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Chapter Five

The sunlight brought with it the relentless sound of a chopper in the nearby distance and the cacophony of a large group of people talking way too loudly in the bucolic setting.

"No, this direction is clearly the way we need to go!"

"Look Giles, all I'm saying is…"

Giles' exasperation was easy to hear as he continued to traipse through the surrounding woods:

"I know what you're saying, Xander, you've been bloody well saying it for over an hour now! Common sense indicates they must be in this direction and when coupled with the report we received of excessively strong and hostile naked women…"

"I'm just saying we don't all need to be searching the same…"

Giles snorted in disbelief:

"I couldn't possibly disagree more, and frankly I'm baffled at your attitude. Did the blow Buffy gave you completely muddle your senses? We most likely need even more people if we're to deal with…"

"Mr. Giles? I've got something!"

He was already rushing to her side:

"Yes, Satsu?"

"I found the tracking device."

She held up the discarded tranq dart for his inspection.

"Good show! Satsu, take your team in that direction. Kennedy, your team with hers, Rona, yours with mine whilst Xander and Vi shall head over that way."

The troops were already moving into position.

"Spread out, but not too far. Keep in contact, we don't want them slipping past us again."


Faith awoke first, the sunlight shining on the part of her face that was exposed to the elements. She yawned and stretched, smiling as she felt Buffy snuggling in even closer to her. It was warm inside their cocoon, but Faith knew it wouldn't take long for it to heat up…especially when Buffy kept getting closer, her warm silky skin sliding along Faith's at some very interesting points.

She tried not to move, she didn't want to wake Buffy, plus she was comfortable, warm, safe, and happy…except she had to pee. She wanted to do it right where she was, but then that would mess up their bed and she instinctively knew that wasn't smart. She also knew Buffy would be mad, so Faith held it, determined to stay where she was for as long as she could.

But she was hungry too, and thirsty, and with Buffy's leg gliding over hers like it now was, she could add horny to her lengthening list as well.

"Mmm…Faith soft."

Faith squirmed, she really needed to pee.

"Buffy want."

Buffy was tasting Faith's shoulder and neck, slowly making her way upwards.

"Buffy take Faith."

She kissed Faith, morning breath not a problem at all, and just like always, Faith went with it. She forgot all about her other urges, forgot everything except Buffy and the way she made her feel.

Half an hour later after the most intense orgasms of her life, Faith took off for the bushes to find some relief, Buffy close behind. After they'd finished their business they headed to the lake, frolicking in the water and examining each other in great detail. What they found led to another lovemaking session, this one short and quick and to the point.

They emerged from the water: clean, satisfied, and hungry. They headed off into the forest holding hands and their club. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the Slayers were content.


They crept silently, moving in on their quarry. They'd sealed off all avenues of escape and there wouldn't be any mistakes, not this time. A voice quietly spoke the final instructions, and with a prearranged signal, twenty girls bulldozed into the camp, tranq guns held at the ready. They had the Slayers surrounded, trapped, and they were ready to shoot on sight…just as soon as there was a sight to shoot at.

"Giles, Kennedy. They're not here."

"Damn it! Any sign of them at all?"

Kennedy looked at the makeshift bed and cooler:

"They definitely spent the night and it looks like they'll be coming back. I don't think they can be far, should we go…"

Giles' answer left no room for argument:

"No, stay put. We don't want to tip them off. Keep out of sight and if I'm not there by the time they show up, contact me. This is our chance, so no cock-ups, Kennedy. Tell all the girls I expect their very best."

"Will do, Giles. Don't worry, we'll get them."

"I shall be there as soon as possible. Giles out."

Kennedy hung up and turned to the waiting Slayers:

"Okay, split up. Satsu, take your squad to the backside and fan out. My people, we're taking the front. Everybody stay out of sight and radio silent. No mistakes, we need to round them up."

The Slayers dispersed and took up their positions, and Kennedy couldn't help but laugh. Twenty Slayers to round up just two, it seemed like a huge overkill until she considered who the two Slayers were. Buffy and Faith were formidable when everything was totally normal, and when they were all souped up on some weird Neanderthal hormones? Kennedy was wishing she could call in a tank or two to back them up.

She checked that everyone was well hidden and out of sight in the surrounding brush, nearly invisible behind trees, rocks and bushes, then took up her own position. She settled down with the woods at her back, trying to remain optimistic. They'd get them, even though it hadn't been and wouldn't be easy. But they'd get them…they had to.

Now she just had to hope they'd hurry up and show. She wasn't much for sitting around and waiting at any time, and sitting around waiting while hidden and quiet in the woods with a bunch of bugs feasting on her, well it wasn't her idea of a good time.

She didn't remember too much after that.


Buffy and Faith were happily making their way back to their camp after striking the Mother lode. They'd stumbled upon a cabin in the woods and after discerning that no one was around to bother them, they'd broken in and found some food. First they'd feasted on dry cereal from off the floor after Faith had opened the box by accidentally pulling it apart.

Buffy had clapped excitedly as the pretty colorful rings of Fruit Loops had burst into the air, some landing on Faith as the rest made their way to the floor. Buffy had eaten the ones off of Faith first, then when that led to something else, both girls forgot their hunger pangs and followed their passion.

When they were finished, they sat up and began eating the cereal from the floor. When it was all gone, they were still hungry and began rooting around. Buffy finally solved the mystery of the cupboard doors, ripping them off of their hinges and tossing them aside. She found lots of canned goods and tested their heft with an approving nod:


She could easily imagine using the heavy objects to brain any enemies as well as using them to capture their food when they ran out of whatever someone else had already managed to gather. She put more cans on the counter and continued on with her search.

She heard a growl of frustration from Faith and turned to see what the problem was. Faith had opened the refrigerator, but as she emerged holding a package of bologna triumphantly, the door swung shut again. She tossed her find to Buffy, then reopened the door to haul out more of the goodies inside, using her leg and butt to keep the door propped open.

The refrigerator held all kinds of food and the Slayers ate their fill and then some. The ice cream sandwiches they found in the freezer were a huge hit, and even the remnants of paper they devoured along with them, didn't diminish their delicious taste.

Buffy found some blankets and began loading their supplies on top of them. When Faith saw what she was doing, she began rounding up more stuff, picking up the colorful things from the kitchen table and tossing them onto the blankets as well. As she turned away, her eye was caught by a small, bright red object with a shiny metal top. It was wedged between the wall and the box with the window in it, and Faith scooped it up quickly. It was pretty.

Soon they had four blankets filled with food and the round metal weapons that Buffy had found. Faith also added to their arsenal, piling on several brick hard, flat, rectangular packages she'd discovered in the freezer. Now they had plenty of supplies to last them for a long time, and each Slayer happily picked up two blankets and slung them over her shoulders for the trek back to camp.

"Buffy good."

Buffy beamed at the compliment:

"Faith good."

Faith wanted to pound her chest with pride, but with her hands full she couldn't quite pull it off. She instead settled for tossing her head back as she puffed out her chest and yelled:

"Faith strong! Buffy strong!"

They bumped each other affectionately, and Buffy wanted to knock Faith to the ground. She didn't though, she wanted to get the food home first. Then she was going to knock Faith down and let Faith take her.

"Buffy happy!"

Faith smiled at her:

"Faith happy!"

They walked along in a comfortable silence, their senses on alert as they strode confidently for home. When they finally neared their camp, they both slowed, then stopped altogether. They sensed something and it wasn't a good thing.

They sat their packs down hidden in some bushes and climbed quietly into the trees. With hand signals they split up to scout ahead and below them, and it didn't take long before they'd each spotted the people again. They returned to their original location and drifted back even further, not wanting to take a chance of being overheard.

 "Bad people."

Faith was nodding:

"We hit all!"

"No, too much woman."

"Faith hit all!"

Buffy shook her head, her eyes narrowed and her voice firm:

"Buffy say no! Too much!"

Faith didn't like it, but she could see that Buffy meant it and she could also see that Buffy was thinking hard.

They stood still and silent until Buffy said:

"Want bed."

Faith was on it in a second:

"Faith get."

She smacked her chest and started off, but Buffy stopped her:

"No! Faith no go."

"Faith no scared."

Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith's waist from behind:

"Buffy scared. No go."

Faith stopped struggling and gave in:

"Faith no go. Bed go."

Buffy suddenly smiled:

"No. Bed come."


They were silently sitting above Kennedy and she didn't have the first clue. She sensed only her fellow Slayers, either that was causing enough interference or maybe she just couldn't sense Cave Slayers at any time. Whatever the reason, she was oblivious that the women she was seeking were perched almost directly above her. Faith was lying on a thick tree branch, her arms extended as she carefully lowered Buffy. The thick foliage that concealed Kennedy also concealed a dangling Buffy, a situation that Buffy and Faith were happily exploiting.

When she was in place, Buffy smacked Kennedy upside the head with a small, but stout branch, and she was out cold. She signaled and Faith let go, allowing Buffy to land lightly on the ground. Lying flat and using the more than ample cover the terrain provided to keep her out of sight, Buffy looked up at Faith, who smirked and tossed down her stick. She smiled back and crawled close enough to hook the tent, pulling it to herself slowly, trying her best to minimize the noise.

All too quickly it became apparent that it wasn't going to work. Buffy crawled back over to the unconscious Kennedy and yanked the weird box from her belt. It was just like the one she'd seen Giles using back at the hotel and she thought it might be a good thing to have. She flung it up to Faith who caught it easily and placed it safely in a nearby crook of the tree. Faith grinned wickedly when Buffy gestured at her, and she jumped to the ground without a sound.

They split up and crept around the perimeter slowly, knocking Slayers out one by one. Faith hit the cute Asian Slayer a little harder than was required; something about her just rubbed Faith the wrong way. She prodded her with her foot, then bared her teeth at the unconscious girl before fiercely whispering:

"You bad. No Buffy!

With a final kick, she moved on.

When they'd picked off all they could, Faith and Buffy met back at their original spot. Faith returned to her place in the tree, climbing up quickly and noiselessly as Buffy crawled forward again, hooking the tent and pulling it towards her.

The few Slayers remaining on guard duty were the furthest away from the tent, their view obstructed and the noise so faint, they didn't raise the alarm. They were all under orders to remain silent, and surely the Slayers closest to where the noise seemed to be coming from would be hearing it too, if in fact, there really was a noise in the first place.

When Buffy had the tent secured, she gathered the edges together and hoisted it over her shoulder. She stayed crouched as best she could, fading back into the deeper part of the woods, and when she was completely out of sight, she began running. Faith kept up with her from above, jumping easily from branch to branch and when they were far enough away, she landed gracefully at Buffy's side.

They were smiling victoriously, and then they were kissing. They reluctantly pulled away and began laughing as they quickly gathered up their supplies. They jogged off happily, laden down with their treasure, leaving a silent chaos behind them.


"Well yes, as a matter of fact, I do wish to go over it yet again. I would very much like to know how two Slayers not only overpowered twenty other Slayers, but managed to abscond with their campsite whilst it was under surveillance!"

Kennedy shifted her icepack and winced:

"Geez, Giles, do you have to yell so loud?"

"There are two rogue Slayers on the loose, fourteen of my best Slayers are down with head injuries, Satsu has a moderate to severe concussion and is now hospitalized, and we've no bloody idea how to corral Buffy and Faith whatsoever. For some strange reason I finding myself needing to be loud, but forgive me, Kennedy if I'm in fact bollocksing up the crack job you've all been doing!"

She stood up and looked at him, squinting painfully as the sun blazed cheerfully behind him:

"Giles, it's not like we let them get away, okay? I had the teams in place, nobody screwed up. They're just...they're just super Slayers or something. None of us heard a thing and we were listening."

He sighed and began cleaning his glasses as he regained control of himself:

"…I know that. I'm sorry, Kennedy, I shouldn't have directed my frustration at you. This is a most unprecedented situation and I'm aware it isn't your fault. It isn't anyone's fault."

She relaxed a little then, groaning slightly as she tried out a tentative neck roll:

"We had the place surrounded, everyone was hidden, and none of us heard anything, except the tent getting dragged away...sort of. I guess the noise was so soft and sporadic they couldn't get a handle on it, and none of them had a sightline either."

"Yes, I understand. We knew they were incredibly fast and strong, I suppose we can now add `sneaky' to their list of attributes."

Kennedy whistled, then tossed her icepack to the Council medic as he turned towards her:

"I'll tell you one thing, I'm sick and tired of getting knocked out by Buffy."

Giles replaced his glasses and chuckled slightly:

"And why are you assuming it was Buffy who incapacitated you this time?"

"Because it was definitely Faith who nailed Satsu, and we were sitting on opposite sides."

"Yes, I suppose that makes sense. All right, we need to get organized and stay after them."

She nodded, then held her hand to her head as the pain lanced through her skull.

 "I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm not looking forward to it, not if there's any moving involved."

He smiled sympathetically and patted her shoulder on his way over to the triage area.

"Dr. Roberts?"

The tall, brunette woman turned to him:

"Time for the report already?"

"I'm afraid so. We need to get after them, is there anyone totally out of commission?"

"With the exception of Satsu, I'd say all of the girls are good to go when their headaches ease off in a few hours. Until then, they're not going to be feeling very well."

"Not the best of news, but then not unexpected either. Reinforcements shan't be here for hours…

He faded off as he saw the impatient look she was giving him.

"I'll let you get back to it. Thank you, Doctor."

She smiled, but she was already returning her full attention to her patient. Giles moved away to stand at the center of the area:

"All right, may I have your attention, please? Those of you uninjured in the latest confrontation, we're departing in ten minutes. Most of you shall be remaining behind, so I ask that when you feel up to it, you join us as quickly as you can."

 He wasn't exactly surprised to see every girl struggling to her feet and standing at the ready.

"Girls, while I very much appreciate your diligence to duty…"

It was Rona who spoke up for the group:

"Come on, Giles. It's Buffy and Faith out there, I think we can all handle a headache when they're in trouble."

He smiled, touched by their affection and loyalty to the Slayers:

"Dr. Roberts, what do you advise?"

"It won't do any of them permanent damage, but they're going to feel like hell for a few hours."

Giles was a smart man and he didn't waste any time arguing a point he couldn't win:

"Understood.  All right, the same groups stick together. Satsu's team, please spread yourselves evenly amongst the others. We shall leave in ten."


The Slayers had hauled ass and all of their supplies, and they were presently camped out several miles away. They'd found a small cave, and after Faith's thorough inspection to make sure it was unoccupied, they moved in. It took awhile, but they also managed to get a small fire going.

Faith gathered everything and placed it just so, rubbed two sticks together like she'd been doing it all her life, and then just like that…nothing. She angrily threw a box of crackers, a bottle of water, and then the bright red cigarette lighter. When it hit the cave floor, a spark flared up briefly.


Faith then spent the next twenty minutes trying to make the flame appear again. After burning her fingers several times and almost setting her hair on fire twice, she managed to set some of the dried leaves and brush on fire.

She turned proudly to Buffy:

"Faith make fire!"

Buffy was sitting on their bed, her back leaning against the wall as she watched with excitement:

"Faith good!"

Faith handed the lighter to Buffy, who studied it with awe, then placed it carefully on a rock off to the side:

"Firestick good! Buffy happy!"

Faith was smiling as she returned to the fire and arranged several logs so that the flames had no chance of fizzling out any time soon. When she was satisfied, she carried over a blanket of food and plopped down on the bed:

"Good place."

Buffy opened a bag of potato chips and began eating them happily from off of the tent, offering one to Faith with a big smile:

"Faith eat."

Faith grinned:

"No. Buffy do."

She opened her mouth and when Buffy placed the chip inside, Faith's lips grabbed onto her fingers, sucking lightly while her tongue caressed. Their eyes met and Buffy shivered slightly:

"Faith bad."

Faith sucked harder, then released Buffy to munch on the now soggy chip:

"Faith bad…Buffy like."

And clearly Buffy did. She already had another chip in her hand, her eyes gleaming sexily:

"Faith take."


Buffy moved closer, trying her best not to smile:

"Buffy say take!"

"No. Faith bad."

Faith leaned back trying to look angry, but her dimples were giving her away. Buffy decided to change tactics.

"Faith take."

She placed one end of the chip between her own lips, then slid down until she was sprawled out on their bed. Faith moved in, scooting closer and leaning down to gently take the other end of the chip into her mouth. Buffy quickly bit into her half and pulled Faith down by her hair until their lips met.

When they broke apart, Faith swallowed and licked her own lips.

"Buffy food. Taste good."

She reached over and pulled the blanket closer, snatching up a bag of cookies.

"Faith eat."

She tore the bag apart, and the cookies joined the chips on their bed. She picked some up, then began placing them on different spots on Buffy's body. Buffy grew impatient and went to pick up one, but Faith slapped her hand away.

"No! Buffy wait."

Buffy's eyes narrowed and she growled slightly, but she made no move to stop her.

It wasn't much longer before Faith was finished, all of Buffy's most interesting areas marked by a cookies or a chip, and she sat back with an excited smile.

"Buffy good."

"Buffy want food."

Faith was shaking her head sadly as she straddled her:

"Buffy no eat. Faith eat Buffy."

In just moments, Buffy didn't remember that she was hungry. All she knew was that Faith was the best eater ever.


"Sorry. Say again!"

"I said, mis….ose…erg…Do you copy?"

Xander was this close to throwing his com unit to the ground and stomping it into pieces.

"No! I copy the `copy' part only! Say again!"


Xander's reaction was edging toward the volcanic:

"How much did we pay for these stupid things?!  And what could possibly be so important that you'd contact us now when we're…"

He screamed like a sissy as the air shifted and Willow was suddenly standing right next to him.

"I think he's trying to tell you that I'm coming there…here. Hi, Xander!"

She wrapped him up tight in a hug while he tried to regain his manly dignity:

"Okay, that's the second time in the last couple of days that I've almost soiled myself."

"Hey, there's no shame in wearing a diaper in some circumstances, and this is a stance that `s totally of the circum."

Even she looked confused at her own babbling:

"Sorry. Teleport lag. So where's Giles?"

"He marched onward. My team's lagging back to rendezvous with the reinforcements."

"Ooh, look at you."


She smiled as she linked arms with him:

"You're all commandery and soldiery."

"Yeah, for all the good it's doing us."

"Well, have no fear, Rosenberg is here! And not only am I bringing the rhymes, I'm bringing the locator spells and a bunch of other witchy goodness too."

He hugged her this time:

"The way it's going, I'm hoping you've also got a bazooka or two with you."

"Nope, although mystically I suppose a fireball spell could be considered…"

She pulled herself out of her own tangent:

"So, how are they?"

"Hmm…Remember how hot Raquel Welch was in her cavewoman ensemble?"

Willow's eyes went dreamy as she thought about it:

"Oh yeah, was she ever…Wait, that's all Buffy and Faith are wearing?!"

"Yep, except without the ensemble. They're buck naked."

"Naked?! You mean, `they aren't wearing any clothes' naked?"

"That would be the literal definition, and yes, they are literally without a stitch."


He turned away, only half listening to her as he tried to get his team's attention:

"Oh, they're definitely goddess-like…but not in the `Glory' evil, scary way, although they are pretty scary in their own way...Get ready everybody, we're moving out in ten!"

One of the Slayers asked what was on everyone's mind:

"But what about the reinforcements?"

Xander gestured at Willow who was setting up to do a locator spell, still looking a little dazed at the idea of two naked Cave Slayers running around:

"They're already here, so we'll be moving out soon."

He sat down next to Willow, still amazed at the things she could do even though he'd seen her in action a million times over the years.

"I should be able to pinpoint them in just a few."

"So how come you don't just teleport them here?

"I'm not up to full speed yet, and from the report I got, they're kind of super Slayered up, right?"

He rubbed the side of his head:

"Yep, you won't believe how fast and strong and gay they are."

"So I figure I'd better save my energy in case I need to control them until…Gay? With each other?"

"You said it, sister. Apparently before Faith went all Flinstones on us, Buffy sort of had her way with her. Not that Faith minded all that much, and now that they're the same…"


He leaned over to look:

"Where are they?"

"Buffy's the little red one and Faith is the blue one."

"And see? Faith's on top of Buffy."

She laughed and smacked him on the arm:

"No she's not, they're just in the same location. Besides, it's not that big of a surprise when you think about it."

"No, of course not…except I'm surprised."

Willow gathered all of her stuff and stood:

"Gee Xander, way to be the stereotypical clueless male."

"I am so not clueless, Will, just a little dense and slow."

"The point I'm trying to make is that they've always had mega-sparks flying between them. Then when Buffy got all gayed up with Satsu...Well, I think it's safe to say it was only a matter of time."

Xander was lost in thought:

"Well she sure wasn't gay when we…you know."

"I don't think you can say that, not that it matters since it was so long ago and…"

"Oh God, Will, do you think I made Faith gay?"

She looked at him, her face completely serious:

"Yes, I think you did, Xander."

He looked crestfallen and Willow rolled her eyes:

"Of course you didn't! All I'm saying is that Buffy and Faith have always been attracted to one another, and now with the normal restraints removed, the status quo no longer applies."

"Well all I'm saying is, it's not fair! It was only my first time and I got a lot better at it after that."

"They're all about the id now. In fact, you could say their relationship's completely `id pro quo' now. Hahaha!!! Get it, Xander?"

He clearly wasn't listening:

"It's downright mean to judge a man from his first experience. I was just a boy, and I can't even really remember it. To tell you the truth, I couldn't even really remember it when it was happening either. Plus it was Faith, so you know, anybody'd be a little excitable."

Willow sighed, her brilliant joke lost in his insecurity.



"Shouldn't we get going?"

"What? Oh, yeah."

He turned to the team, once again all commandery:

"Okay guys, let's do it."

They fell into line and moved out, Xander still mumbling under his breath:

"Although Buffy's really hot, so maybe it has nothing to do with me. I mean, I never slept with her, and she suddenly went gay too. Yep, nothing to do with me…unless just the thought of sleeping with me made her…"


"Yeah, Will?"

"We need to get you a woman, Leroy."

"There's a woman named `Leroy'?"

Willow sighed and linked arms with him again:

"It's an old song about…Never mind, okay?"

"Okay. Hey, did I tell you that I've been kicking everyone's ass at ping pong while you've been gone?"


"Yes ma'am…Well, I've been schooling Dawnie almost fifty percent of the time."

"Most impressive Mr. Harris."

He grinned his best Xander grin at her and pulled her closer:

"That it is, Mis…ro…erg…Now let's go rescue our favorite Cave Slayers."



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