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Love and War

by Lil Beamer


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Authors Notes:
This fic is very au. There are no slayers or vampires, but Buffy and Faith are the heroines. And the rest of the main characters are from either Buffy or Angel or from other SMG and Eliza shows.
Authors Notes 2: Single quotes indicate character's thoughts.
Summary: Yes, this will be set in World Word II Europe, eventually.



Part One

United States - 1933

Brother and sister raced each other through the thicket and toward the newly built house not far from their own. A family was moving in today. They had overheard the news while in town that morning.

"Stop pushing, willya?" the young dark haired girl grumbled as her brother gave her another hard nudge before breaking out ahead. Lately, Harry was always cheating when they played. It seemed the only way he could beat her, despite being nearly two years her elder.

Frowning, she followed in annoyance, only slowing her pace when she knew she'd lost.

Harry laughed loudly, turning to shout triumphantly, "The winner!" Bending, to catch his breath, he smiled at his scowling sister. "Aww, c'mon. You're not sore, are you?"

"Naw, I guess not. As long as you admit, you're a rat." Faith teased, tussling her brother's hair. "Geez, you're even starting to look like one. Angel's right. Get a haircut."


"Gotcha!" Faith jumped back from his grasp, still chuckling. "Ratboy, Harry!"

"We-e-ell, I oughta-" Harry drolled, doing his best Cagney impression. The two busted up laughing.

"Yeah, you oughta."

The siblings' banter was interrupted by the sound of a cars rumbling down the unpaved road.

"Shhh. Climb," Harry instructed, giving his sister a boost up the tree. He watched in amazement as she effortlessly made it to the top. Even though his sister was closing in on twelve, she was still very much a tomboy, which was good. Harry couldn't really abide by those frilly types. The longer it took Faith to get that way, the better.

Carefully, he chose his path. Wondering with some worry, if perhaps he was too heavy for the branches.

"Whaddya doin', Harry? Get up here." Faith stretched, taking her brother's hand and helping him to the branch. They managed to get settled without being noticed.

An assortment of vehicles parked, and started to unload.

"Got dad's spyglass?"

Harry smiled mischievously, reaching in his back pocket. "You know it." He plucked the item out and passed it to his sister. "Don't hog it."

Faith snickered as she brought it up to take a peek. The first thing she noticed was that there were far more people piling out than could be in one family. "What gives? There's like fifty of them."

"Let's see."

"Pipe down and wait your turn." Faith crouched lower, continuing to watch. Nothing interesting was going on. Shrugging, she handed the small telescope back to her brother. "Dullsville. A picture show would've been better."

Taking the spyglass, the shaggy haired boy crawled out on his belly toward the edge of the branch. "You just got to know how to do it," He explained.

Snapping it open, he squinted through the eyepiece.

"Sure, teach me, Junior G-man." Faith rolled her eyes. "Yeah, not much fun-" His voice trailed off.

"What is it? Whatcha seeing?" Her brother was acting odd. "Something wrong?"

"No, I--I think that's their daughter."

"So?!" Faith snatched the telescope from him. "What's with you? Does she have six arms or somethin'?!"

Harry reddened and glanced away.

"Ha! You're sweet on her, ain't ya?" Faith teased while placing the spyglass to her eye for another look. Her taunts died immediately when the golden-haired beauty turned to face in their direction.

"Mercy!" Faith exclaimed. Stumbling slightly, she reached to clasp the tree.

Her heart raced as she peered back through the branches. Here was the prettiest girl either of the children had ever seen...how one imagined a storybook princess to be, dainty but regal-- a real dish.

Faith gasped as the girl continued to stare.

"Hey, give it back."

"Shush, Harry. She's onto to us," the brunette whispered, batting the boy's hand away. "Don't move."

They both remained perfectly still while the blond girl gazed at their hiding spot.

"Daddy, someone's over there, watching us."

"Don't be silly, honey. Now come on inside and help your mother."

"Damn, she's leaving. Gimme that." Harry once again tried to wrestle the telescope from Faith, causing her to lose her footing.

"Ow!" The youngster shrieked as she tumbled from the tree.

"No!" Swinging down, he caught his sister's hand. "Faithy, hang on. I gotcha. Don't let go."


"See, Daddy!"

"Buffy wait!"

But the girl ignored her father and rushed over. The instant the two saw her approaching they both lost their grip.

"Aww crud!" Faith cried out, slipping to the ground. Fortunately, the lower branches and leaves broke her fall.

Buffy hovered near curiously while her father leant over the intruder, checking the girl for injuries.

Faith nervously scooted from him. "I'm okay."

"It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you." Hank reassured.

Buffy leaned closer. "Hi, what's your name?"

"Harry," the boy beamed, stepping in front of his sister to grab the blond's hand. "How do you do?" He shook it enthusiastically.

Faith snorted in amusement. "Dope, she's asking me."

Harry let go, blushing.

"Buffy, hold on. I think we should get them inside so I can make sure she isn't hurt."

"Buffy?" The siblings laughed. "What sort of name is that?"

Embarrassed, the girl frowned at her father. "Never mind. It's only a silly nickname my daddy insists on using. My real name's Elizabeth."

"Nah. I like Buffy."

Faith's declaration won her an enormous smile.

"Well me too!" Harry chimed in, envious when Buffy knelt near his sister to check her over.

"Any pain? Dizziness?" Buffy asked in a very serious tone while carefully running her fingers through Faith's hair.

Staring up at the blond goddess, Faith shook her head.

"See daddy, she's fine. No bumps," Buffy informed him, still kneeling next to her new potential friend

"My little doctor," Hank chuckled and gently guided his daughter back. "I look for myself though, sweetie."

"Faith." The dark haired girl blurted. "My name's Faith."

Buffy's grin widened.

"Hank, what's all the commotion about?" Joyce stood out on the porch, calling to her husband.

"Nothing, but I think we may have a couple of guests for dinner."


Part Two

"So can you stay?"

Faith grew uncomfortable, recalling her mother's words about times being hard and how most folks didn't even have enough to eat. Her and Harry were supposed to politely refuse any offers, even if it was something as simple as a stick of chewing gum. This was their big brother, Angel's rule, but their mother backed him on it.

Sighing, she rose to her feet. "Not allowed. But thanks anyway."

"Nonsense. Certainly, your parents wouldn't mind if you stayed for dinner. They're invited too." Hank spoke up, taking control, "Harry, you run on home and fetch the rest of your family. Tell them that Mr. and Mrs. Summers would like to make their acquaintance."

The boy hesitated before meekly replying. "Sir, our dad's dead and our mother-"

"Can't," Faith finished, adding, "She's sick. Has been for a while. Anyhow, we're not supposed to take no charity, so we got to go."

The pity in both Buffy's and Mr. Summers' eyes embarrassed her. Impatiently, she yanked her brother's sleeve. "Com' on, Har."

Reluctantly, the boy turned to follow.

Hank glanced at his daughter, noticing her tears. "Children wait." Stooping down, he smiled sadly at the pair. "I'm sorry about your father."

"It's alright. He was a hero in the great war." Harry said, puffing up with pride.

"I'm sure he was, son," Mr. Summers agreed, clasping the boy's shoulder. "And I bet you're a lot like him."

Harry virtually glowed. "I aim to be."

"Awww, applesauce." Faith shoved her brother. "You're too lazy."

Hank grinned at the good-natured ribbing, stealing a peek at his entranced daughter. These children were apparently fascinating to her. Once again he congratulated himself on his daring decision.

Moving his family across the country and taking them from all that they knew--wealth, comfort, and social status, wasn't solely for his benefit. Not only did Hank want the opportunity to focus on his research, but he also wanted a more "normal" life for his daughter, one that involved interaction with someone other than servants or spoiled peers.

"Listen to me. The dinner invitation wasn't charity, only simple hospitality. We'd like to meet all of our new neighbors," Hank explained.

Buffy brightened, stepping forward to take each of their hands. "Please."

Swallowing hard, Faith tried not to think about the soft palm pressed to hers or the pleading look in Buffy's big green eyes. "I-I don't know. Um Harry, whaddya think?" She turned toward her brother, but he didn't answer, too stunned by Buffy touching him to speak.

Hank chuckled at Harry's lovesick expression. "Alright now. That's enough." He steered the boy from his daughter. "Go on. Go tell your mother where you two will be."

"Yeah and shake a leg," Faith called after him.

"Let's go inside. I'll show you my room."

The younger girl allowed herself to be led inside still puzzling over the handholding. By her estimation they were too old to be doing that, but she didn't pull away. There was something strangely pleasurable about the contact.

"Do you like?" Buffy suddenly released her hand and twirled around the bedroom they had entered. "My room."

Faith stared at the blond, slowly smiling. "Yeah, it's aces."

There were a few boxes, a bed, and a suitcase.

"Oh, it's not much yet, but we can fix it up." Buffy cheerfully dragged her bag toward the bed. Faith watched her for a moment before going to the window and gazing out.

"Who are all those people with you?"

"Other scientists mostly and workmen," the fair-haired girl explained popping open the suitcase. "My daddy's going to build a laboratory here. That's where he'll work, and I will too when I'm old enough."


"Laboratory," Buffy chuckled, stepping behind Faith and putting her arms around her waist. "You've heard of that, right?" She rested her chin on the other girl's shoulder and closed her eyes while breathing in deeply. Faith even smelled good.

Faith froze. Had it been anyone else hugging her like that and she would have flattened them. "Uh-yeah. Maybe."

Buffy's nose tickled her neck, sniffing her.

"What--what are you doin'?" the brunette stammered, resting her forehead against the windowsill.

The petting left them both winded as Buffy awkwardly stepped back. "Harry's here."

"Huh." Dazed, Faith glanced out. Sure enough, her brother was running over the hill.


She never told Harry about that or any of the other stuff. Even without knowing specifically, Faith had figured it was wrong.

In fact, whenever she touched Buffy, the blond practically panted. At the beginning, it struck her as funny, but then Faith's twelfth and thirteenth birthday passed and now another loomed on the horizon. Suddenly, it wasn't a joke anymore. Instead, all Faith could hope for was that Harry would scram for a bit.

"Hey, watch it," Harry growled as his sister pushed past him and took the seat next to Buffy. "That's my seat!"

"Oh Harry, shhh. The picture's going to start." Buffy held her finger to her lips as the theatre lights dimmed.

Frowning, the cuckolded young man climbed over the seats to tap the patron sitting on the other side of Buffy. "Beat it, buster."

"But I was here first," the boy complained. Harry began cracking his knuckles as if preparing to punch him.

"Unfair," the boy mumbled.

"Yeah, tell it to the judge." Harry laughed, heckling the smaller kid.

"That wasn't very nice," Buffy whispered as Harry settled next to her.

"Neither was Faith taking my seat, but you didn't say anything about that, did you?"

Buffy faced the screen without responding.

Before the movie began a newsreel played.

"Damn Nazis!" A kid yelled out, causing a brief commotion.

Faith leaned close. Her lips grazed Buffy's ear as she softly asked, "Want candy?"

Shivering, Buffy closed her eyes and shook her head.

"You sure?"

Harry slid his arm around the back of Buffy's seat and moved closer. "Buffy, do you want popcorn?"


With one word, she gotten rid of Harry and kept Faith near. As soon as the teenager left, she turned to shush Faith, but the brunette misread it.

Eagerly, Faith pressed her lips to Buffy's. The kiss was cut short by the hissing from children behind them. "Yuck! Two girls are kissing!"

Hopping to her feet, Buffy raced out with Faith close behind.

"B! Buffy, wait!"

They were almost a block away before the shorter girl slowed.

"It was an accident," Faith explained, gulping in air and bending slightly. She had no idea Buffy could run so fast. "Sorry."

Buffy's sea green eyes were wet with tears, as she peered back at Faith. "Sorry?" Incredulous, she exclaimed, "You ruin my life by kissing me in public and that's all you have to say!" She poked Faith in the shoulder. "I should tell Harry."

Faith's eyes narrowed. "You gonna snitch?"

Buffy walked off.

"No way!" The sultry young brunette hurried after her. "I ain't gonna be the patsy."

The older girl ignored her.

"Hold up! You wanted that kiss...And that's not all you want."

Buffy slapped her.

Chuckling, Faith grabbed the older girl and dragged her into the alley. "You wanna try that again, shortstuff?"

Afraid, Buffy backed away.

"Shucks." Faith whistled and shook her head, "Nutty broads."

"Ew, you're insufferable!" Buffy pushed her, catching Faith by surprise. They tumbled to the ground. Buffy however, had the benefit of Faith's body to break her landing.

Panicked, the blond hovered over her friend, "Faith? Faithy? Are you okay?"

"Better than that," Faith quipped, rolling to pin Buffy beneath her. "But I'll let you decide."

Fixated on Faith's lips, Buffy stared while they slowly descended to hers.

This second kiss was soft and gentle, unrushed. Gradually she processed the sweet flavor, only murmuring slightly when Faith's tongue slipped inside her mouth.


"Make a wish and blow out the candles, dear," Mrs. Summers instructed, giving the youngster a pat on her behind.

Joyce could hardly believe little Faithy was already fourteen. Glancing at Harry, she smiled. The boy only had eyes for Buffy. Joyce wondered how long before her daughter noticed that.

Faith's gaze locked onto Buffy. Giving her a naughty grin, she leaned over to blow out all the candles.

"Wow, sis." Harry teased, "I guess you'll get your wish."

"Yep," the brunette replied, her eyes never leaving Buffy.

Blushing hotly, Buffy followed their mothers into the kitchen.

Angel roughly pulled his little sister outside. "What gives?"

Faith shrugged innocently.

"Oh no, you don't. Not with me. I'm not dizzy over some dame, like you and Harry. I can see what's right in front of me. And so will others if you're not careful."

"I don't know what you're yappin' about, but stop being such a crumb and get lost," Faith snapped, trying to move past him.

"Alright, that's it!"

Tugging the brunette from the porch, he tossed her unceremoniously onto the grass, just to remind her that he could.

"Are you ready to listen?"

Red-faced, Faith nodded.

"Here's the deal. I'm onto you and so is Hank. I can tell. Now unless you want anyone else to know, you'll start acting discreet. Understand?"

"Uh, yeah." Confused, Faith brushed herself off. "That's it?"

"That's it." Angel repeated, going back inside.

"Faithy, pssst. Faith."

Faith glanced around, looking for Buffy. "B, where are you at?"

"Up here, dollface," Buffy snickered, imitating Faith.

"Ooh, I'm gonna get you!" Faith warned, lifting her gaze. She winked at the blond, then rushed in.

Angel wasn't the only one who witnessed Faith going up the stairs.

Joyce furrowed her brow, intent on following but Hank called for her.

Kicking shut the bedroom door, Faith jumped onto the giggling beauty. "You were snooping."


"So you're lookin' for trouble, is that it?"

Buffy's smile widened as Faith nuzzled and kissed her neck. "Uh-huh."


Part Three

United States - 1936

"Mom, I'm going out." Faith snatched up the box of chocolates, she'd bought for Buffy's present. It took her a whole two months to save for them. She speculated that Harry's gift would be better, seeing that he had an actual job in town, but there was nothing she could do on that account. Tinkering with Angel on her dad's old projects was a much worthier endeavor in her opinion. Besides, she was learning loads of stuff that they'd never teach a girl in school.

"Hey ma, did you hear me? I'm going out," Faith repeated herself, as she headed down the hall. A hacking cough filled the air.

"Mom?" Pushing open the older woman's door, the teenager stood anxiously in the entrance. Angel was with her. The young man had just traded bedpans, giving their mother a new one to cough into.

"What's the story?" Faith shifted from one foot to another, taking in her mother's pale complexion. The fading beauty appeared more frail than usual.

"I've sent Harry to get the doctor." Angel didn't look at his sister as he carried the blood-spattered pan out.


Checking her hairdo one last time, Buffy Anne Summers backed from the mirror. She had applied some lipstick and pinched her cheeks like the other girls at school were doing. Faith and Harry would be over soon. It was her birthday. With a joyful glow she took the stairs two at a time, humming the latest hit.

"Hi daddy," the blond beamed as her father offered her his arm.

"May I have this dance?"

Buffy scanned the room, noticing her mother was placing a record on the record player. Streamers and other decorations filled the area. "What's-"

"Surprise!" Suddenly, everyone jumped from their hiding spots--kids from school, people her dad worked with, and a few relatives.

"Wow." Buffy smiled, speechless.

"Happy Birthday, princess." Her father leaned to give her a kiss.

"When did you have time to plan this?"

"Ah, not me." Hank tipped back on his heels proudly. "All your mother's doing." Holding out his arm once more, he grinned as Buffy took it.

The pair joined the already hopping mass of teenagers as the music played. Buffy continued to search the room.

"She hasn't arrived."

Caught off guard, Buffy lifted her eyes. "Who?"

"I assume you're looking for our wayward girl, Faith."

Blushing, Buffy glanced away.

Hank tilted his daughter's chin up to meet her eyes while he spoke. "Sweetheart, never be ashamed to care for someone. It's one of our more admirable qualities."

"Hot-diggity! The Jitterbug!" Some of the youngsters hooted and cheered as another song faster than the last started playing.

A breathless boy tapped Mr. Summers. "Sir, may I?"

"Have at it, son." He stepped back, allowing Xander to take his place.

"Ready to swing?"

Buffy smirked at her classmate's enthusiasm. "Let's do it."

Whisked away, she enjoyed the fun. After all, Faith and Harry would be there eventually. Neither one would miss her sweet sixteenth party, not her two best friends.


"Is it serious?"

"Har, it's always been serious," Angel muttered impatiently while the doctor finished his exam.

Walking past the boys, he shook his head. Harry ran out but Angel escorted the doctor to the door. "Thanks doc."

"Faith... Faithy. Where's my little girl?"

"Right here, mom." The brunette laid her head on her mother's shoulder.

"Did I ever explain why we call your brother Angel?" The woman asked softly, playing absentmindedly with her daughter's dark locks.

"Not sure." Faith fibbed, swallowing down her tears. She had heard the story many times; it was one of her mother's favorites.

"Well, he was a big baby you know. So difficult to carry."

The youngster nodded, dutifully listening as her mother recounted the event.

"Even the midwives thought I'd never get him out."


"But they kept saying push, push or he'll suffocate. So I closed my eyes and prayed to the angels. I begged them to save my baby."

Faith smiled, hugging her mother tighter as the woman smoothed down her hair and kissed her. "I love all of you, Faithy."

"Yeah, mom." The brunette lifted her head. "I hafta to tell you something. About Buffy." She lowered her eyes. "It's kinda bad."

"No...shhh. I know."

Faith gazed at her uncertain.

"Listen to me. Take care of your brothers, ok?"

"You'll do that too," Faith answered, sitting her mother up so that she could breath easier.

"That's right baby, I will. Now go get my Angel. I need to speak with him," the brunette woman gasped between hacks.

Faith rose from the bed and went out. On the porch sat Harry.

"Hey, aren't you going in?"

"Nope." Harry stared straight ahead. "Not much point, is there?"

Faith frown deepened. "When mom's feeling sickly she always likes to talk to us."

"She isn't sickly, Faith." The boy spoke sullenly, "She's dying."

"You dirty fink, take it back!" Faith screamed, diving on him. "Take it back!"

The two rolled off the porch and into the dirt. Harry was trying his best to control his sister and block her punches without hurting her.

"QUIT IT!" Angel stood on the porch, glaring at his siblings.

The pair broke apart, both wearing the same questioning expression on their faces.

Angel shifted his gaze as he spoke. "Faith, bring Father Matthews. Harry, come inside."



The day they buried their mother was a rainy day. Buffy remained by Faith's side, holding an umbrella over her. It didn't matter though; the teen wouldn't have cared if the dampness soaked her all the way through. Pneumonia and death would have been preferable to what she was feeling.

Now they really were orphans. Maybe this was god's punishment for what she had been doing with Buffy. In that case, Faith might as well have given her mother the tuberculosis herself; her actions killed her just as certainly.

Faith watched as the casket was lowered not even noticing that Buffy had taken her hand. She decided she was no better than a murderer, and no amount of water could wash away that type guilt. Faith stepped out into the rain.

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