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Part Three: Chapter Two

Wesley hurried up the steps of the Sunnydale Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The council had arranged a post for him as a collections manager, specializing in rare occult artifacts. Aside from the flexibility the position afforded him for his council duties, he found he rather enjoyed the work. Wesley had always been fascinated by demon cultures and now he had his own large office where he could spread out his books and really get into the research. It definitely beat having to meet Giles in the library and use his materials. Waving at the museum's greeting woman, he made his way to the stairwell leading to the basement. Although it was a little dark down there, Wesley was quite pleased by his new arrangement. The museum's director had given him use of two huge rooms adjacent to his office to store the items he acquired. The larger of the two he'd outfitted as a training room for Faith. In spite of her apparent issues with punctuality, the slayer had fallen into a regular training schedule with him, showing up every afternoon to review weapons techniques, spar, and make use of the equipment he'd added to the space.

Stepping into his dimly lit office, Wesley flicked on his desk lamp and set his lunch down. He was expecting Faith to arrive soon and would have just enough time to finish his salad and return a phone call to an interested donor with some particularly rare paintings done by an unfortunate monk who'd been accidentally teleported into a hell dimension sometime in the 17th century.


Wesley startled, stumbling back into a bookshelf at the unexpected sound of his name.

Faith leaned through the doorway to the training room. "Sorry," she smiled sweetly, letting him know she wasn't apologetic in the slightest.

Brushing himself off, the red-faced watcher righted some fallen books. "You're here early."

The girl shrugged, stepping back through the open doorway into the training room. "Got here a while ago. Had some energy to burn off."

"Oh?" Following her, Wesley paused in the doorway. "Was patrol not very active last night?"

Faith took up position in front of the heavy bag, flexing her shoulders. "Nah, we got six of 'em."

When she didn't elaborate, the watcher spoke again, "But you have pent up energy?"

"I'm five by five." Faith snapped back automatically, punching the heavy bag hard enough to make the beam it was anchored to creak. Catching herself, she threw a lopsided smile his way. "Just this thing with B's on my mind."

Wesley nodded. It had been two weeks since Xander's idea had given them something to go on. Since then, Buffy and Faith had witnessed the deaths of two more past slayers in their dreams. Tensions were running high among the Scooby gang and it was particularly obvious with the slayers. "We'll figure something out soon." Wesley assured her.

Faith didn't respond, but her next kick was hard enough to shake dust from the ceiling.

"I'll leave you to it then." Wesley said, wisely withdrawing from the training room.

Her watcher closed the door behind him and Faith turned her attention back to the bag. She'd been working out hard for half an hour already and the tension thrumming through her muscles showed no signs of abating. It was infuriating, knowing any moment could be the one that this thing came for Buffy. They would have no way of knowing how or when it would come. How was she supposed to fight it?

Slam. Her knee rammed into the heavy bag, causing the long suffering beam to groan. Every day, just sitting around and waiting for something to attack and probably kill her girlfriend.

Thump. She shouldered her weight into it, sending the bag swinging away from her body. While Buffy tried to be brave like she wasn't worrying about it too.

As the bag swung back at her, she leapt, kicking it away again and following, beating into it with both fists pumping in careful precision. Dust shook free from overhead as she wailed on the bag.

"That bag get fresh with you?" A voice behind her asked.

Faith chuckled, letting the bag swing free. Wiping her brow, she turned to face the intruder.

"Hey," Buffy said softly, striding forward to wrap her arms around Faith's torso.

"Hey, birthday girl." The brunette nuzzled her nose into the other girl's hair. "What're you doing here?"

"Thought I'd check out your new digs." Buffy pulled back a little and gave an approving click of her tongue. "Pretty fancy."

Shrugging, Faith smiled. "Yeah, it's not too bad. Wesley does all the work and I get some space to train."

The blonde's responding laugh was faint at best and Faith's hands cupped her bare biceps, squeezing gently. "You okay?"


"Sure?" Faith's hand rubbed briskly up and down her girlfriend's arms as Buffy leaned into her.

The blonde sighed softly and squeezed Faith once more before releasing her. "Giles and Will think they've figured something out."

Faith didn't need to ask what she was referring to. "Well, that's good right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"They with you?"

Buffy nodded.

"Alright, well let's see what they've got." She slid her hand down the other girl's arm to lace their fingers together. Together they walked out into Wesley's office. Giles and Willow were seated at the small table Wesley used for research while the other watcher stood by the bookcase.

Faith nodded in greeting to the two Scoobies as the slayers seated themselves.

"You've found something, Giles?" Wesley asked.

"In a manner of speaking." Giles's voice was reluctant. "We haven't been able to find anything conclusive on who might be behind these killings." He looked at the two slayers. "It means Kendra's warning was correct in that regard."

"Waiting for the good news here, Giles." Buffy said.

"Right," He nodded. "Willow and I have been able to create a mystical alarm of sorts, which would let us know when the attack was going to occur."

Faith's forehead creased in confusion. "When you say 'when,' you mean like it's going to tell you the date this thing is attacking? Or it's gonna go off at the moment it's killing her?"

"The latter, I'm afraid." Giles shot an apologetic look at his young charge.

"That's great." Buffy laughed angrily. "I'll get a minute's warning before you all watch me disappear."

"It wouldn't really happen that way," Willow began but stopped when Giles cast her a disapproving look. "Well, Giles, tell her the good part then!"

Buffy perked up. "There's a good part?"

"And you didn't lead with that?" The other slayer glared at her former watcher.

"I was trying to—nevermind." He sighed. "As I was saying, we've put together a charm you're to carry with you."

Willow interrupted him, turning to her best friend excitedly. "It's so cool, Buffy! We used a spell to show us your life force and we'll be able to tell when something disrupts it."

Wesley stepped closer, looking quite interested. "You used the Tangina incantations?"

Giles nodded. "Yes, with a few minor alterations."

"Brilliant!" The younger man enthused. "However did you think of it?"

"Well, it was really Willow…"

The redhead beamed.

"Guys," Buffy cut in. "Not to interrupt the geekfest, but we're still waiting for the good part."

"Right, of course." Her watcher coughed and plucked his glasses off. "There is a ritual we can use to draw the demon to us, when we know it's time."

"Then I lay the slay down." Faith deduced.


The brunette turned to her counterpart. "So that sounds good, right?"

"I guess so." Buffy nodded reluctantly. "I just don't like the idea of you having to fight this thing alone. It's powerful enough to go back in time to kill off slayers…" She trailed off, unable to say what they were all thinking. "I don't want you getting hurt trying to protect me."

"Part of the gig, B." She lowered her voice so only Buffy could hear. "Nothing's gonna happen to me, okay? Demon'll come; I'll kick ass; we'll go back to my place and…" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Stifling a smile, Buffy murmured back, "Okay, but if you die, I am gonna be so mad at you."

"Got no plans on dying anytime soon." Faith turned back to the others. "So where's this thingamabob?"

Willow dug in her backpack and produced a lumpy green stone strung on a long leather cord. She held it out to Buffy, who accepted it gingerly. "So what's it going to do?"

"It'll glow and it'll get warm too, so even if you're asleep, you should notice it."

"Then we'll meet at the library as quickly as possible to complete the ritual." Giles added.

Buffy sighed. "So now all we have to do is wait."

Giles patted her hand sympathetically. "I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about that."

She gave him a resigned smile. "I know."

With nothing else to report, Giles, Buffy, and Willow stood to go. The slayer turned to her girlfriend. "What time do you wanna meet for patrol?"

"Hmm," Faith pretended to think. "Did I forget to tell you? We're not patrolling tonight."

Buffy eyed her suspiciously. "Why not?"

"We have other plans."

"We do?"

Giving her a skeptical look, Faith shook her head. "Like all we're gonna do for your birthday is patrol?"

Buffy waited in vain for her to elaborate. "Are you gonna tell me what these plans are?"



"It's a surprise." With everything else going on, Faith really wanted to take Buffy's mind off things. She wasn't exactly looking forward to what she'd planned, but she thought the other slayer would love it, so she'd suck it up for the night.

"What kind of surprise?"

"The kind I'm not gonna answer questions about because it's a surprise."

"Well what time are we going?"

"I'll meet you at your place at 7."

"What am I supposed to wear?"

Faith shrugged, unconcerned. "Whatever you want."

"Fine." Buffy rolled her eyes, but she was grinning. "I guess I'll see you tonight then."

"Guess you will." Faith leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. "Now get out of here before Giles leaves without you."

Her impending doom temporarily forgotten, Buffy headed home. Faith turned back to Wesley, who was sitting behind his desk reviewing some papers. "You wanna spar a little?"

He flushed. "I think I'm still a little sore from yesterday's training."

Faith smirked. "Come on, Wes, I barely tapped you."

"Yes well, your idea of barely tapping is on par with the average man's idea of cold clocking. Besides, I have something to show you." Wesley sniffed, a little put out at her teasing.

Smirking, the slayer crossed her arms. "Aww, but you were wearing pads."

He glared at her from behind his glasses. "Would you like to mock me all afternoon or shall we go see what I wanted to show you?"

She held up her hands. "Okay, English. What's up?"

Wesley unearthed his car keys from under a pile of papers. "I don't have it with me."

Faith gave him a skeptical look. "Last time I got in a car with one of you guys, I ended up locked in a house as somebody's snack."

With a long suffering sigh, her watcher stood up. "Are you going to come with me or not?"

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go."



"What're we doing here?" Faith asked, as they pulled up in front of an older building with neat garden work.

"I live here."

Faith studied the place. She'd never really wondered where her watcher was when he wasn't at work or with her. But the building looked nice. "So what are we doing here?"

"You'll see." He said mysteriously, climbing out of the car and starting up the walkway. Faith followed him, wondering what he was up to. The pair stopped in front of a door on the first floor, marked 104. Wesley fumbled with his key ring for a moment and then unlocked the door. The interior was sparsely furnished with older, but well kept furniture.

"So this is your place." Faith remarked, glancing around the living room. It was kind of bare. No photos or paintings hung anywhere.

"Not exactly." Wesley replied.

She turned to see him holding out the set of keys to her.

"What?" She asked, dumbfounded.

"Welcome to your new home." Her watcher beamed with excitement.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course." He scoffed. "If we're going to stay in Sunnydale, you can't stay in that motel any longer. You should have something more permanent."

Faith glanced around the room once more. This was hers?

"It used to be that slayers would live with their watchers. But somehow I didn't think that would work in our case."

Smirking, she nodded in agreement. "Definitely not."

"So, what do you think?"

Faith gave him a flabbergasted smile. "It's great, Wes. But how am I gonna afford this?"

"Well, I've told the council that we need a stipend for your living arrangements. They haven't had to pay anything out for Buffy because she lives with her mother. So it's only fair that they should distribute a little more our way."

She shifted uneasily. Take money from those British bastards?

Wesley continued, "It's enough to pay for the rent with a little extra left over. It might not quite meet all your expenses… Which is why I'd like to work out an arrangement with you."

Eyeing him suspiciously, Faith asked, "What kind of arrangement?"

The watcher could not suppress a small grin. He was obviously quite pleased with himself. "I could use your help at the museum." He noticed Faith curling her lip in distaste. "You don't have to do any research or anything like that. But I could use help with cataloging and storage."

"So, manual labor?" Faith flexed her bicep coquettishly. "I can do that."

"I'm afraid that's not all." He said seriously. "I'd like for you to take the necessary courses and complete your GED."

Faith immediately rolled her eyes. "Why?"

"Because you're too intelligent to throw away your future."

Letting her hand fall onto the worn arm of her new couch, Faith picked at the piping along the seam. Without looking up, she answered, "I'm a slayer. We both know that means I ain't got one."

Wesley watched her for a moment and then shrugged nonchalantly. "I suppose there's no point in Buffy finishing school either then. After all, statistically speaking, she's past her expiration date."

She looked up, her eyes flashing angrily at him. "B's gonna finish school and then she's gonna go to college."

"I believe that." Nodding, Wesley looked at his slayer seriously. "With two of you here, there's every chance that you could both outlive the average life expectancy of a slayer."

"So if I want this place, I have to do this GED crap." She deduced sourly.

Wesley sighed and sat down on the loveseat across from her. "This apartment is yours, Faith. And you're welcome to the job at the museum as well. I'm not going to force you to do anything."

"Wicked." Faith grinned and sat down too, wiggling her butt as if testing out the comfort of the couch.

"But, Faith," Wesley's voice drew her attention once more. "Please seriously consider it."

Smiling brightly, Faith was now flopped down sideways to test the couch's ability to provide sleeping arrangements. "You got it, English."

"I'm serious." He said indignantly, pushing his glasses more firmly onto his nose.

"I hear ya." The slayer confirmed, giving him a serious look. "I'll think about it, okay?"

"Alright." Wesley agreed, letting the matter drop for the moment. "So, would you like to see the rest of the place, or shall I leave you alone with the couch?"

Jumping up gracefully, Faith shot him a hopeful look. "Tell me you stocked the fridge with beer."

"Providing alcohol to minors?" Wesley asked, horrified. "I would never, I—"

"Yeah, yeah." The girl muttered, breezing past him and out of the living room.

Wesley remained in the living room, waiting for Faith to return.

"Queen bed, huh?" Faith asked approvingly as she strolled back into the main room. "Good deal, Wes."

"I'm very glad you like it." He replied sincerely.

"So what are you doing right now?"

"Um, well, nothing, I suppose."

"Perfect," Faith began enthusiastically. "We can go get my stuff then."

"Oh," Wesley said, thinking of the Grathnar mask he was planning on authenticating at home. "Well, I-I suppose if you need—"

"Excellent," The slayer grabbed his arm and yanked him to his feet. "Let's go then. I wanna get over there while the day manager is still on shift. I've been waiting for months to knock that little prick out."

With a resigned exhale, Wesley allowed her to lead the way out.



"Buffy?" The slayer looked up to find her mom peeking into her room. "Faith's downstairs."

"Okay." Buffy studied her reflection in the mirror again. Black pants, high heels, nice top. It had been hard to coordinate with the stone Willow had given her, but she thought she looked decent enough. "Do I look okay?" She asked, before Joyce could duck back out.

Her mother gave her a puzzled smile, stepping into the room. "You look beautiful, honey. You always do."

Smiling back, Buffy wrapped her arms around Joyce and squeezed her gently. "Thanks, Mom."

"I like this necklace." Joyce gestured at the stone hanging around her daughter's neck. "It's really pretty."

Buffy thanked her quietly. It hurt sometimes, how frequently she had to leave her mom in the dark. Even now that Joyce was in on the secret, Buffy still couldn't tell her when something big was happening, not if she wanted to keep her safe. If Joyce knew what was going on, she'd just be worried about Buffy all the time. She didn't want to put her mom through that.

Joyce squeezed the slayer's arm once more and then chuckled. "Have a good time on this mystery outing. I tried to pry the info out of Faith, but no luck."


"Well, I'm curious!" Joyce led the way out of Buffy's room. "I'll see you later, be careful."

"I will." Buffy turned and headed downstairs, leaving her mother on the second floor.

In the entryway, Faith leaned casually against the door, wearing skintight leather pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Her arms were folded under her breasts with a long piece of fabric dangling from one hand. "Hey," She grinned.

"Hi." Buffy mustered a smile for her girlfriend, even though she wasn't in a particularly happy mood.

Faith stepped forward, meeting the other girl in the middle of the foyer. "You all set?"


"You look hot." She looked Buffy up and down with a wolfish smirk designed to make the other slayer smile.

Buffy laughed. "Thanks, so do you."

"Maybe we should skip this thing and go up to your room?" Resting her hands on Buffy's waist, the brunette pulled her in closer, making quick work at destroying the carefully applied lip gloss the other girl was wearing. "Mmm," She murmured, "Strawberry?"

Buffy bit her lip playfully. "Yep."

"Who you wearing that for?"

"My other girlfriend." The blonde rolled her eyes.

"Hmm," Her girlfriend purred. "This other chick gonna be at the thing?"

"What thing?"

"The thing you're not gonna get any more information about until we get there."

Buffy pouted, dropping her hands from the brunette's shoulders. "You're mean."

"We'll see what you think after we get there." Faith handed her the piece of fabric she was carrying. "Here, put this on."

"You want me to wear a blindfold?" Buffy's voice was skeptical.

Plucking the fabric from the blonde's fingers, Faith straightened it out and then stepped behind her. "Do you have to make everything so difficult?"

"Yes." Buffy replied sincerely, adjusting the blindfold as the other girl tied it carefully behind her head.

"Can you see anything?"


"Okay, good." Faith's fingers entwined with hers. "Then we're all set."

Buffy allowed herself to be led down her front walk to the curb, where she could hear a car engine rumbling. A door slid open and then she squealed, as Faith's hands abruptly lifted her from the ground and placed her inside the vehicle. The brunette climbed in after her, slammed the door shut, and nudged Buffy over on the seat so they'd both fit. Sniffing experimentally, the blonde detected a musty odor, mixed with Armor All and a faint hint of… pot? "We're in Oz's van." Buffy announced smugly.

Beside her, Faith sighed. Oz smiled silently, concentrating on getting them to their destination. Willow looked back at Faith, giving her an exaggerated disappointed face. The brunette grabbed her girlfriend's hand, squeezing it harder than necessary. "You're taking all the fun out of this, B."

Buffy sniffed again, moving her blindfolded face back and forth. "I smell Dove soap and a lot of lavender. Willow's here!"

Groaning, Faith glared at the redhead, who shrugged helplessly. "I like lavender! It centers me after I do a spell!"

"It's fine." Faith sighed. "Buffy, you're ruining the surprise."

Pouting, Buffy turned her face in the direction of the other slayer's voice. "Am not! I don't know where we're going."

"You'll probably smell that too." Faith said disagreeably.

"Okay," The blonde leaned into the other girl's side. "I promise to hold my breath when we get there."

Mollified slightly, Faith smiled and wrapped her arm around her fellow slayer. She poked a finger into Buffy's side, making her jump and smack Faith's thigh. "Stop," She murmured softly against the blonde's hair, letting her fingers slide under Buffy's top and glide across her bare hip.

Buffy immediately stilled, biting her bottom lip as the brunette's fingers wandered to across her skin, moving easily up her bare back. She felt Faith's other hand land gently on her thigh. She sucked in her breath as the other girl's fingers moved diagonally across her back, coming to a stop under her arm, with Faith's fingertips just touching the side of her breast. The palm on her leg crept upward slowly, until probing fingers rested lightly against the seam on her inner thigh.

Buffy tilted her head accommodatingly when Faith's lips nudged her jaw upward. "Faith," Buffy began in a whisper, only to cut off abruptly when Faith's warm tongue slid down her neck and the hand on her leg pressed fully against her crotch. What the hell was Faith doing? Oz and Willow were right there and could turn around at any moment! She rested her palm over Faith's, intent on moving her hand. At her touch, Faith's fingers started rubbing rhythmically right where Buffy suddenly wanted her hand to be. "Mmm," She exhaled.

"Shh," The brunette whispered again, kissing the side of her girlfriend's neck. Struggling to keep her breathing even, Buffy found herself parting her legs slightly. She had to stop Faith. She would stop her. In a moment, she'd stop her.

"Probably easier to park here." Oz's quiet statement broke into her thoughts and Buffy sat up abruptly as Faith's hand disappeared from her lap.

"Sounds good." The brunette said evenly.

Buffy smoothed her hands down her legs, making sure to elbow Faith's ribs in the process. "Jerk," She hissed from the side of her mouth.

Laughing throatily, Faith's lips found her ear. "Make it up to you later, B. I promise."

Buffy smiled. She was counting on it.



"This was so much fun!" Buffy exclaimed, for the third time since they'd left Disney on Ice.

"I know!" Willow agreed enthusiastically, playing with her glowing Beauty and the Beast rose.

Buffy was holding several toys of her own, including the rose, a stuffed Flounder, and a stuffed Dopey.

In the front seat, Faith and Oz shared a bemused smile as the van rolled to a stop in front of Faith's new apartment building. "Hey, man, thanks for driving." Faith said warmly.

"No problem." Oz replied.

Climbing out of the van, Faith opened the back door for her girlfriend.

"Where are we?" Buffy looked curiously at the building as she hopped out, clutching her new toys.

"It's a surprise." Smirking, Faith closed the van door and waved goodbye to their friends.

"Another one?" The blonde asked as Oz and Willow pulled away.

"Yup." The brunette led the way inside, watching Buffy from the corner of her eye as she opened the apartment door and gestured her inside.

Confused, Buffy turned to her. "Whose apartment is this?"

Faith dropped her keys on the hall table and gave her a pleased smile. "It's mine."

The blonde gaped back. "Huh?"

"Yep, Wes worked it out with the council and—" She stumbled back slightly as Buffy hugged her.

"Faith! That's great!"

"I guess so."

Smacking her arm, Buffy cried, "You guess so? This is way better than the Motor Inn."

Nodding her agreement, Faith held out her arms. "So, you want the grand tour?"

The other girl carefully placed her loot on the table. "Sure."

Faith led the way into the small living room. "Here we have the living room… No tv yet. Gotta work on that…. Followed by the kitchen." She gestured Buffy into the tiny kitchen. "Sorry, I don't really have anything to eat or drink yet."

"That's okay." The blonde ran her fingernails distractedly over the countertop. "This is really nice, Faith."

"Yeah…" Faith stepped closer and pulled Buffy against her. "You thinkin' about stuff?"

"Can't help it." Buffy confessed, letting the brunette support her weight.

"B, baby," Her fingers slid up and down the other slayer's spine, "Tonight was supposed to be worry free."

"I know. I'm sorry." Sighing, Buffy let her forehead rest on the other slayer's shoulder.

Faith looked down and pressed a kiss to the blonde's temple. "You don't gotta be sorry. Just… let me take your mind off it."

Nodding, Buffy squeezed the brunette's waist and pulled out of her embrace. "So," She said slyly. "Aren't you going to show me the bedroom?"

Faith's grin was her answer. "It's back here." Taking the blonde's hand, she led her to the small bedroom and nudged the door open with her toe. "So, here we have the bed. And this concludes our tour."

"It was a good tour." Buffy murmured, pressing her lips to Faith's.

"Mhmm." Faith managed. "I think you gotta try the bed to really get the full effect though."

"Yeah?" Buffy asked, sliding out of the brunette's arms and backing slowly toward the bed. "You want me in your bed?"

Faith followed her footsteps eagerly. "I want you anywhere you wanna be, baby."

Buffy drew their hips together and one hand glided under Faith's shirt. The other slid up her back to twine in her hair. She tugged Faith forward, eagerly kissing her. The brunette melted against her, letting Buffy set the pace of their kiss. She let out a surprised moan when the other slayer yanked her head to the side, bringing her mouth to Faith's neck.

"Mmm, B…" Faith whispered, digging her fingers into Buffy's back as the other girl sucked on her neck.

The hand under her shirt moved slowly across her abdomen, making Faith's skin break into goosebumps. Buffy's palm reached her bra and firmly cupped her left breast. She struggled for a minute to wedge her fingers under Faith's bra before becoming frustrated and yanking upward on the hem of the shirt.

"Guess I should take you to ice shows more often." Faith smirked, lifting her arms so the blonde could tug her shirt off.

"Maybe you should." Buffy's voice was husky as she pulled Faith back into her arms.

The taller girl rubbed her girlfriend's back softly as Buffy trailed kisses across her shoulder and reached for the clasp of her bra.

Faith moved her arms, letting the blonde slide the straps down and off.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Buffy pulled Faith forward to stand between her legs. "God, you're so beautiful." She murmured, looking up into the other girl's face.

Faith's hands landed on Buffy's shoulders as she smiled shyly. "You're not so bad yourself."

"Thanks," Buffy laughed. She scooted backward so she was lying on the bed. "You gonna come down here with me?"

Faith climbed onto the mattress next to her, kneeling. Looking down at Buffy's rumpled hair and flushed cheeks, she asked, "Why are you still wearing clothes?"

"Why are you?" The other slayer countered.

Shrugging, Faith stood again. Watching her girlfriend, she toed off her boots while slowly unbuckling her belt. She pulled it free of her pants and snapped it playfully in the blonde's direction, earning a laugh. Faith's fingers undid her pants and she slid them down her thighs, kicking them off her ankle and across the room. Buffy was watching her with wide and (she hoped) excited eyes. The brunette toyed with the waistband of her panties. "You want these off too?" She asked in a low voice.

Buffy nodded, propping herself up on her elbow.

"Gonna have to trade me your shirt."

Sitting up, the blonde pulled her shirt and the long cord holding Willow's crystal up over her head, followed swiftly by her bra. They landed in a heap on the floor. "Okay, your turn."

Faith tugged the underwear down and stepped out of them, standing naked before Buffy for the first time. "So what about those pants?" She cocked her eyebrow, moving to kneel beside Buffy again.

Buffy didn't really have the presence of mind to respond even as Faith's hands began unzipping her pants. Her eyes were roaming the naked woman currently trying to strip her. Faith's fuller breasts swayed slightly as she manipulated the pants down Buffy's legs. Pert nipples stood erect and waiting to be touched. Her tan stomach gave way to slightly rounded hips and a dark thatch of hair between her muscular legs. Faith seemed totally at ease with her nudity, not shielding anything from Buffy's probing gaze. She looked up and grinned easily when she saw the blonde checking her out. "You wanna help me out here?"


Faith snapped the waistband of Buffy's still present underwear demonstratively.

"Oh." Buffy lifted her hips cooperatively, blushing now. The room was dim, illuminated only by the light from the hall filtering in the open door, but Faith had enhanced eyesight the same as she did. And they were about to be totally naked to one another. She still wasn't used to having someone else studying her bare body.

Gently, Faith lifted each of the other slayer's ankles to slide her underwear off and drop them next to the bed. Both slayers' eyes ravenously traversed each other's bodies. Faith gazed down at the naked woman before her, drinking in the gorgeous sight of the blonde slayer in her bed. Buffy's hair pillowed around her head, disheveled but still beautiful. She'd spent months imagining getting the other slayer like this. Totally exposed, looking up at Faith with a gaze that was definitely hot and bothered, but also a little nervous. Her legs shaking slightly. Lips flushed and swollen. It was hard to believe it was really happening.

"You coming?" Buffy asked, seeming put off by how long it was taking the brunette to get back to her.

In response, Faith settled in on top of the blonde, immediately groaning as Buffy's legs encased her hips. Their kisses were softer now, both getting used to the feeling of each other. The brunette's hands cupped Buffy's cheeks as she softly pressed her lips to every inch of her face.

Buffy's hands covered hers. "You okay?"

"Perfect." Faith answered, "You okay?"

"Yeah." The blonde's arms folded around the other slayer, her breath hitching as their breasts pressed together. "I have an incredibly hot slayer on top of me, how could I not be?"

Smirking, Faith ran her hand down the blonde's side and clasped her thigh. "Yeah, you pretty much lucked out here." She pressed her hips down against Buffy's, grinding into her.

The blonde sucked in a shaky breath but managed to dig her nails threateningly into Faith's back. "Cocky."

"Ain't cocky if it's true," Faith began smugly, only to cut off when Buffy wrapped her legs around the brunette's hips, pulling her even closer.

"Shut up, Faith."

The slayer did as requested, bringing her mouth hungrily to Buffy's and bumping her hips rhythmically against the other girl. Buffy's legs pulled her in tighter every time their bodies met, grinding her hot wet pussy against Faith's. Buffy felt incredible under her, her hips rolling up to meet Faith's every movement. The blonde's teeth fastened lightly to Faith's shoulder and her fingernails raked random patterns down the brunette's back.

Tension built inside Faith with every downward thrust against the other girl's slick body. She'd done this sort of thing before, with guys, but fuck, it hadn't felt like this then. Buffy was so wet. Faith's pussy was dripping and her thighs were covered in sweat and a combination of both their juices. She grunted as she ground down between the blonde's legs. She was so close to coming right now. She really needed to pull back and slow down before—fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck! It was too late and she groaned into Buffy's neck as she came hard, jamming her pelvis against the other girl's slippery heat.

They laid there for a moment before Buffy murmured, "Did you…?"

"Yeah," Faith answered, irritated at herself. She'd just had an orgasm from basically nothing, like some horny teenage boy. Two minutes on top of Buffy and she was done. Trying to fight off the complete embarrassment, Faith rolled off of the blonde and sat up.

"What?" Buffy asked, reaching to touch her girlfriend's back. "What's wrong?"


"Was it… not good?" Concern had crept into Buffy's voice.

"No," Faith turned back around, feeling like a jackass. She knew Buffy's history and she knew she should be making sure the other girl was reassured about things between them. "It was good." She picked up Buffy's fingers and squeezed. "Just didn't mean to get so carried away."

"I like you carried away." Buffy assured her, sitting up too and putting her arm around Faith's shoulders. "I'd like to get you carried away again, in fact."

Smirking, the brunette turned in her direction, threading her arms around Buffy. "So do it."

Put on the spot, Buffy blushed. She pushed back on Faith's shoulders until the other girl acquiesced and the two lay facing each other. She wiggled closer to her girlfriend, bringing their mouths together while she let her hands wander to the other girl's soft breasts. She rolled one nipple in each hand, pinching them between her thumbs and forefingers. "Too hard?" She whispered, when Faith winced slightly.

"Little bit."

"Sorry." Buffy released her hold immediately.

"S'ok." Faith murmured and brought her hand up to cover Buffy's. Guiding it back to her chest, she moved the blonde's fingers, showing her how she liked to be touched. "Like this." Buffy mimicked the pressure Faith had applied and the brunette let her own hand drift back to the other girl's hip, rubbing her skin encouragingly.

When Buffy moved to her neck, gently licking the side of her throat up to her earlobe, Faith moaned appreciatively. "Mmmm." She could feel Buffy smiling against the sensitive skin of her neck.

Nipping gently on Faith's earlobe, the blonde let her left hand drift lower. She moved over the brunette's deceptively thin chest, letting her fingers trail across Faith's ribs and skate across her taunt abdomen. As her fingers slid below the other girl's belly button, Faith inhaled sharply and her hold on Buffy tightened. Taking this as a good sign, Buffy slid her fingers through the course hair covering Faith's mound.

Faith parted her thighs helpfully. After so many nights spent pretending it was the other slayer's hand sliding down between her legs, she was getting the real thing. She felt like she could come on the spot. Buffy's hand cupped her, finally, and Faith arched her back, thrusting against the other girl's palm.

"Mmmm." Buffy sighed as her thin fingers slowly slid into the slick heat between Faith's thighs.

"God," The brunette panted, trying desperately to keep from grabbing Buffy's wrist and guiding her fingers inside, where she wanted her. The blonde's movements were tentative as she moved her hand up and down, hitting every sensitive spot Faith had. Her neat, short nails scraped lightly against Faith's engorged flesh, sending little jolts of pleasure radiating up her body.

It took a few wide circles of her index finger but Buffy knew she'd found the little bundle of nerves at the top of the other girl's slit when Faith's thighs trembled and she cried out. "That good?" The blonde murmured, feeling her own arousal intensify as she slid her fingers over Faith's clit.

"Uh huh," Faith managed.

Emboldened, Buffy let her fingers glide back down her girlfriend's pussy until they pressed against Faith's opening.

"Yeah," Faith muttered, her hands pulling at Buffy's hips. She groaned as the blonde sank two fingers into her. "Fuck, Buffy!"

Buffy slid herself downward for easier maneuvering and began plunging her fingers slowly in and out of Faith's hole. She pressed her face against the brunette's heaving chest, gently sucking one nipple into her mouth.

Faith's fingers threaded into her hair, tugging excitedly. "Just like that." She whispered throatily.

Buffy clenched her thighs together sharply, making an effort to ignore her own excitement and focus on making Faith come. It didn't help any that her heightened sense of smell could pick up the salty sweetness of Faith's soaking wet cunt. She'd been nervous starting out, but now she felt amazing, in control and obviously good at what she was doing. Letting Faith's nipple slide from her mouth, she sat up quickly, suddenly eager to do everything.

"Where you goin'?" Faith whimpered, her hands reaching to pull Buffy back next to her.

"Just down here." The blonde licked her lips, her eyes already focused on her destination.

Faith looked surprised, but she shifted her hips so she was on her back and Buffy could settle between her legs. "You sure about this, B? You-ohhhhhh."

Buffy hadn't waited for the brunette to finish her sentence. Instead she'd lowered her mouth to the other girl's pussy and taken one long lick.

"Okay, so you're sure then." Faith muttered, closing her eyes as Buffy's tongue glided up her slit, finding her clit and lavishing it with soft, circular laps. "Ohhhh, God, B…" Her hips jerked and only Buffy's palm splayed across her belly kept them on the bed.

Slowly moving her fingers in Faith again, the blonde closed her lips around the sensitive nub under her tongue and sucked it softly. "Shit!" The other girl panted, grabbing fistfuls of the sheets and twisting them. "Go deeper."

Buffy managed a grunt that sounded affirmative and pushed her fingers as far into Faith as she could, withdrawing them slowly and then thrusting back again.

Faith cried out, her muscles clenching. Buffy brought her tongue against the other girl's clit, flicking it back and forth quickly as she finger fucked Faith enthusiastically.

Faith's fingers knotted in the blonde's hair and she arched off the bed. "Don't stop, don't stop, don'tstopdon't—oh! Ohhhhhhh!" The blonde moved with her, not moving her mouth or her fingers until Faith went limp and lay there panting.

Incredibly pleased with herself, Buffy sat up, using her clean hand to wipe her mouth. As the black spots faded from her vision, Faith looked up to see Buffy smiling softly down at her. "You've done that before." She accused.

"Never!" Buffy promised. Casually, she brought her wet hand to her mouth and slid one finger between her lips.

Faith's eyes widened as she watched the blonde lick her come off her fingers. Suddenly gaining a second wind, she sat up and grabbed Buffy's wrists, causing the squealing girl to pitch forward onto her. "My turn." She declared.

"I thought that was your turn." Buffy replied cheekily.

"That was your turn."

"Seemed like you had a lot of fun on my turn."

Faith growled, "Well, now you're gonna have some. If you can be quiet for five minutes."

Buffy pantomimed locking her lips and throwing away the key. Excitement was plain in her flushed face and bright eyes. Leaning closer, Faith kissed her gently.

"Mmm," Buffy sighed, tilting her chin up for more, but Faith was already pulling back. Much to Buffy's disappointment, the other slayer sat up, kneeling between her splayed legs. The brunette's strong hands hooked around Buffy's calves and she pulled her lower body forward, so Buffy's butt rested on her thighs.

Wasting no time, Faith's fingers immediately moved to stroke Buffy's soaked sex. The other slayer's breath came out in a hiss as the brunette slid both thumbs along her inner lips. They met at Buffy's clit, rubbing it softly between them. "Touch your tits." Faith ordered her huskily.

The blonde's hands immediately moved to her breasts, cupping them and tweaking her nipples.

"That's so sexy." Faith breathed. Her left thumb slid down Buffy's slit, dipping into the wetness pooling there. Switching to her middle finger, Faith pressed gently against the other girl's sex, feeling her stomach clench in desire as she watched it slide inside Buffy's hot, tight pussy.

Buffy moaned, pressing her pelvis up against Faith's hands.

"Can you take two?" Faith wiggled her finger demonstratively. When the blonde nodded, Faith eased her finger out and then gently inserted both her index and middle fingers. Buffy winced for a moment, but as Faith carefully pulled backward and thrust in her again, her lips parted in pleasure. "You're so tight." Faith marveled, rubbing her thumb against Buffy's clit once more.

The blonde's eyes clenched shut, her hands stilling their ministrations on her breasts. A soft groan escaped her throat. Sensing that Buffy was close to coming, Faith sped up her movement. "That's it, baby. Come for me."

Buffy whimpered and arched her back. Faith's fingers pumped her pussy relentlessly while her thumb circled the other girl's clit at just the right pace. "Faith…" Buffy breathed and then her body spasmed. "Faith!" She cried out again as her climax exploded through her and she literally saw stars.

Satisfied, Faith gently pulled her hand free from Buffy's body and she flopped down beside the panting girl. She extended her arm and Buffy rolled into her embrace. "Happy birthday, B." Faith kissed her cheek gently.

Buffy smiled sleepily. "Best… birthday ever." She mumbled and snuggled in closer.

Smiling softly, Faith groped for the sheet and pulled it over them. She wrapped her arms tightly around the other girl, listening to the reassuring sound of Buffy's deep, even breathing. She'd done her best to keep Buffy from worrying tonight, but Faith was actually much more afraid than she'd let on. She had no idea what this demon was coming after the other slayer or how she'd defeat it. Hell, she didn't know if she'd even get the opportunity. Giles and Willow's plan didn't sound exactly foolproof.

She studied Buffy in the dark, letting her fingertips trace the other girl's skin. Her thick dark eyelashes, fluttering against her creamy cheeks. The place where her neck curved into her shoulder so elegantly. The indentations of her collarbone and the dusting of freckles sprinkled across her chest. Faith was beginning to know these as well as she knew her own body. The thought of losing them, of never seeing Buffy's smile or hearing one of her silly jokes, scared her more than anything she could remember. Faith had respected and cared for her watcher and been devastated at her death. But this would be worse. She couldn't say the words out loud yet, wasn't even sure she would ever be able to, but her feelings for the other slayer were evolving into something deeper than she'd experienced before. And she wasn't sure which thought was more terrifying—losing Buffy, or loving her.

Buffy's sleepy mumbling and rolling over broke into her thoughts. Faith followed the other slayer, fitting her body behind Buffy's and closing her eyes. Kissing the back of Buffy's neck gently, she resolved to get some sleep and worry about everything tomorrow. By the time the green light began to glow softly on the floor, both girls were sleeping peacefully. The stone remained under Buffy's discarded shirt, completely unnoticed.



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