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Back to the Beginning:

Big Red

by Amanda



SUMMARY: Buffy saved someone who gave her something in return. In a moment of frustration, something happens… Reliving a moment, will it all turn out like she plans?
GENERAL COPYRIGHT / DISCLAIMERS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the syndicated series and all other characters who have appeared in both shows are the sole property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy & UPN. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.
NOTE: All works remain the © copyright of the original author. These may not be republished without the author's consent.
THANKS: To everyone who has taken the time to write out the transcripts from BtVS episodes. You all are awesome.
SPOILERS: All of Season Six.
NOTE #1: This is the sixth of a series, read the others first.
NOTE #2: If it is written in italics it is the character's thoughts.
NOTE #3: I am going out on a limb with this part, trying something totally new to me, sort of. /god I hope it doesn't suck/ The idea of people always wishing they could go back, and do things differently bugs me. I think everything happens for a reason, even things that hurt, or suck, they are meant to happen, meant to get you to the place you need to be, to the person you are today.
NOTE #4: All of it is in Buffy's POV. & it is short.
NOTE #5: Yes we are starting with a scene that we already had, I only changed it a little.
DATE: 071002- 071202
FEEDBACK: I am a Cancer; do you know what that means? It means I am terribly sensitive and have a complex, believing that it is impossible for me to do anything right. Oh, and it means I am overtly dramatic. DUH.




[Buffy blinked her eyes, the graveyard was gone.

Everything was different. And there was a body pressed against hers. She could hear the Bronze, could smell the alleyway.

Oh my GOD! The wish!

And it came into focus, and suddenly she was reliving it all over again. The smell of Faith's skin, the heat she could feel beneath her fingertips, as they pressed into Faith's back, under her shirt. She lost herself, forgetting everything that had happened between this moment and the cemetery.

In a blink of her eye, it was gone.]



 "B!" Faith hissed out, as Buffy rolled her hips, feeling the muscles of Faith's leg between hers. She recaptured Faith's lips, and suddenly hands were on her hips, guiding her against the length of Faith's thigh. She could feel her core suddenly dripping and aching to feel a real touch, not being separated from Faith by two layers of leather. She pulled her lips away, biting on the Faith's neck, feeling the shiver that ran though the brunette.

"Touch me Faith." She whispered, her tongue rolling on the other girl's ear.

"God, yes." Faith moaned again, and Buffy felt fingers moving against the seam of her pants, working against the rocking of her hips. The fingers knew just how to touch her, but she was aching for more. And Faith knew. She pulled open Buffy's pants with one tug, the buttons undoing. Buffy's skin quivered and contracted as Faith's calloused hand moved over her stomach, down between flesh and the leather. Fingertips just grazing the beginning of her short hairs, tugging them gently, not moving lower. Faith licked Buffy's neck, the looked up. Buffy cupped her face, running her thumbs over the cheekbones. She kissed the girl softly, chastely on the lips, and then felt Faith's fingers moving lower. "I, I, love you." She heard whispered almost too low for Buffy to hear, just as the tip of Faith's finger touched her outer lips. Buffy hissed feeling the sensation coursing through her body. Faith's fingers dipped lower, slowly moving through her wetness. Buffy's knees went weak. The combination of Faith's words and body blew every sense of reason out of Buffy's mind. No one had ever made her feel like this before. She was already on the edge.

"BUFFY!?" It was Angel. Both girls froze. "BUFFY?!" Faith jumped away, but Buffy's hand reached out for her arm.

"Faith, don't leave."

"B, it's Angel."

"I know. Stay here, please. I will get rid of him." Buffy leaned forward, kissing her softly. "I need to talk to you. Don't leave. Promise me?" She touched Faith's cheek. Inside she was fighting a battle. She was terrified, because looking into those expressive dark eyes Buffy Summers knew that she was falling in love. Last time that had not ended well for her.

"Okay, B. I'll wait here." Faith crossed her arms, and leaned against the brick wall. Buffy could feel her lips turning up in a smile.

"Faith?" She buttoned up her pants,


"I think I am falling in love with you too." She kissed her cheek quickly, and turned to run down the alley, to the sound of Angel's voice.



Around the second turn she found him. Angel was standing near the now closed back door to the Bronze, his arms crossed over his chest as he scowled. Looking at him now, not even an hour since she held him, kissed him, he looked paler. There was no sparkle to him. No, the halo was now for Faith and Faith alone.

"I thought you left." Buffy said.

"I thought you left too."

"I did." She shrugged. But noticed his eyes widen. He tried to be discreet, but his nostrils flared as he breathed in.

"Faith." He said in a low rumble.

"Just let it go, Angel." She sighed. She wanted to see what it was that Faith wanted, if this was going to be something serious, before she told him, before she told anyone. She should have remembered this was a vampire.

"But, I, well-"

"Angel, not tonight."

"Not tonight? Buffy I smell her all over you." His eyes flashed, but just for a second.

"You have no claim over me. Wait you know what? We are not talking about this." She turned and walked away, wanting to sprint to Faith. Instead she power walked.

Please still be there. Please.

As Buffy rounded the corner she breathed a sigh of relief, Faith was still standing there. Leaning against the wall, her arms crossed just under her breast. It just added to the cleavage. Buffy came up slowly to Faith. She ran her hands up Faith's arms, stopping her palms on her shoulders. Slowly she dipped her head forward and kissed Faith lightly.

"You stayed." She smiled.

"You asked me to." Faith leaned up and pecked Buffy's cheek. Faith's eyes were sparkling.  "Um, we should go, huh? Vamps to slay?"

Buffy was stealing glances at Faith, but knew better. Her Slayer senses were off the charts as they approached the warehouse Angel had told them about earlier. They needed to be all business now, and then they could be all fun later. Buffy felt a blush burning her ears when she thought about the fun.

Faith motioned to her from where she was by a door. Together they looked through the crack. And there was a huge fat thing surrounded by more of those Eliminati.

"Okay, we got ten, maybe twelve bad guys and one big demon in desperate need of a Stairmaster. Buffy said, fully in Slayer mode now.

"I say we take 'em all, hard and fast and now."

"We need a little more firepower than none. We should head back to the library." Buffy sighed, hating the idea of being stuck with the watcher brigade all night.

"Well, I guess Jacuzzi Boy isn't going anywhere." Faith lifted her head from the crack and looked around. "I just... wish we had..." She turned her head farther and then a smile broke across her face. She looked at Buffy and then pointed in the direction. It was Meyer's Sport and Tackle shop. "Ah. That is too good." Faith started walking over towards it. Buffy trotted to catch up.

"We don't need to go in there."

"Sure we do." Faith replied.

"Faith?" Buffy asked. The other girl turned to her. "I think we should wait for reinforcements. There were a lot that we could see, but I am thinking that there were more."

Faith was about to protest, but let out a gush of air instead. "So what do we do now?"

"Well." Buffy started huskily, knowing exactly what she wanted to do now. "I think. Want." Buffy pushed Faith against the wall beside them. "Take." She reached her hands out and cupped Faith's breasts. "Have." She ran her tongue over Faith's lips, which parted with a gasp. All thoughts of the vampires and breaking into the store were forgotten. Buffy lost herself in Faith's kisses, and Faith's hands that were taking possession of her upper body. Buffy pulled her lips away from Faith's, panting.

"Tomorrow we save the world."

"Tomorrow, right." Faith nodded.



Buffy wasn't sure how they had gotten to Faith's motel room. They had either run or taken a cab, because they had been suddenly there, in the room. Faith locked the door and then raining light kisses all over Buffy's face moved her back to the bed. She lying down, lost underneath Faith. The kiss that met her lips was so deep, Buffy was drowning in it. There was nothing but the feeling of Faith's tongue pressing against hers, running along the roof of her mouth. Faith pulled away slightly, to suck on her lower lip. Buffy arched her back, pressing her body tighter against Faith's.

She felt the weight settle deeper, the hands in her hair.  She gasped when she felt pressure against her core, and her legs opened that much wider, to allow Faith room to move. Faith was slowly grinding, matching the speed of her hips to the swirling of their tongues. Buffy thrust her tongue into Faith's mouth and the younger girl took it, sucking it. Buffy thrust her hips in time with her tongue, and Faith matched her lower body movements. Buffy could feel it building in the pit of her stomach, the growing pleasure from feeling covered, from feeling worshipped. Faith pulled her mouth away to take a gasping breath, pushing her arms out, lifting her chest away from Buffy's, and applying more pressure between their hips that were moving faster, stronger. Buffy didn't hesitate, looking, seeing those breast moving slightly under the tank top and bra. Her hands reached up, capturing them both. She pressed harder into Faith as she lifted the weight of the breasts in her hands with a moan. She never in her life had ever imagined that breasts could fit so well in her hands, nor that they would feel so soft. Buffy slid her palms lower, so she could cup them and set her thumbs over the hardening nipples. Faith grunted in appreciation. This was a thousand times better than in the alley, Buffy thought to herself. Being under Faith, feeling her like this. The only thing that could make this better was if these clothes could disappear. She needed to feel flesh, taste flesh. Faith had built up to a steady rock that they both matched. Faith's arms were shaking slightly, her head thrown back and her eyes tightly closed. Just the sight of her was driving Buffy crazy. She strained up and kissed Faith's neck.

"Buffy." Was her soft whisper as she titled her head down, following Buffy's as she settled it back onto the pillow. Their foreheads rested together, and Faith didn't look away or close her eyes. They were so much darker than Buffy ever remembered, nearly black. She could smell the sweat and the arousal from both of them. Buffy's breath caught, she knew she was close. Just from this, she was so close. Faith's mouth fell open, her eyes rounding. Buffy could see the wash of ecstasy on her face. Buffy Summers had never seen a woman look so beautiful.

"Fuck!" Faith rolled off of Buffy suddenly, sitting up on the edge of the bed, setting her face in her hands. Buffy took a deep breath to calm her heart, but that was impossible. She sat up behind Faith, and rubbed her hands over her back, getting lost in how the muscles felt underneath the tight material.

"Did you?"

"Yeah." Faith groaned. "Never though that would happen."

"Wow." Buffy sighed and set her chin on Faith's shoulder. She turned her head slightly, so that Faith's ear was before her lips. She nipped it once, before speaking. "That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen." Her voice was so low it surprised her. Her tongue followed her words, tracing the shell of her ear. She could feel Faith's breath hitch in her chest.

"You aren't mad?" Faith whispered.

"God no!" Buffy turned her shoulders. "Faith, I, I can't even begin to tell you how I feel, but it is anything but mad." She cupped her cheek, looking into those wide brown eyes. There was a tiny part of Buffy that was disappointed that was still painfully turned on. But a larger part of her was awed, that Faith, fully clothed, had come in her arms, and that Buffy had seen it happen. She was telling the truth, it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Buffy leaned closer and captured Faith's lips, but kissed her gently, softly. When she moved back, she looked at Faith, whose eyes were closed, and a small smile played on her lips. "I want to do that again." Buffy whispered, tracing the line of Faith's jaw. "Preferably naked, but not a requirement."


"Yes. Really. What you think you can tell me that you love me, and kiss me the way you do, and I would just walked away from that?"

"I know you have Angel, and all that."

"I did, you're right. But that's in the past. Nothing can ever happen between Angel and I." Buffy watched Faith frown slightly and knew that the girl didn't understand. "Faith." She said slipping off the bed to kneel in front of her, taking her hands. "When you touch me, when you kiss me." She smiled. "My god, it feels like nothing I have ever felt. I feel it everywhere." She squeezed Faith's hands. "I know we have always had this connection, ever since you came to town, but tonight. Faith, you are amazing, and I want to be with you, if you'll have me."

"You crazy? You think I would say no?"

"I was hoping that you wouldn't." She kissed Faith's palms, both of them, moving from left to right. "What can I do? I mean, I want to make you happy."

"If you're happy," She cupped Buffy's cheek, and she leaned into it. "Then I am happy."

They sat for a moment, looking at each other, before Faith sighed. "You should get home."

"No, don't want to." Buffy pouted. "I want to stay and hold my girlfriend all night."

"Hold? I don't know about that B."

"You know you want to, admit it. Beneath all that leather and attitude, there is a snuggler dying to get out."

"Fuck no!" Faith said, standing up.

"I could make you like it." Buffy said softly.

"There is no doubt about that," Faith answered, giving her a huge grin. "You could make me like anything."

"I'll have to remember that."

"You'll never forget." Faith winked. She held out her hand.

"Sure I have to go?"

"No. But the wrath of Joyce isn't high on my priorities right now."

"Gotcha." Buffy stood and walked over to Faith, swinging her hips more than needed, and catching Faith watching. "Kiss me before I-"

Faith cut off her words by barely brushing their lips together. It was a soft and even then still sensual kiss. It was a kiss of promise, of devotion.



The walk home was a long one. It was quiet out, which was okay. Buffy encountered no one. Not a vampire, not a demon. It left her time to think. Think about how her life had flipped in one night. She woke up this morning still confused and pinning over Angel. Now she couldn't even imagine kissing Angel again, or touching him. His skin was so cold compared to the heat that just radiated off of Faith's body. Where they both had moods, boughts of broodiness, the similarities ended there. Faith was raw and burning passion, Angel was caution and sadness. There was no comparison, no contest. Buffy didn't have to pause. She knew she was Faith's the second the younger girl had kissed her. Melted her heart when she did something completely un-Faith-like and confessed her emotions. Buffy walked up the stairs in her house, and fell onto her bed, fully clothed. She could still smell Faith on them, and was not going to take them off. She smiled happily before drifting off to sleep.



Buffy was standing at the island in the kitchen, looking through the paper, trying to see if there were any more sightings of the Eliminati.

"Admit it." Buffy jumped as Joyce leaned towards her talking. She hadn't even heard her Mom come in. So much for slayer senses. "Some days don't you wanna just wake up and say to Hell with the diet? Wanna make waffles? Big Saturday brunch?"

"No, thanks. I'm not really that hungry." She looked back down at the paper to hide her blush. She couldn't think about food, all she could think about was Faith. Where was she, what was she doing, was she thinking about Buffy? Joyce sighed and walked over to the cabinet.

"So, what did you and Faith do last night?" She asked.

"Nothing. Uh," OH MY GOD. No, no she doesn't know. "Nothing really important." Buffy said, proud that she kept her voice so deadpan.

"Don't worry. I'm not gonna meddle in your slaying." She poured herself some coffee. "Just as long as you're careful."

Buffy felt like she needed to run out of the room. She tried to play the disinterested teenager. "I am." She wasn't ashamed of being with Faith, she was just afraid how her mother would take it. She must be looking worried, because Joyce stepped up to her.

"You sure about those waffles?"

All she wanted was for the day to hurry up and get over with so she could see Faith again. Be near her, smell her. "Yeah. But if you want them, I can help you make them." Please say no, please say no. Buffy needed to go upstairs and be alone with her thoughts.

"No." Her mom sighed. "They only don't have calories if I make them for you. Mom logic. You, uh, done with the paper?"

"Yeah." Buffy hurriedly left her behind as she went out of the kitchen. She needed to take a nice cold shower.



Willow was sitting, watching Buffy's expression as she hesitantly lifted the pouch to her nose. Willow had a track record of trying really hard, but giving her witchy things that smelled, well smelled like shit. This time, Buffy was happily surprised.

"It smells good. What is it?" She asked.

Willow was beaming. "Just a little something we witches like to call a protection spell."

"Good deal, protection." Buffy wondered how she could ask Willow to make one for Faith without getting the aspiring Wicca a heart attack. "I'm surprised, though, 'cause usually spell stuff's more,"

"Stinky. Yeah. That's why I added lavender. Give me time, and I may be the first Wicca to do all my conjuring in pine fresh scent. So what's the plan?" Willow asked. Buffy realized she should have been planning all day instead of fantasying about Faith. "For tonight's slayage. We're going, aren't we?"

I forgot, the gang. I was just hoping from some kisses on the way, and some big time kisses after.

"Yeah." Plus the fact that it was going to be considerably dangerous tonight, she wasn't comfortable having the whole gang there.


"But... there's a 'but'. And that's 'but you shouldn't come... tonight.' Is that cool?" Buffy asked.

The Willow frown appeared on her lips. "Well, sure. Makes sense. You know. You'll be facing big, hairy danger."

"Uh, b-biggest and very hairy."

"You'll be risking your life." There was a question in that statement, but Buffy just ignored it.

"Right. And why risk yours?"

"Because I'm your friend?" She said sadly, and Buffy cringed. She would go with part of the truth. These Eliminati were bad guys, with swords and all. Not a place for her best friend.

"I know, Will, and that's exactly why I don't want you going. It's, it's too dangerous."

"But I-I've done this sort of thing before! Like, a million times, and I can totally handle myself. Besides," Willow lifted her own pouch; eyebrows raised hopefully, "minty fresh protection. So?"

A knock sounded on the door, and Buffy breathed with relief, which was quickly replaced by nervousness, when the door opened and Faith stepped inside. They locked eyes, and Buffy could feel the butterflies in her stomach taking hits of acid, because they were freaking out. She looked so radiant standing there, her demeanor gave nothing away, but her eyes twinkled with the shared secret.

"Ready? Time to motor. Hey, Willow." Faith addressed them.

"Hi." Willow replied, and then turned to look at Buffy expectantly. What had they been talking about? Because the world ended when Faith stepped through the door, and just started again when she spoke. Oh, right. Willow wanted to come. "Uh."

Buffy looked at Faith, and the younger slayer took a step back to the door. Buffy needed to wrap this up and fast. Faith wasn't getting away from her for more than a minute at a time tonight. She stood up swiftly.

"I really should... But we'll hang out later, right?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah. You, you go ahead. I'll just get my stuff." Willow frowned. Buffy wanted to say something, to ease Willow's obvious discomfort. But Faith was already on the stairs. UGH Buffy followed behind Faith, outside.



It was dusk now, and the two of them were walking in an alley near the packing warehouse. They had left Buffy's house and just began walking, occasionally stealing glances, but not touching or kissing. Buffy was beginning to get worried. Maybe Faith hadn't meant what she said; maybe she hadn't meant what they did last night.

"You're quiet tonight." Faith said softly. "Hey, how do you feel about getting some ribs? You know, after we're done?"

Buffy stopped, setting her hand on Faith's arm. "Faith is something wrong?"

"What? No, why would you-"

"We've been walking for nearly an hour, and you ask me if I want ribs?" She whined. "Did I do something wrong? Because I thought-"

"Buffy!" Faith snapped.


"Shut up and kiss me." Faith ordered and pulled her into her arms. Buffy wanted to cry she was so happy, feeling those lips, tasting the cinnamon flavor that lingered in Faith's mouth. It was a quick and passionate kiss.

"Okay." Buffy sighed when they broke.

"I wanted to kiss you so bad, before, B." Faith said hungrily, eyeing Buffy up and then down. "I was so disappointed when Red was there."

"I know." Buffy smiled. "I wanted to-" Buffy was interrupted when an Eliminatus landed in front of them. "Okay, we'll talk later."

"Definitely B." Faith grinned.

The vampire growled and lunged at Buffy. She sidestepped, grabbed his shoulder and shoved him into the back of a near by truck. But that wasn't stopping him. He came forward again. Buffy blocked his leg that was coming at her, and countered with a roundhouse kick to his gut. He fell to the ground and she dropped on top of him. In an instant he poofed to dust. But they seem to keep coming. Buffy ducked away from a roundhouse kick from a vamp, and the momentum of the kick without a hit made him spin again. Faith executed a kick to his side, slamming him into the truck. She staked him quickly before turning to Buffy.

"I think we've got more comin'!"

They started to run in the direction of the packing warehouse. Having this many vamps coming after them could only mean one thing. They were expected.

"We're never gonna make it to the warehouse."

"If they keep coming one at a time, we got a shot." Faith said confidently.

Suddenly another Eliminatus landed in front of them and thrust his short sword at Faith. She reacted instantly, catching his arm and shoving him into a crate, then pulling him off and swinging him backward onto a pile wood. Buffy moved forward and staked him. They kept moving along the alley.

At the end of the building an arm reached out and grabbed Buffy by the shoulder. Instantly she gripped the man and threw him against a dumpster. Faith moved forward, her stake up and ready to strike. He slumped down to the ground, hurt by the impact against the heavy steel container. Buffy watched, thinking that the impact should not have hurt a vampire. OH MY GOD


Faith was swinging down with the stake. But stopped. She leaned back quickly.

"Holy shit, you are human!" She gasped, looking down at the stake in her hand, and then back over to Buffy.

"It's okay." Buffy said softly, taking Faith's hand. "You stopped." She ran her thumb over the back of Faith's hand, before turning to look at the man slumped against the dumpster. "You Mister need to get the hell out of here!"

"But you are the Slayers, I have something for you." He said weakly.

"Give it and get gone." Faith snapped.

"We almost killed you." Buffy said, taking a white envelope from his hands.

"You are in the wrong place at the wrong time, buddy." Faith motioned to Buffy. "Come on." Buffy watched as Faith climbed the near by crates and jumped over a wall. Buffy, looked back at the man who was just sitting eyes wide.

"You are so lucky, you know that!" She said. Her senses started getting wacky. "You need to run and run fast." She said then turned and ran down the alley. She wanted to follow Faith, but she was sensing something strong down here. She went about a block down the alley, when Angel stepped out of the shadows.

"Angel!" Okay, so he was who she had felt.

"Buffy, I've been looking for you." He said. But she was looking around, where had Faith gone to? "Where is Faith?"

Read my mind much? "Around."

"I've just been to the warehouse. I was waiting for you. They got Giles." All snide remarks were for gotten when he said that. She took off running towards the warehouse.

When they got there, Faith stepped out of the shadows. Her face looked pale.

"They have the Tweeds." She said.

"I know." Buffy nodded to Angel who was standing a little to close to her. Faith glared at him, but just for a second.

"B?" Faith asked, looking at Angel.


"I need you to know something."

"What?" Buffy asked, as Angel walked on ahead. Faith stepped closer to Buffy, and took her hand.

"I love you. I know I said it last night, but I really mean it Buffy. All I ever wanted, my whole life was to love someone like you. To feel loved in return. To be valued, and needed. You showed me that last night. I know you didn't have to say it, and you don't have to now. Just know this has been the best day of my life."

Buffy kissed her cheek softly. "Let's go get this done, so I can show you how much I love you Faith." They both grinned. Faith ran one way, and Buffy followed where Angel had gone.




"His name is Angel." Angel said walking into their midst sporting his game face, and immediately grabbed the two Eliminati holding Giles and Wesley, pulling them away and slamming one of them into a wall, the other into some metal shelves. Another one moved to hold the Watchers, but Giles head butted him, and he fell over.

Buffy jumped into the fight, coming from the other direction, backhanded one vampire and punched another in the face. The first one raised his sword moving to attack, but she blocked, grabbing his arm and breaking it over her knee. His hand dropped the sword and she bent down, lifted it and turned to slice through the ropes binding Giles' wrist. She spun, while swinging the sword back at the Eliminatus, but he caught her hand and swung the sword down against the edge of Balthazar's pool, forcing her to drop it. He executes a backhand swing at Buffy's face, making her trip forward, but she returned with a back kick at him, and then shoulder rolled onto a large crate to avoid being sliced by another vamps' sword.

Balthazar howled, "Unacceptable!"

Everyone had been freed and was fighting the mass of vampires. Buffy looked around, seeing Angel, Giles, and Wesley fighting. She spun around, looking while avoiding a sword, and could make out Faith's dark hair. She was battling in the corner. With everyone all right, Buffy moved to the raised area of the floor. An Eliminatus came at her with a sword, but she threw him over a crate and into a barrel. Another one swung at her, and she blocked, punching him in the gut, ducking another swing and then backhanded him in the face. He fell to the floor.

Buffy looked down and saw the Balthazar had Angel by the head and something was happening. She looked up to an electrical cable hanging down from a lamp directly above Balthazar. Perfect. She grabbed it and pulled. The lamp and the cable fell into the pool below. Balthazar immediately dropped Angel, writhing agony as he was electrocuted. Giles and Wesley stare wide eyed. The circuit breakers shut off the power, and Buffy went back down to help Angel. But he nodded her concern away. Buffy looks at Balthazar. His eyes snapped open and he pulled in a sudden breath. She jumped, thinking that he had been dead.

"Slayer! You think you've won? When he rises... you'll wish I'd killed you all." He sighed, and then was clearly dead. Buffy looked at Angel, wondering what the demon meant. Angel shrugged.

Buffy heard a gasp, turned to see Giles holding Faith, a sword protruding from her chest.

Everything just stopped.

Buffy couldn't breathe.

Faith, falling to her knees, Giles holding her up as the blood rolled off of the end of the sword. Then sound flooded back into Buffy's mind. The tapping of Faith's blood hitting the floor. Buffy rushed and pulled Faith into her arms, minding the sword.

"Wasn't paying attention. To busy watching you in action." Faith smiled up at her.

"Baby, no. Not now, not when I just found you." Buffy started to sob, raining kisses on Faith's forehead. This wasn't possible, this wasn't happening. She couldn't lose Faith. Not now. Not when she loved her so much. She looked into Faith pale face, brushing the hair away, but Faith's eyes were already closed, her heart stopped beating. "No, No." Buffy whimpered, and then was hit with a flash. It felt like she was being electrocuted. "NO!" She screamed! Realizing that Faith was dead.

And then Buffy remembered.


That this night had once ended so differently, that she had nearly killed Faith herself, putting her into a coma. She remembered fighting Glory and being sent to another dimension, she remembered Tara dying and Willow going crazy. She remembered Faith coming back.

She remembered it all.

Her breath hitched in her throat as she screamed. "Big Red."



"Well you know what? I wish I could do it all over again! Starting on that night!"

Buffy blinked, she was back, she had just wished.


Faith was standing in front of her, face flushed, angry and scared. But she was standing there and she was alive.

"Yeah, well B, wishes don't come true!"

Buffy stepped forward and cupped Faith's face in her hands, "Yes they do. You came back to me." She said softly. "Faith, I need you. I have always needed you in my life, but I was scared, and I refuse to be scared anymore. I can't promise not to hurt you, but I promise, I will always need you, want you, and love you." Buffy pressed her lips to Faith's stunned ones, and kissed her softly. Faith was stunned, her lips unmoving, but just until Buffy touched the tip of her tongue against them. Then Faith's arms enveloped her, and she kissed back passionately.


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