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Part Two - Chapter Five

It was almost 3AM by the time Cordelia pulled to a stop in front of Faith's motel. The two slayers tumbled from her car, calling back to wish their chauffeur a goodnight and a happy new year. Faith fumbled at the door for her keys while Buffy shifted from foot to foot beside her, trying to ease some of the high heel associated soreness. When she managed to unlock the door, the dark-haired girl shoved it open and held out a chivalrous arm to her companion. "After you." 

The blonde smiled and gingerly stepped into the darkened room.  

"You don't have to worry," Faith informed her, bending to plug in her holiday lights. "It's clean, you won't trip." 

"Ah," The younger slayer smiled, looking around the room. "You just knew I was gonna forgive you and you'd lure me back here tonight, huh?" 

Shrugging noncommittally, the brunette toed off her boots and flopped back on the bed. "Maybe." 

"Again with the maybes?" Buffy sighed, kicking off her pumps clumsily. Faith patted the space next to her and the other girl crawled up the bed to lie beside her. 

"I wasn't sure." Faith confessed. "Hoped you would though." 

"It's a New Years Eve miracle." 

Faith laughed. "Yeah, Buffy Summers forgiving me without making me grovel? Must be." 

"Hey," The girl in question protested. "I don't make people grovel." 

"Oh, really? What about that time when Xander ate the last donut? You didn't talk to poor X for like a day." 

"Untrue. Patently untrue." 

"You told him he had to bring donuts to the next three meetings." 

"That's not groveling." Buffy sniffed. "It's bribery." 

"Right… I see how you operate. So I don't gotta bribe you to get back in your good graces?" 

"Well," Buffy considered, snuggling into Faith's side so her mouth was pressed against the other girl's neck. "It wouldn't hurt."  

"Uh, what—what d'ya want?" Faith managed to sputter as the blonde fastened her hot mouth over a spot just below Faith's ear and began to suck. 

"Mmm," Buffy breathed, pulling back enough to reply. "How about a kiss?" 

"A kiss?" Eagerly flipping onto her side so she could face the other girl, Faith leaned closer so she could brush Buffy's mouth with hers. "That's all you want?" 

"You're right." Grinning devilishly, Buffy threw her palm up to block the brunette's trajectory. "That's not enough. How about… a foot rub?" 

Dropping her head in mock disappointment, Faith acquiesced. "Alright, B. Give me your foot." 

"Yay!" Buffy scrambled around the bed so the two girls were laying head to toe. She wiggled her stockinged feet enticingly at the brunette's face. When the other slayer grasped her foot and began to dig her fingers into it therapeutically, Buffy pulled her foot back. "Don't you wanna take off my stockings first?" 

Faith's eyes widened in surprise. "You want me to take your stockings off." She muttered incredulously. "Right. Okay."  Somehow she managed to get to her knees beside Buffy without shaking, or drooling, or falling on the blonde like the idiot she felt like. Grasping Buffy's ankle cautiously, she trailed her hands up the blonde's calf, pausing hesitantly at the knee. She looked up to judge the other girl's reaction and found Buffy gazing back at her in anticipation.  

She watched her hands as they glided under the skirt of Buffy's dress, inching further up. The other slayer's legs were like warm silk under Faith's nervous palms. The blonde bent her leg at the knee to accommodate the dark slayer's fingers and that little bit of encouragement made Faith more confident. The hem of Buffy's dress slid up her thighs with the help of the brunette's forearms and Faith exhaled roughly when she saw her fingertips were just millimeters from the exposed flesh at the top of Buffy's stockings.  

"Huh." She murmured. "These are pretty fancy." She let her hands slide to the top of Buffy's leg, almost but not quite touching the edge of her panties. "So let me guess, you knew you were going to forgive me and let me lure you back here tonight?" 

"Maybe." Buffy bit her lip to hold her smile in. 

"Hmm." The brunette grumbled playfully. 

"I didn't know." Buffy's response was quiet. "I didn't even think you felt like this." 

"Like what?" Faith's fingers tapped a nervous rhythm against the other girl's lacy thigh. They'd only just done the whole couple talk a couple hours ago. Now Buffy was moving on to feelings?  

Propping herself up so she was looking into Faith's face, Buffy smiled shyly. "Like…" Her voice trailed off as she tried to find the right words. Like I mean something to you. Like you want me…  

Faith stared back silently, unsure what to say.  

Sensing her uncertainty, Buffy wiggled her eyebrows comically. "Like you like me." 

"Eh, you're okay." 

"Oh, I think I'm a little more than okay." 

Faith shrugged with feigned nonchalance. 

"Oh, really?" Buffy challenged. "Then what was all that ‘uh, B, we can uh, be like, uh, a thing, uh, if you want to?' stuff about?" 

"I did not sound like that." 

"Doesn't matter." The blonde grinned devilishly. "You like me." 

Faith considered her seriously. "Has anyone ever told you that you're annoying?" 

"Only people who reeeeeeeeeally like me." Buffy sing-songed.  

"Ugh." Faith leaned over her, trying to silence her with a firm kiss. Buffy allowed the distraction, kissing her back eagerly. One hand wound into Faith's hair, holding her in position, while the other landed on the hand still lingering on her leg. She pushed gently and Faith got the message. 

Hooking her fingers under the top of the stocking, she began sliding it down Buffy's leg. When the blonde released her, she sat back again to take off the other. Faith struggled to keep her breathing even as she slowly divested Buffy of the second stocking, watching as her own rough fingertips glided down the other slayer's smooth skin. "So you want that foot rub now?"  She asked, while Buffy smoothed her hem back down demurely. 

"I'll take a rain check." Buffy replied and sat up. She gently pushed backward on Faith's shoulders until the brunette was leaning back against the headboard. Surprising even herself, Buffy straddled Faith's lap.  

Faith's heart started hammering harder even before the blonde began to kiss her. Unsure how much the blonde was comfortable with, she settled her hands around the other girl's slight hips and squeezed, letting Buffy's mouth lead the way. The blonde was kissing her like she had at the Bronze, before they'd spent like three weeks arguing. And Christ, it was good. Buffy wasn't someone who just sat back and got kissed. Even when she was letting Faith control their momentum, she was always moving. Her hips pressed downward, making the brunette gasp. She squeezed her arms around Faith, pressing their breasts together. Buffy's thighs tightened around hers, making her hips buck up.  

Cautiously, Faith let her hands slide up the outsides of Buffy's parted thighs. The blonde sucked in a deep breath but didn't protest. She just slid her fingers into Faith's long hair and pulled a little. Good sign, Faith thought. Sliding her hands further under the dress, she reached around to grasp Buffy's butt.  

"Mmm," Buffy exhaled, leaving Faith's mouth to kiss her neck. Fuck. Faith rolled her head to the side to give the other slayer better access. She was almost embarrassed by how wet she was already. And the blonde hadn't done anything but kiss her. She tightened one arm around the other girl's waist, reveling in the heat she could feel radiating from Buffy's pussy against hers. The blonde pressed her hips closer, trying to erase the already miniscule space between them, and Faith groaned.  

"You okay?" Buffy asked, smiling against her neck.  

Probably a little too okay, Faith thought. "Uh-huh." She released Buffy's waist, sliding her hands up her clothed back. The older slayer toyed with the straps holding Buffy's dress at her shoulders for a moment. "This alright?" She mumbled as she began sliding them down.  

"Yeah." Buffy whispered, kissing her neck gently as Faith let the straps drop down her arms. The brunette gently disentangled Buffy's arms from around her and brought them back to her sides where she could slide them from the straps of the dress. The top of the dress slid down, exposing the blonde's strapless black bra.  Faith could hardly believe that this was actually happening. Buffy Summers was sitting in her lap clad in a bra and half a dress.  

Buffy sat up straight now, watching Faith's face as her brown eyes pored over the flushed skin of her neck and chest. Her stomach was doing acrobatics, trying to rival her heart for which internal organ would explode first. It was a mixture of anxiety and thrilled anticipation. The faint hint of a smile lingered on Faith's lips and her fingers were digging into Buffy's back like she was afraid to let go. Why was Faith staring at her like that? Buffy cleared her throat nervously, waiting for the brunette to move. Touch her, kiss her, something. When Faith still seemed hypnotized, she started to shift, moving her arms across her chest self-consciously.  

The dark slayer's strong fingers wrapped around Buffy's wrists before she could cover herself. "Don't." She commanded softly, guiding the blonde's arms back down. Confident that Buffy would remain still, she lifted a finger to trace a patch of her skin. "You have freckles."   

"Yeah…" Buffy was relieved when the other girl finally looked back up.  

Faith's arms slipped around her and she pulled Buffy in closer, so her lips brushed the blonde's shoulder. ‘You have freckles?' Jesus. What the hell was she talking about? It wasn't like the other slayer really needed anything else to be skittish about. Faith was kind of surprised Buffy hadn't backed off yet.   

Buffy cradled her arms around Faith's shoulders, dipping her head accommodatingly when the brunette nuzzled into her neck. The skin of her neck and shoulder tingled pleasantly where the other girl's lips were brushing against her. At the same time, she was hyperaware that Faith's fingers were moving across her back at a snail's pace, heading for the clasp of her bra.   

Faith was trying to move slowly and it wasn't just for Buffy's sake. Before Sunnydale, she'd never really seriously thought about doing anything like this. It wasn't like there was a shortage of guys willing to go to bed with her. She was hot and aggressive enough that most of them didn't care about her somewhat questionable statutory age status. Sure, there were a couple of chicks from the neighborhood that were that way, but she hadn't given it much thought.  Then came Buffy. Two days in SunnyD and B was showing up at her room, shoving her out the bathroom window away from Kakistos, stepping in front of Faith's prone body and kicking the vampire away from her. And that's when it had started. Almost every night since, she'd been imagining doing this with the other slayer. And it was finally happening. But those were fantasies, where she could do everything perfectly and Buffy did whatever she wanted. This was the real Buffy and knowing what you were probably supposed to do was different than doing it successfully. Her fingers moved clumsily over the clasp of Buffy's bra, giving them both time to get used to the idea that it was coming off.  

Buffy squeezed Faith's shoulders encouragingly as Faith kissed her way to the other side of her neck. Shaky fingers finally took hold of the delicate hooks before pausing. "It's okay." Buffy told her, thinking Faith was waiting for permission.  

Faith pulled back, looking up at the blonde's face as she finally unclipped the last piece of clothing covering Buffy's breasts. She pulled the bra free and dropped it over the side of the bed. Swallowing hard, her eyes moved down to the other girl's bare torso. "Wow." She muttered, and was immediately embarrassed. Buffy laughed a little bit and Faith reached for her, trying to cover her nervousness with action. Buffy's breasts were whiter than the rest of her skin and her pale pink nipples hardened beneath Faith's gentle palms.  

Buffy's fingers were hooking under Faith's shirt before she'd had much chance to explore. "I wanna see you, too." The blonde said. 

The brunette's stomach clenched hard at Buffy's soft request. "You've seen ‘em, B." She replied but she shucked her shirt off all the same. The flimsy black bra was discarded without hesitation.  

"Not like this." Buffy looked uncertain when she reached for Faith, but her touch was firm as she gently squeezed and stroked the brunette's breasts. Faith tilted her chin back to capture Buffy's lips and the blonde wound her arms back around her counterpart. Faith groaned quietly when the other slayer's small breasts pushed against hers. Buffy's soft lips pressed against Faith's, her tongue darting out to meet the brunette's enthusiastically.  

Faith let one of her hands slide under Buffy's bunched up dress and move up her inner thigh slowly. The blonde's breath hitched as Faith's fingers skirted the edge of her underwear. The slayer stopped moving her hand, unsure if that meant the other girl was uncomfortable, and instead left it gently squeezing Buffy's thigh. 

She wasn't sure if she was more relieved or disappointed when Faith's hand stilled on her leg. Was she ready for this? With the exception of the one time she preferred not to think about due to the unpleasant aftermath, she'd really never had anyone touch her like this. And things with the other slayer were so new. They'd been dating for about… three hours. So maybe it was rushing it just a little. She kissed the brunette softly and opened her eyes. Faith blinked back at her, her brown eyes wide and pupils dilated. She smiled a little, a real smile, the kind Buffy hadn't seen from her in a while. Buffy found herself smiling back. "Hi." 

"Hey." Faith's voice was low, almost breathless. 


The brunette's hand slid off Buffy's leg, moving to join its mate at her waist. Faith's fingers traced soft circles on the bare flesh of her back. The blonde shivered, arching her back slightly. Faith's breath came out as a low chuckle and she dropped her forehead against the other slayer's shoulder. "Fuck." She whispered shakily. "I want you so bad right now." 

Mmm. Faith's words prompted a pleasant jolt in her stomach and Buffy found herself grabbing the brunette's wrist.  

She was disappointed for a moment when she felt Buffy gripping her wrist and moving it. But the blonde was guiding Faith's hand back to her leg, letting it slide up her thigh until Faith's fingers bumped the damp material of Buffy's panties. Okay, aggressive Buffy. Aggressive B was good. And God. Buffy was so wet for her. Faith's fingers slid up and down the wet material experimentally, loving the way the blonde jolted and moved her hips a little against her fingers.  

"Tease." Buffy breathed in her ear, tucking her face against Faith's neck and biting her lightly. 

Laughing throatily, Faith moved her hand up, sliding it under the thin material so that she was touching soft, hot skin. She squeezed her eyes shut as soon as her fingers slid into the scorching wetness between Buffy's legs. Her other arm clenched around the blonde slayer hard. Buffy's lips moved against her throat, not really kissing anymore, just breathing hard. The blonde shuddered in her grasp as Faith's fingers moved clumsily down her slit. She just needed to find… oh, there it was. Her searching fingers met the other girl's clit and her reward was a startled little "oh!" and Buffy's arms clasping tighter around her shoulders. Faith buried her face against the blonde's hair, concentrating on the movement of her hand. Buffy's body was hot; her legs had Faith's in a vice grip. She wondered if she could come just from this, without Buffy even touching her.  

Buffy's breathing was labored and the muscles in her legs twitched. Faith rubbed and stroked until her wrist started to cramp. Buffy was moaning quietly, but still she hadn't come.  

"Am I doing this right?" Faith asked into her hair.  

"Yeah." Buffy panted. 

"You sure?" 

"Yeah." The blonde kissed Faith neck. Then she said quietly, "Uh, maybe I could lay down?" 

"Okay." Faith agreed, kind of put out. She wasn't good? Buffy seemed like she was into it, so what was the problem? She carefully withdrew her fingers from the other girl's panties.  

The blonde swung her legs across Faith's and settled herself in the open space next to them. The dark slayer followed immediately, laying on her side next to Buffy and trailing her open palm down the other girl's chest. The smaller girl wrapped her arms around Faith's back, pulling her down into a kiss. Faith was more nervous now. What if she couldn't make Buffy come? Not that she was cocky, but she'd kind of expected to be good… well, great… when she finally got to do this with the other slayer. She'd never had any complaints before. In fact, Faith had had plenty of praise. She even had the same, uh, equipment, so she knew what to do. Right? 

Buffy arched her back slightly when Faith's idly stroking fingers reached the underside of her breast. Her palm slid upward pressing down on one pebbled nipple and cupping the blonde gently. Buffy exhaled sharply against the brunette's mouth and Faith grinned, moving her mouth to the other girl's neck. "Mmmm," Buffy sighed as Faith's teeth scraped against her throat gently. Feeling more confident, Faith's hand slid under the dress draped across the blonde's hips and into her panties, cupping her pussy firmly.  

Buffy gave a pleased sigh, her eyes sliding shut as her lips parted and her breathing deepened further. Faith found her clit easily this time, tweaking it gently before settling into a circular rhythm. The blonde slayer's legs were taut and Faith maneuvered so she was between them, leaning over Buffy. She stretched above her, reaching to grasp one hard pink nipple in her mouth.  

"Uhmmmm," Buffy's head thrashed back and forth and her hands dug into the sheets beside them. Faith's tongue was swirling around her nipple, her free palm reaching to grasp the blonde's other breast. Buffy's hand landed atop hers, forcing Faith's to squeeze harder. Taking the hint, the brunette bit down gently on the small peak in her mouth. Buffy moaned encouragingly, and Faith repeated her actions, switching sides to give the other nipple some attention.  

Feeling the other girl's legs starting to tremble, she increased the pace of her fingers. Her touch was lighter than she liked it when she did this to herself, but if Buffy's reactions were any indication, it was good for her. The blonde was panting hard, her thighs unconsciously squeezing in on Faith's steadily moving hand. Faith gave a pleased mumble against Buffy's chest. She let her free hand slip down between Buffy's legs, pushing aside her soaked panties and slipping against the searing heat of the blonde's sex. Carefully, she let one finger slide inside the other girl. Both slayers moaned. The blonde's muscles clenched around Faith's finger as she slowly began working it in and out.  

Faith's own pussy was dripping wet and her clit throbbed almost painfully each time she moved her ass and the seam of her pants pressed into her. Jesus, Buffy was tight. Of course, that made sense since only one other person had ever gotten into the blonde's pants. The thought of that pissed her off, so Faith pressed her face into Buffy's waist, twisting the finger inside the blonde rhythmically.  

"Oh!" Buffy panted. "I like that." 

Faith smiled against the sweaty skin of the blonde's abdomen. Bet Angel didn't make her moan like that. She trailed open-mouthed kisses across Buffy's salty skin as her hands worked out the perfect combination. The blonde's hips were pressing upward with every inward thrust of Faith's slick finger. Her fingers threaded into the dark hair splayed across her stomach, pulling almost painfully as she felt her body tensing and electrifying with every little perfect circle against her engorged clit.  

"Faith…" Buffy breathed. 

"Buffy." Faith murmured back.  

"I'm… ohhhhh… That feels so good... " Buffy's muscles clamped around Faith's finger as she arched her back. "Oh!" She came hard, with a series of little breathy moans.  

Faith kept her hands moving until Buffy pushed her away gently with a final shuddering exhale. Then she kissed the other slayer's stomach lightly a few times and sat up, dropping down beside her.  

"Wow," Buffy sighed, rolling over to snuggle against Faith's side.  

"Yeah." Faith grinned, wrapping her arm around the blonde's shoulder. She was practically bursting with pride at the moment. She'd made Buffy come. She'd gotten the blonde slayer in her bed, nearly naked, moaning her name while she had what looked like a pretty awesome orgasm. Oh, yeah. Good night. 

Buffy's open lips pressed into her neck and she exhaled with a pleased "mmmm." Her palm lay on Faith's chest where she could feel the other girl's heart racing. She trailed her palm hesitantly over the brunette's bare stomach and Faith's stomach jumped. 

"Ticklish." She said by way of explanation. 

"Ticklish?" Buffy quirked a disbelieving eyebrow. "You're ticklish."  

Faith snorted noncommittally, focused on the slowly moving hand on her stomach. Buffy's fingers reached her belt buckle and toyed with it. The dark-haired girl sucked in a deep breath. This was it. Buffy's slim fingers ghosted across the taut skin of her abdomen. Soft lips brushed her jaw, just below her ear. Faith was so ready, so wet. She couldn't remember the throbbing between her legs ever being so insistent. And Buffy's fingers were back at her waistband.  

The blonde hesitated again, her hand wiggling Faith's belt back and forth but not moving to unbuckle it. "B?" Faith asked, starting to pick up a vibe. 

"Yeah." Buffy's voice was quiet and she sounded a little scared. 

"You okay?" 


Faith waited but the other girl made no move toward removing her pants. Faith sighed, rolling onto her side to look Buffy in the face. "Buffy," She said firmly. "You don't gotta do this, it's okay." 

Buffy's wide eyes gazed back at her. "No, I know. I want to…" She looked down. "I'm not sure I'm ready." She confessed. 

Inwardly, Faith groaned. "It's no big deal." She forced herself to say. "I can wait." 

Buffy gave her a dismayed frown. "But you just… did that for me." 

"If you can't say it, you're probably not ready to do it." Faith kissed her upturned face gently. "It's okay." 

Burrowing her face into Faith's shoulder, Buffy asked, "Are you sure?" 

"Yeah, it's okay." She kissed Buffy's hair. "You'll owe me one." 

The blonde let out an embarrassed laugh. "Deal." She propped herself up on one elbow, gazing down at the other slayer curiously. "Do you need to—uh, do something?" 

"Like what?" Faith asked innocently. 

"You know…" 

"Buffy. Are you askin' me if I wanna play with myself in front of you?" 

"No!" Buffy protested, flushing bright red. "Not in front of me… I could just, umm, I could go outside." 

"C'mere." Faith's arms pulled the other girl back down so she was lying against her. "You're crazy, you know that?" 

 "I'm just trying to be considerate." Buffy huffed, biting Faith's lip when the brunette tried to kiss her. 

"Tryin' to get a free show, more like." She cut off the blonde's indignant squeal by kissing her. "You perv." 

Buffy's slap was hard enough to sting. "I'm not a perv!" 

"A violent, abusive perv." Faith covered her arm with her hand, giving the blonde a mock hurt look. "I know I'm new to this whole girlfriend thing, but everyone knows domestic abuse ain't cool." 

"Faith!" The smaller girl sighed, exasperated. "I hate you." 

"Not what you were saying five minutes ago." 

"Go to sleep." Buffy shifted for a few minutes, trying to get comfortable in her arms, before sitting up and yanking her dress over her head. She looked down to find the brunette watching her. "Kind of uncomfy." She explained. 

"I ain't complaining." Faith told her, flicking her eyes across the other girl's nearly naked body. 

Buffy flushed, obviously pleased, and lay back down, pulling the covers over her.  

"Uh, is it okay if I…" Faith gestured toward her still clothed lower half.  

"Sure!" Buffy blurted quickly. "I mean, yeah. Jeans aren't good for sleeping." She managed to stop babbling and looked away as Faith got out of bed and unbuckled her pants. But she found her eyes drawn back to the brunette as she shimmied out of her jeans, kicking them off her feet. Clad only in a pair of hip hugger red panties, Faith drew back the blanket and slid under it next to the other slayer. 

Turning her body toward the blonde's, she slid her hand over Buffy's bare hip to wrap around her back. The blonde sandwiched her knee between Faith's, eagerly snuggling in closer. Okay, that wasn't really helping the situation between her legs…  But she could deal. Laying there in the dark, listening to Buffy breathe, Faith tried to relax her keyed up body. Not a bad New Year's Eve, she thought, even if she didn't end up getting laid for real. She'd gotten something better. It was definitely better than some of the previous years… 

"Faith?" Buffy's voice whispered close to her ear, breaking into her thoughts. 


"I know you said it's okay that I didn't… you know." Buffy trailed off then cleared her throat. "I'm just… nervous, I guess." 

"Told ya, it's fine." The brunette rubbed her knuckles lightly up and down the other girl's spine. 

"I know." 

Faith closed her eyes again, intent on drifting off to sleep. 



"I just wanna make sure you know—it's not about you. Tonight was really… I loved it." 

"Okay." Faith's brow crinkled thoughtfully, trying to follow Buffy's logic. "It's about something else?" 

"Kinda." Buffy's voice was quiet in the shadows. "I don't know how much you know about what happened with me and Angel…" 

Faith felt herself stiffening. Of all the places this conversation could have been heading, this was really the last place she'd been expecting. And the last place she wanted it to go. 

Aware of the new rigidness in the other slayer's body, the blonde hesitated before starting again. "The first time I had sex, well, the only time, was with him. And it made him lose his soul." 

Faith laughed a little. "Pretty sure I'm not gonna lose my soul if you put out." 

Wincing, Buffy felt herself getting a little defensive. "That's not what I—" She sighed, irritated. "It's just that afterward, Angelus, he said… things…  Like that it wasn't, umm, good." 


"So I guess that makes me a little nervous." 

Faith was secretly a little pleased to hear that. Whenever Buffy or Willow talked about B's ex, they made him sound like he was on his way to sainthood or something. The only one who ever said anything negative was Xander but he wasn't exactly an unbiased source. Of course she wasn't happy that he'd hurt the other slayer… But it was nice to see the great and wonderful Angel wasn't exactly perfect. She shoved that thought aside and found Buffy's hand with hers. "B…" She frowned, like the words pained her to say. "That wasn't Angel though. That's not what he thought. And hey," The brunette squeezed the other girl's fingers. "It's not gonna be like that with us, okay?" 

Buffy nodded but her smile was tremulous. 

Faith sighed, clearly a little uncomfortable with their conversation. "You have no idea how many nights I laid here thinking about this, you and me like this…" She swallowed hard. "You can't disappoint me, okay? That's like impossible." 

"Really?" Buffy smiled shyly. 

The brunette nodded and suddenly found herself wrapped in a slayer strength squeeze. Buffy's hand glided up her arm to slide into her hair and then she was kissing her with a ferociousness that took Faith's breath away. 

"Mmm, B," Faith tried to interrupt but Buffy's mouth was relentless and her firm hand in the brunette's hair kept her rooted to the spot. The blonde's knee between hers was slowly creeping up until her leg was flush with Faith's aching center. She moaned into Buffy's mouth, her fingernails digging unconsciously into the other girl's bare back. She knew she had to stop Buffy. This wasn't the time for this. But fuck, that felt good.  

The blonde's mouth wandered to Faith's neck as her hand slid down her back and settled on her slim hip. Buffy's thumb traced slow circles into the small of the other slayer's back. She hesitated a moment and then let her hand slide down between them, just brushing over the front of Faith's underwear.  

"Stop." Faith's fingers found her wrist and gently pulled Buffy's hand away. 

"Why?" Buffy asked, hurt. Now Faith didn't want her? 

Releasing the blonde's wrist, Faith folded her arms back around her. "I can wait, B." She planted a gentle kiss on Buffy's frowning mouth. "Doesn't seem like tonight's the night for this." 

"But I wanna do something for you." Buffy protested. 

Faith sighed, "I know, baby. But you're all worked up and nervous about it and I just wanna wait until it's right." 

The moonlight illuminated the huge grin Buffy sent her way. "It's ‘baby' now?" 

"No good?" 

"No, it's good. I like it." 

"Alright, good." Faith's fingers pinched the blonde's slides lightly and Buffy wiggled, laughing. "Can we go to sleep now?" 

Buffy closed her eyes obediently and she tried to coax herself into sleeping, but she was still wide awake. Her cheek rested against Faith's shoulder and she could hear the slow, rhythmic beating of the other slayer's heart. She smiled to herself. She'd left for Willow's tonight not expecting anything even remotely like this. Yet here she was, laying in Faith's arms. And Faith was her girlfriend. Her mind was just blown. 

"Can't go to sleep?" The brunette's gravelly voice murmured. 

Buffy looked at her. "Not tired, I guess." 

Faith exhaled deeply, rubbing her palm up and down Buffy's back. "Just gotta relax." 

"You tired?" 

"Little bit." 

Buffy closed her eyes again and took a few deep breaths. She should probably just be quiet and let Faith go to sleep. They were going to have to meet up with gang tomorrow and start researching the dreams they'd been sharing. So really, sleep would be of the good.  

Faith could feel Buffy shifting around and hear her still alert breathing. "Something on your mind?"  She asked. 

"Not really." 

"Wanna spar?" She suggested with a smile. 

"Nah, wouldn't want your neighbors complaining when they heard me kicking your ass… Do you have neighbors?" 

"Not really any regulars. But still, you're right, don't wanna pay have to pay for any of this furniture after I wipe the floor with you." 

"Oh, yeah right." Buffy protested. "Like you could take me." 

"Took you tonight, didn't I?" Faith punctuated her joke with a soft elbow to the other girl's ribs. 

"You're hilarious." 

"I know." 

Things were quiet for several long moments before Buffy murmured softly, "Faith?" 


"What was your first time like?" Faith didn't respond right away and Buffy quickly said, "Sorry. You don't have to tell me." 

"S'okay." The brunette muttered finally. "Not much to say. Wasn't that memorable." 


A beat passed and then, "It was two weeks after my fourteenth birthday. He was sixteen. I didn't come and he didn't know enough to know the difference. I was sore for a week after and I never saw him again." 

"I'm sorry." Buffy said sincerely. 

Under her head, Faith's shoulder shrugged. "Like I said, wasn't nothing special." Buffy didn't respond and Faith propped her head up on her palm. "This is my real first time." She said, tucking some loose hair behind the blonde's ear. Buffy looked puzzled and she clarified, "It's the only one that counts." 

Swallowing hard, Buffy reached for Faith, pulling the other girl's mouth back down against hers. "Come on," She said when they broke apart. "Let's get some sleep."  

Faith nodded her agreement and draped her arms loosely around the other girl again. Not a bad New Years Eve at all.



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