she would die. She went with a high kick, which was blocked easily. She wasn't fast enough to block Buffy's next punch to her ribs. She felt them give a little as she flew halfway across the room.

Faith got to her feet again, one hand against the wall to steady herself.  She had stopped kidding herself about her chances of living through this mess some time ago, right about the time Buffy had taken her stake from her and broken it into splinters with her hand. There was a box of stakes on the other side of Buffy, but Buffy never let her past to get at them. Faith knew that they were nothing but a taunt.

She kept fighting because she wasn't willing to just let herself die. Because that wouldn't be heroic right? And she was supposed to be a hero, wasn't she? The one girl in all the world who... She realized she'd never actually listened through the whole lecture. The one girl in all the world who...what?

She had been standing still for two long. She felt Buffy lunge against her, pushing her to the wall. One of her hands tangled its self in her hair and pulled, baring her neck. This was how they fed; she'd been in this position before, gotten herself trapped up against walls in alleyways. She had felt the prick of canines against her neck. Always before she'd been strong enough to push them away. Always before she had had some sort of trick up her sleeve.

But not this time.

"Its been so long since I had a slayer. We taste so good. Our blood is like candy." Buffy nipped at her neck, scoring a deep wound, then licking it broadly with her tongue. Faith shuddered, her whole body reacting with disgust to the cold wet feeling of dead saliva.

Buffy chuckled, willfully misinterpreting. "Did you like that? Have you ever had sex with a vampire, sister? It's something every slayer should try once before they die."

"I doubt it's anything special," Faith growled. Maybe if she made the vampire mad she'd make this fast. Her stomach squirmed because she really didn't want to die, but she wanted it to be over too. Inside, past all the bravado, she was so scared. She'd rather be dead than this scared.

Buffy's hands found Faith's wrists and raised them above her head, grinding them against the cold brick wall of the abandoned warehouse. "It was the best moment of my life," she snarled, her game face coming out for the first time. Faith hadn't even disturbed her enough until now for her to vamp out. Faith's stomach dropped to somewhere below her knees at the sight of the snarl, terror making her heart skip a beat. She didn't want to stick around anymore. Why couldn't she just black out until this was over?

"Oh fuck it all, just stop playing with me and get it over with," she half growled, half whined.

"Stop playing? I've just begun," the vampire said, switching her grip from both hands to just one. Faith thrashed, hoping to dislodge that one hand, but Buffy was just too fucking strong. Buffy let her thrash all she wanted until she got that out of her system, then whispered into her ear, "I think you should experience what it is like to make love to a vampire too." She sighed, pouting. "This is less romantic than my first time, and more public, but you know, a girl can't have everything she wants."

Faith heard the snickers of the other vampires. A male said, "Buffy, dear, won't you share with your sire? She looks so fuckable right now," and Faith found herself breathing in the scent of another undead body as Angelus crowded beside her.

Buffy shoved him away with one hand. "She's mine!" She shot him a saccharine smile as he picked himself up out of the pile of Vampires he had knocked down like bowling pins with the force of the shove. "But you can have my sloppy seconds. In fact, I might let you all have a ride." She brought her hand back and grabbed Faith's breast, massaging it roughly.

Faith couldn't help but laugh. She was about to die. Somehow in the face of that basic fact, the thought of being gang raped by a bunch of vampires just seemed a bit too funny. She gasped as the cloth of her tanktop was ripped right down the middle.

"I didn't know that the Queen of the Vampires was a rugmuncher," Faith panted, incapable of not making a smartass comment, even though she didn't know if it was a good idea anymore. Buffy's hand returned to her breast, hidden now by a simple black bra. She nibbled and cut Faith's neck with her teeth, never deep enough to hit a vein, but enough to draw blood, which she sucked and licked hungrily. Her hand went underneath the bra and twisted a nipple hard, shoved the bra up and left it there, her breast free to the air, cool as the hands that mauled her.

"Oh I'm not, I just really like to hurt people," Buffy said, her lips reddened with a trace Faith's blood.

"That's pretty fucked up," Faith said, her voice hitching as Buffy's fingernails dug into her waist, scraping deep gouges with her long fingernails.

"Not as fucked up at this." Buffy unzipped Faith's pants and thrust her hand under her underwear between her folds. They slipped in easily, to Faith's further humiliation. "You're wet. Did you hear that?" Buffy crowed to peanut gallery, which whistled and clapped appreciatively. "She's already wet for me. Slut." With that last word, she thrust 3 fingers deeply into Faith's channel.

It hurt. A lot. Tears came to Faith's eyes. She wasn't wet because this felt good, she was wet because she was a slayer. Fighting turned her on, which Buffy had known all along. Buffy withdrew then thrust again, adding a forth finger. A yelp of pain issued from Faith's lips and Buffy grinned savagely then thrust again, even harder. Faith's ribs hurt, making her gasp. "Stop," she said, uselessly. These were vampires, weren't they? They didn't know about mercy. She said it again. "Stop."

"You're not a virgin like I was," Buffy giggled, twisting her fingers around inside Faith who groaned, the sound of pain coming out like this was sex she enjoyed. "You really are a dirty slut. I thought you were, the first time I saw you at the library. I've been watching you for a long time."

Finally, after she'd got more sounds out of Faith, sounds Faith gave up reluctantly as some last shred of pride, she withdrew her hand, licking it clean of of the bloody traces left on it. Vampires are strong, and slayers are strong, and vampires who used to be slayers have strong hands.

"So good. So tasty. I'm thinking maybe I won't kill you yet. I'll just keep you as my pet. My own pet slayer." She let go of Faith's wrist, letting her slump to the floor.

"You can have her now. Don't drink from her, or I'll dust you." Her vampire henchmen, unwilling to believe their stroke of good luck, stood around doing nothing until Buffy suddenly snapped at them, her face creased with demonic ridges. "This might be your last chance to fuck a slayer! Go on! Don't be gentle. I want her broken."

Angelus went first and he wasn't gentle. None of them were.




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